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All sex offender listings currently in our database from Montana whose last name begins with the letter L are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Montana sex offender data.

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Roger Liner Labbe (M: 70) Jeffrey Craig Labeouf (M: N/A) Tyrone Lee Labuff (M: N/A)
Ralph Derrick Lacey (U: N/A) Martin Kenneth Lacey (U: N/A) Howard Lackey (U: N/A)
Gloria Dean Ladow (U: N/A) Robert Charles Lafara (M: N/A) Clarence Martin Lafley (U: N/A)
Louis Robert Lafloe (M: 59) Alex Lafontaine (U: N/A) Kelly Leo Lafontaine (U: N/A)
Aaron Kirt Laforge (M: 57) Joseph Thomas Laforge (M: 51) Matthew Mark Laforge (M: 35)
Sean Jeromy Laforge (U: N/A) Earle Eugene Laframboise (U: N/A) Raymond Kenneth Lafreniere (M: N/A)
Gene Daniel Lafromboise (M: 47) Joseph Eugene Lafromboise (M: 64) Ruth Helen Lafromboise (U: N/A)
Ronnie Ray Lake (U: N/A) Mark Henry Lally (M: 61) James Patrick Lamb (M: 42)
John Wall Lamb (M: 54) Frederick Lamb (U: N/A) Robert Edward Lambert (M: N/A)
Ronald Lambert (M: N/A) Curtis Stephen Lamere (U: N/A) Randy Leon Lamere (U: N/A)
Shawna Leigh Lamere (U: N/A) Claude Joseph Lamere (U: N/A) Karin Margaret Lamere (U: N/A)
Windy Marie Lamere (U: N/A) Frank Patrick Lamere (U: N/A) Gary James Lamere (U: N/A)
Paul Dwayne Lamere (M: N/A) Paul Stewart Lamere (M: N/A) Christopher Scott Lammi (M: 23)
Clyde Aaron Landrie (M: 51) Ralph Angus Landry (U: N/A) Carl Thomas Lane (M: 49)
Clarence Elmer Lane (M: 53) James David Lane (M: 53) Charles Michael Lange (M: N/A)
Christopher Thomas Langer (M: N/A) Henry Edward Langfelt (M: N/A) James Martin Langford (M: 58)
Loren Ray Langford (M: 46) Tyler Edward Langlois (U: N/A) Michael David Lapaglia (M: 42)
Leland Neal Lapier (U: N/A) Duane Christian Lappe (U: N/A) Levi Mitchell Larrabee (M: 28)
Ronnie Gale Larsen (U: N/A) Bruce Owen Larson (M: 64) James Garett Larson (M: 44)
Joshua Edward Larson (M: 25) William Charles Larson (M: N/A) Cody David Larson (M: N/A)
Eike Niiayi Lartey (M: 20) Eddie Lee Laster (M: 58) Melvin Laststar (M: N/A)
Clint Latray (M: 46) Jerry Lattin (M: 63) Robin Keith Laubach (U: N/A)
Terril Wayne Lauderdale (M: 51) Gene O Lauman (M: 71) William Keith Laurie (M: N/A)
Sherman Joseph Lavallie Jr (M: N/A) James Patrick Lavenger (M: N/A) Harvey William Laverdure (M: 72)
Richard Ray Lawless (M: 61) Bryant Arthur Lawrence (U: N/A) James Lawrence (M: N/A)
Shanon Marie Lawrie (F: N/A) Carl James Layman (M: 32) John Richard Leafty (M: 51)
Stanley Isaac Lebeau (M: 44) Vladimir A Lebedinski (M: N/A) Robert Nacee Leboutillier (M: 47)
Eric John Lecaptain (M: 57) John David Lecheler (M: N/A) Stanley Ray Ledbetter (U: N/A)
Adam Ledeau (M: 40) Jim Burl Ledford (M: 54) Charles Doyle Lee (M: 49)
David Aaron Lee (M: 31) David Alan Lee (M: 58) John Edwin Lee (M: 50)
Joshua Daniel Lee (M: 28) Richard Dwane Lee (M: 45) Roy Feltus Lee (M: 51)
Eddie Dale Lee (M: N/A) Edward Lee (M: N/A) Earl Frank Leek (M: 71)
Derek Lloyd Lefdahl (U: N/A) Adam Robert Legg (M: 36) Jesse Lee Leggett (M: 37)
Jeremiah Blaine Legs (U: N/A) Jami Lenelle Lehde (F: 60) Monte Neil Lehew (M: 38)
Scott Alan Lehrkamp (M: 28) Benjamin Isaac Leib (M: 31) Jerome Melvin Leitheiser (U: N/A)
Robert Alan Leivestad (M: 51) Lawrence Andrew Lekanoff (M: N/A) Richard Thomas Lemar (M: 46)
Benjamin Justin Lemke (U: N/A) John J Lemro (M: N/A) Joseph Vern Lenhart (M: 33)
Rodney Calvin Lenoir (M: 54) Allen Lee Leohner (M: 64) Sean Allen Leon (M: N/A)
Glen Albert Leonard (M: 53) Cody Lee Leprowse (M: 27) Frank Joseph Leskovec (M: 48)
Collin Wayne Lester (M: N/A) Oliver Lester (M: N/A) Gregory John Letourneau (M: 54)
Wiley Alvin Levang (M: 31) Wiley Alvin Levang (M: 32) Chadwick Lyons Levi (M: N/A)
Eugene Frank Lewandowski (M: 38) Ronald Duane Lewellen (M: N/A) Robert Timothy Lewis (M: 43)
Desiree Audrea Lewis (U: N/A) Daniel Todd Lewis (M: N/A) Wayde S Lewis (U: N/A)
Anthony Joe Leyva (M: 48) John Kelly Liedes (M: 63) Craig Allen Lifford (M: 42)
Craig Allen Lifford (U: N/A) Richard Audley Liggett (M: N/A) Gerald James Lightfoot (U: N/A)
Nicholas Lignola (U: N/A) Melvin Moses Lilley (M: 36) Jody L Lilly (M: 38)
William Edward Lillyman (M: N/A) Dennis James Limberhand (U: N/A) Wayland Lance Limpy (M: N/A)
Bryan Thomas Lindberg (U: N/A) David Shane Lindell (M: N/A) Richard Darryll Lindeman (M: 61)
Nathan Allen Lindsey (M: 35) Sandra Marlene Lindsley (U: N/A) Zeldon Nail Linn (M: 54)
Robert David Linn (M: N/A) Thomas Carl Louis Lionshows (M: 29) Marcos Victor Lira (M: N/A)
Sheila Mae Litschauer (U: N/A) Jason Hunter Litten (M: N/A) Jerry Jerome Little (M: 19)
Ross Little (M: 43) Steven Lawrence Little (M: 63) Peter Nathaniel Littlebird (M: 61)
Shannon Lee Littlebird (M: N/A) Patrick James Littleboy (U: N/A) John Littledog (M: 36)
Harlan Keith Littledog (M: N/A) Merlin John Littlesun (M: 44) Emanuel Littlewolf (M: N/A)
Michael Littleyoungman (M: N/A) James Joseph Lizotte (M: N/A) James Patrick Lochrie (M: 57)
Donald Irvin Lock (M: 53) Kevin Leroy Lockhart (M: 46) Michael Shawn Lockwood (M: N/A)
Tristan Allen Lockwood (U: N/A) Duane Lee Lockwood (M: N/A) Robert Charles Loddy (M: 68)
Benjamin Paul Lodge (M: 84) Benjamin G Lodge (U: N/A) James Kirk Loeffelholz (M: N/A)
Lee Roy Loehr (U: N/A) Gary David Loewen (M: 57) Kiam Austin Loewen (M: 30)
Gregory Wayne Lofthus (M: 51) James Brian Loggins (M: N/A) Jenna Louise Lohof (U: N/A)
Marty Darrell Lonebear (M: 53) Andrew Benjamin Ray Long (M: 34) Chancy Edwin Long (M: 86)
Tyler Blake Long (M: 15) David Allen Long (M: N/A) Eugene Allyn Longee (M: 38)
Robert Glenn Longee (M: 34) Kathy M Longfield (U: N/A) Timothy John Longjaw (M: 39)
Leroy Longknife (M: 36) Roger Anthony Longknife (U: N/A) Richard Leslie Longshaw (M: 52)
Gordon Wayne Longtree (M: 60) Dale Wayne Longtree (U: N/A) Delano James Longtree (U: N/A)
Kenneth Lee Looksbehind (M: N/A) Adolfo Paramo Lopez (M: 52) Daniel Herman Lopez (M: 62)
Johnny Joe Lopez (M: N/A) Raymond Pablo Lopez (U: N/A) Michael Keith Lopez (M: N/A)
Rudy Lopez (M: N/A) Steven Jude Lopresti (M: 53) Steven Jude Lopresti (M: 55)
Larry Lynn Lord (M: 51) Michael Anthony Lord (M: N/A) Jason Edward Lorenz (M: 34)
John Jacob Lorenz (M: 42) Jason Lee Lott (M: 44) Jason David Loucks (M: N/A)
Patrick Matthew Loughlin (M: 28) Francis Xavier Loughman (M: 51) Frank Xavier Loughman (M: 50)
Paula Catherine Louie (F: 42) Kenneth Eugene Loup (M: N/A) William Ryan Lowden (M: 27)
Garland Wayne Lowman (M: 32) Larry Allen Lowry (M: N/A) Raleigh Adolf Lucas (M: 72)
Tyler David Lucas (M: N/A) James Earl Lucas (M: N/A) Joseph Henry Lucero (M: 36)
Richard William Lucus (M: 53) Mark Ryan Luithle (U: N/A) Antonio Terrell Luke (M: N/A)
Donald Ray Lulloff (M: N/A) Michael Dean Lumpford (M: 38) Lloyd F Lunceford (M: 58)
Jeffrey Mark Lund (M: 41) Rodney Gene Lund (U: N/A) Jeremy John Lundemo (M: 33)
Scott Kevin Lundquist (M: 56) Peter Nels Lundquist (M: N/A) Randall Wayne Lundvall (M: 68)
Leslie Allen Lunstad (M: 56) Robert Leroy Lunstad (M: 45) Timothy Thomas Luplow (M: 54)
William Leroy Luttrell (M: N/A) Francis Lyle (U: N/A) Scott Owen Lyng (M: 57)
Carla Jean Lyon (F: 33) James Norman Lytle (M: 47)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH