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All sex offender listings currently in our database from Alabama whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Alabama sex offender data.

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Avrahom Yeshuron Kaiser (M: 49) Daniel Paul Kandziorski (M: 35) Crawford William Karl (M: 51)
David Vance Kasier (M: 52) Reginald Jerome Kater (M: 56) Roger Katts (M: 44)
Scott Albert Kaucher (M: 51) James Christopher Kay (M: 24) Jennifer Janita Anderson Kay (F: 39)
Edward Eugene Keafer (M: 50) Earl Bernard Keasler (M: 80) Tony Keck (M: 50)
Tony L Keck (M: 50) John Acklen Keef (M: 49) Richard Lee Keen (M: 58)
Lonnie Bernard Keenan (M: 50) John Fitzgerald Keener (M: 48) Douglas Louis Keenum (M: 43)
Jason Leroy Keffeler (M: 44) Charity Hope Keith (F: 37) Daryl Porter Keith (M: 41)
Kenneth Wayne Keith (M: 53) Matthew Elgin Keith (M: 33) Robert David Keith (M: 48)
Warren Gregory Keith (M: 65) Johnny Edward Kell (M: 47) Matthew Lee Keller (M: 30)
Antonio Oneal Kelley (M: 42) Calvin Jerald Kelley (M: 43) Charles Anthony Kelley (M: 47)
Derrick Dewayne Kelley (M: 29) Gary Doyle Kelley (M: 40) Gary Doyle Kelley (M: 40)
James Edward Kelley (M: 51) Jimmy Kelley (M: 40) Karl M Kelley (M: 26)
Michael Glenn Kelley (M: 58) Olen C Kelley (M: 58) Sedrick Lamara Kelley (M: 44)
Terry Kelley (M: 42) Thomas Lewis Kelley (M: 44) Wayne Carlos Kelley (M: 59)
Wilbert Lee Kelley (M: 55) Jimmy Kelley (M: 40) Richard Duane Kelley (M: 73)
James Nathan Kelley (M: 52) Tyrone Danta Kelley (M: 43) Michael Glenn Kelley (M: 58)
J V Kelley (M: 22) Wendell William Kellum (M: 44) Carl Brad Kelly (M: 29)
Christopher Vincent Kelly (M: 50) Deforest Edward Kelly (M: 73) Elvis Kelly (M: 60)
Henry Lee Kelly (M: 56) James N Kelly (M: 52) Johnny Lee Kelly (M: 67)
George C Kelly (M: 42) Thomas Lee Kemp (M: 62) Rochelle Kemp (M: 32)
James Raymond Kemp (M: 38) Alphonso Renay Kemp (M: 45) Christina Lynn Kendall (F: 41)
William Ray Kendall (M: 49) James Richard Kendrick (M: 34) Michael Dewayne Kendrick (M: 38)
Robert Wayne Kendrick (M: 64) Kristina Dianne Kendricks (F: 35) John Jerrel Kennamer (M: 63)
Melissa Kay Kennamer (F: 40) Charles Boykin Kennedy (M: 38) Gerald W Kennedy (M: 54)
James Hardy Kennedy (M: 53) Jerry Ray Kennedy (M: 55) Leaundrea Oneal Kennedy (M: 30)
Terry Lee Kennedy (M: 55) Karrilynne L Kennedy (F: 35) Charles Lee Kennedy (M: 42)
Karri Lynne Kennedy (F: 35) Freeman Kennell (M: 52) John Fitzgerald Kenner (M: 48)
Handford James Kenneth (M: 46) Langford Kenneth Erool Jr (M: 39) Charles Thomas Kent (M: 42)
Joshua Shaun Kent (M: 24) Michael James Kent (M: 38) Tommy Kent (M: 62)
Donald Ray Keslar (M: 38) Alan Scott Key (M: 46) James Key (M: 53)
Kirk Alan Key (M: 40) Shannon Ray Key (M: 40) Terry L Key (M: 37)
Jerry Timothy Key (M: 43) Alexander Vindex Khan (M: 63) Arthur Alexander Kidd (M: 49)
Brian Edward Kidd (M: 34) Robert Earl Kidd (M: 66) Willie Joe Kidd (M: 68)
Michael Lee Kidd (M: 52) James Lee Kiefert (M: 60) Jeffery Wayne Kiley (M: 47)
Billy Wade Kilgo (M: 66) Billy Joe Kilgore (M: 35) David Michael Kilgore (M: 61)
Joseph William Kilgore (M: 40) Joseph W Kilgore (M: 39) Kenneth Lamar Kilgore (M: 61)
Rayburn Lee Kilgore (M: 29) Robert George Kilgore (M: 59) Timothy Lee Kilgore (M: 52)
Timothy L Kilgore (M: 52) William Therrell Killam (M: 66) Steve Killingsworth (M: 44)
Steve Killingsworth (M: 46) Paul James Kilpatrick (M: 57) Shane Darrell Kimball (M: 44)
Phillip Cannon Kimberlin (M: 49) Dan Kimble (M: 50) Kenneth Stephen Kimble (M: 47)
Larry Donnell Kimble (M: 52) Randall Glen Kimble (M: 56) Larry Dinnell Kimble (M: 52)
