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All sex offender listings currently in our database from North Carolina whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search North Carolina sex offender data.

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John Thomas Nackab (M: 50) John Thomas Nackab (M: 50) Steven Robert Nadeau (M: 33)
Mohammad Naderpour (M: 62) Frank John Nagy (M: 46) John Daniel Nailen (M: 37)
Jerry Paul Nails (M: 68) Harold M Nall (M: 40) Douglas Sylvester Nalley Jr (M: 21)
Jeremy Luke Nance (M: 31) Phillip Nance (M: 48) Phillip Scott Nance (M: 37)
William Keith Nance (M: 55) Donald Allen Nance (M: 76) Herbert Edward Nanney (M: 44)
Rush Logan Nantz (M: 32) Clyde Allen Naron (M: 63) James Jason Narron (M: 34)
Bobby Wayne Nash (M: 55) Derrick Kinte Nash (M: 34) Steven Michael Nash (M: 48)
Troy L Nash (M: 29) Troy Lee Nash (M: 29) Leighton Edward Nash (M: 35)
Rosemary Nash (F: 66) Eric A Nater (M: 67) James Nathan (M: 36)
Matthew Douglas Nations (M: 24) Kevin Francis Naughton (M: 60) Irving Nava (M: 27)
Jose Fernando Nava (M: 59) Norberto Nava (M: 53) Armando Navarrete-Dominguez (M: 23)
Christopher Scott Navarro (M: 37) Jose Luis Navarro (M: 35) Jose Guadalupe Navarro (M: 31)
Nicolas Navarro (M: 41) Charles William Nave (M: 43) Arthur Ray Naveira (M: 53)
Arthur Ray Naveira (M: 53) Howard F Nay (M: 49) Kenneth R Naylor (M: 44)
Anthony Neal (M: 46) Carlton Lamont Neal (M: 43) Gary B Neal (M: 52)
Robert Lance Neal (M: 40) Robert Neal (M: 40) Rodney Maurice Neal (M: 46)
Sean Charles Neal (M: 42) Stanley Bryant Neal (M: 43) Tommy Lee Neal (M: 65)
Stanley Bryant Neal (M: 43) Sean Charles Neal (M: 41) Norman Elwin Neal (M: 62)
Richard Kevin Neal (M: 31) Clarence Lovell Neal (M: 41) Timothy Jermaine Nealy (M: 33)
Craig Steven Neberle (M: 50) Clifford Neeley (M: 56) Robert Anthony Junior Neely (M: 44)
Ryan Alex Neely (M: 27) Clyde N Neely (M: 45) Edward A Negron (M: 36)
Shawn H Neidlinger (M: 33) Brandon Earl Nelson (M: 37) Brian Scott Nelson (M: 40)
David Wayne Nelson (M: 41) Dennis Nelson (M: 54) Fritz Nelson (M: 43)
Gary D Nelson (M: 50) Harry Joseph Nelson (M: 45) James W Nelson (M: 57)
Keith Richard Nelson (M: 44) Keith R Nelson (M: 44) Loyd E Nelson (M: 42)
Mitchell Demetrius Nelson (M: 40) Randell Wayne Nelson (M: 58) Robert Joseph Nelson (M: 48)
Robert Warren Nelson (M: 28) Rodney Lane Nelson (M: 47) Rodney L Nelson (M: 47)
Samuel Junior Nelson (M: 48) Timothy Ray Nelson (M: 40) Alfred Dedrick Nelson (M: 54)
Ronald Lynn Nelson (M: 45) David Nelson-Vandette (M: 48) David Nelson-Vandette (M: 48)
Timothy Ravon Nelums (M: 43) Michael Thomas Nerad (M: 34) Marcus E Nero (M: 30)
Harold Leon Nesbitt (M: 65) James Scott Nesbitt (M: 44) Lawrence Darryl Nesmith (M: 47)
James M Nesmith (M: 51) Jeffrey William Netherton (M: 33) Joe Wesley Nettles (M: 51)
Mcdouglas Nettles (M: 33) Mark C Netzel (M: 44) William Nicholas Neuman (M: 40)
Plummer E Neville (M: 38) Tyrone E Neville (M: 60) Jeffrey Scott New (M: 48)
Leain New (M: 81) Andrew W Newcomb (M: 40) Harvey B Newcomb (M: 51)
Kenneth Michael Newcomb (M: 24) Tony Ray Newcomb (M: 51) Adam Newcomer (M: 20)
Larry M Newcomer (M: 67) Justin D Newgent (M: 26) Tommy Lee Newkirk (M: 51)
Toni Lyn Newlin (F: 35) Christopher Bruce Newman (M: 28) Donald Lee Newman (M: 69)
Kevin James Newman (M: 38) Paul David Newman (M: 45) Timothy H Newman (M: 38)
James Earl Newman (M: 54) Michael Troy Newnam (M: 50) Billy Ray Newsome (M: 34)
James W Newsome (M: 30) Jimmy Dale Newsome (M: 64) Rickey Newsome (M: 45)
Ricky J Newsome (M: 51) Robert Earl Newsome (M: 47) Raymond Lamar Newsome (M: 78)
Robert Earl Newt Iii (M: 21) Christopher Lee Newton (M: 33) Howard Adolph Newton (M: 82)
Howard A Newton (M: 81) James Franklin Newton (M: 69) Robert Angel Newton (M: 48)
Rosemarie Potter Newton (F: 56) Dwayne Audrey Newton (M: 43) Duc Quoc Nguyen (M: 36)
Hoai Phunog Ton Nguyen (M: 38) Hoang Nguyen (M: 45) Thuan Van Nguyen (M: 35)
Tuan Huu Nguyen (M: 42) Chinedu David Ngwu (M: 27) Joseph Nice (M: 59)
Joseph Nice (M: 60) James L Nicholas (M: 48) Andrew Gray Nichols (M: 27)
James David Nichols (M: 34) Robert Anthony Nichols (M: 42) Ronald G Nichols (M: 43)
William Thomas Nichols (M: 55) Gary Dean Nichols (M: 30) Harris Roy Nichols (M: 61)
Wendell Edward Nichols (M: 82) Antonio Nicholson (M: 31) Berkley J Nicholson (M: 37)
Danny M Nicholson (M: 41) Grant Stephen Nicholson (M: 26) Hubert Wayne Nicholson (M: 40)
James Nicholson (M: 46) Kenneth Dewey Nicholson (M: 58) James Willie Nick (M: 29)
Steven Christopher Nickels (M: 41) Rose Royce Nickens (M: 58) John Frederic Nicoll (M: 30)
Patricio Nieto-Flores (M: 31) Carlos Alberto Nieves (M: 55) Amory S Nightengale (M: 38)
Ryan L Niles (M: 48) Sampson William Nimmo (M: 28) Brian Lee Nipper (M: 31)
Brian L Nipper (M: 31) Ricky Lee Nivens (M: 54) Carl Edward Nixon (M: 71)
Cornelius E Nixon (M: 37) Dwayne Antonio Nixon (M: 37) Eugene A Nixon (M: 46)
Herbert Lee Nixon (M: 29) Iven Thomas Nixon (M: 46) Wendell Morgan Nixon (M: 48)
Lendell Nixon (M: 41) Samuel Lee Noah (M: 85) Melvin Eugene Noble (M: 60)
Charles E Nobles (M: 32) Clifton Devon Nobles (M: 49) Donovan D Nobles (M: 25)
James Arthur Nobles (M: 61) Omakus L Nobles (M: 30) Terry Elisher Nobles (M: 48)
Tony Lee Nobles (M: 43) Jedediah Benjamin Noe (M: 36) Barry L Noel (M: 41)
Nora Kathryn Nolen (F: 56) Marc Edward Nordfors (M: 39) Brenda Lee Nordt (F: 49)
Matthew Eric Norem (M: 46) Ashley C Norfleet (M: 48) Mickey Norfleet (M: 42)
Thomas Quinton Norfleet (M: 46) Chris Andrew Norman (M: 36) Christopher Foy Norman (M: 54)
George Norman (M: 57) Marquetta S Norman (F: 24) Randy Keith Norman (M: 35)
William Joseph Norman (M: 50) Orrick Vondale Norman (M: 35) William Gerald Norman (M: 52)
Christopher L Norris (M: 29) Darrell Wood Norris (M: 33) Frank James Norris (M: 48)
Jeffrey Curval Norris (M: 32) Jonathan A Norris (M: 32) Robert L Norris (M: 30)
J Stevan North (M: 52) Velton Patterson Northern (M: 49) Darrel Lee Northrup (M: 28)
Christopher R Norton (M: 45) Doyle Jan Norton (M: 55) James Earl Norton (M: 44)
Spencer Brent Norton (M: 31) Robert Dillard Norton (M: 74) Doyle Jan Norton (M: 55)
Christopher John Norwood (M: 48) Roger Wendell Norwood (M: 25) Lucas Shawn Nuchols (M: 25)
David Eric Nuchurch (M: 39) Clint Eric Nuckles (M: 44) James Lee Nuckols (M: 57)
Ron O Numbers (M: 30) Martin Engardo Nunez (M: 47) Pedro Nicolas Nunez (M: 27)
Jeffrey Alan Nunn (M: 39) Robert A Nunn (M: 43) Ronnie Anthony Nunn (M: 46)
Johnny Bryant Nunnery (M: 72) Michael Dane Nyberg (M: 33) David L Nye (M: 44)
John Ray Nye (M: 37) John Darin Nygaard (M: 51)



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Arizona Judge Katherine Cooper presided over a high profile case directly related to this website. Judge Katherine Coopers boyfriend Michael Kent Krause was listed on this very website during the entire case. Multiple judicial complaints and motions filed to remove Judge Katherine Cooper without success. Soon after this story aired Judge Katherine Cooper then disqualified herself from the case. Motions are now pending in superior court to unwind Judge Katherine Coopers mess, Judge Cooper denies that she knew her live in boyfriend was a felon, fugitive and a registered sex offender.  More details soon..