Thomas Ernest Kimbler (M: 54) Christopher Dewayne Kimbril (M: 39) Marvin Earl Kimmons (M: 34)
Dura Kincaide (M: 40) Dura Kincaide (M: 40) Billy Ray Kindle (M: 39)
Carl Ellis King (M: 45) Donald Allen King (M: 52) James E King (M: 67)
James King (M: 37) Jason Howard King (M: 33) Jerry Ray King (M: 50)
Johnnie Lee King (M: 80) Justin Wayne King (M: 35) Kennedy King (M: 45)
Mark Willis King (M: 41) Michael Lee King (M: 61) Otis Steven King (M: 44)
Richard King (M: 55) Ricky Jerry King (M: 58) Robert Nelson King (M: 48)
Roderick Rasheen King (M: 45) Sam Leroy King (M: 49) Scott Charles King (M: 35)
Shermarion Darnell King (M: 27) Yusef King (M: 38) Armont Yvetheol King (M: 44)
Carl Ellis King (M: 45) Michael King (M: 51) Armonte Yve King (M: 44)
Demario Marquez King (M: 26) Allen Kyle King (M: 23) Richard Kinne (M: 30)
Richard Anson Kinne (M: 30) Billy Eugene Kirby (M: 34) Jeffery Powell Kirby (M: 53)
Gary Lynn Kirby (M: 58) Rex Carmon Kirk (M: 54) Timothy Kirk (M: 45)
Don Mike Kirk (M: 56) Don Mike Kirk (M: 56) Timothy Joe Kirk (M: 45)
Curtis Leon Kirkland (M: 69) Dale Allen Kirkland (M: 64) Randall Lee Kirkland (M: 45)
Timothy Darrell Kirkland (M: 28) William Allen Kirkland (M: 48) William Gary Nathan Kirkland (M: 62)
Kenneth Germaine Kirkman (M: 35) Marcus Dewayne Kirkman (M: 30) Derek Lynn Kirkpatrick (M: 44)
Blake Kirksey (M: 26) Brian Oneal Kirksey (M: 39) Frederick Derrell Kirksey (M: 42)
Kenneth Wayne Kirksey (M: 39) Kevin Chase Kirtland (M: 20) Brian Scott Kirton (M: 49)
Steven Leroy Kissire (M: 51) Jeremy David Kistler (M: 35) Jerry Wayne Kitchens (M: 54)
Stevie Ray Kitchens (M: 40) Teddy George Kitchens (M: 36) Dalton Larry Kitts (M: 59)
William Alex Kivette (M: 59) Donald H Kizzard (M: 51) Johnny Lee Kizzard (M: 66)
James C. Klajderman (M: 59) James Clay Klajderman (M: 60) Ricky Alan Klemmer (M: 59)
Billy Allen Kline (M: 60) Joel Anthony Klinko (M: 41) Robert Billy Knapp (M: 51)
Daniel Norwood Knight (M: 65) David Rex Knight (M: 56) Donald Ray Knight (M: 52)
Howard Dearl Knight (M: 74) James William Knight (M: 47) Johnny Henry Knight (M: 52)
Matthew Taylor Knight (M: 52) Russell S Knight (M: 32) Russell Shannon Knight (M: 32)
Sean James Knight (M: 39) Stanford E Knight (M: 57) Stephen Dwayne Knight (M: 35)
Terry Orlando Knight (M: 32) Johnny Henery Knight (M: 52) Sean James Knight (M: 39)
Randy Knight (M: 51) James Anderson Knighten (M: 49) Michael Edward Knighten (M: 43)
William Jesse Knighten (M: 48) Terrence Orrin Knott (M: 27) Barney C Knotts (M: 66)
Bobby Terrell Knox (M: 31) George Harley Knox (M: 62) Jimmy Lee Knox (M: 30)
Johnny Lee Knox (M: 44) David Raymond Knutsen (M: 45) Paul William Koehler (M: 71)
Leann Marie Koehn (F: 47) Leann Marie Koehn (F: 47) Jerry Virgil Kohler (M: 54)
Jerry Virgil Kohler (M: 54) Lyle Rodger Kolar (M: 51) Russell Darrell Kolar (M: 56)
Keith Kolff (M: 55) Keith Kolff (M: 55) Matthew Brady Kolocheski (M: 35)
Matthew B Kolocheski (M: 35) James Ervin Koon (M: 49) Sean Nelson Kopp (M: 31)
Jeremy Michael Kowitz (M: 27) Calvin B Krawczyk (M: 61) Anthony J Krelle (M: 42)
Bruce Whitney Kriegel (M: 53) Bruce Whitney Kriegel (M: 53) Henry Lawrence Krieger (M: 51)
Brandon Alan Krueger (M: 26) William Michael Kuemper (M: 56) Grant Kumsomboone (M: 39)
Grant Monfore Kumsomboone (M: 39) Charles Arthur Kunstmann (M: 68) Monique Elizabeth Kunze (F: 51)
Mark William Kutchmarek (M: 44) Johnny Ray Kuykendall (M: 60) James Bedford Kyle (M: 42)
Larry Wayne Kyle (M: 70) Rayner John Kyle (M: 74) Bobby Kyles (M: 60)
James Albert Kyner (M: 81) Jackie Lee Kyser (M: 36) Ward James Kyser (M: 34)
Kristopher Webb Kyzer (M: 42)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH