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All sex offender listings currently in our database from North Carolina whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search North Carolina sex offender data.

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John Thomas Nackab (M: 50) John Thomas Nackab (M: 50) Steven Robert Nadeau (M: 33)
Mohammad Naderpour (M: 62) Frank John Nagy (M: 46) John Daniel Nailen (M: 37)
Jerry Paul Nails (M: 68) Harold M Nall (M: 40) Douglas Sylvester Nalley Jr (M: 21)
Jeremy Luke Nance (M: 31) Phillip Nance (M: 48) Phillip Scott Nance (M: 37)
William Keith Nance (M: 55) Donald Allen Nance (M: 76) Herbert Edward Nanney (M: 44)
Rush Logan Nantz (M: 32) Clyde Allen Naron (M: 63) James Jason Narron (M: 34)
Bobby Wayne Nash (M: 55) Derrick Kinte Nash (M: 34) Steven Michael Nash (M: 48)
Troy L Nash (M: 29) Troy Lee Nash (M: 29) Leighton Edward Nash (M: 35)
Rosemary Nash (F: 66) Eric A Nater (M: 67) James Nathan (M: 36)
Matthew Douglas Nations (M: 24) Kevin Francis Naughton (M: 60) Irving Nava (M: 27)
Jose Fernando Nava (M: 59) Norberto Nava (M: 53) Armando Navarrete-Dominguez (M: 23)
Christopher Scott Navarro (M: 37) Jose Luis Navarro (M: 35) Jose Guadalupe Navarro (M: 31)
Nicolas Navarro (M: 41) Charles William Nave (M: 43) Arthur Ray Naveira (M: 53)
Arthur Ray Naveira (M: 53) Howard F Nay (M: 49) Kenneth R Naylor (M: 44)
Anthony Neal (M: 46) Carlton Lamont Neal (M: 43) Gary B Neal (M: 52)
Robert Lance Neal (M: 40) Robert Neal (M: 40) Rodney Maurice Neal (M: 46)
Sean Charles Neal (M: 42) Stanley Bryant Neal (M: 43) Tommy Lee Neal (M: 65)
Stanley Bryant Neal (M: 43) Sean Charles Neal (M: 41) Norman Elwin Neal (M: 62)
Richard Kevin Neal (M: 31) Clarence Lovell Neal (M: 41) Timothy Jermaine Nealy (M: 33)
Craig Steven Neberle (M: 50) Clifford Neeley (M: 56) Robert Anthony Junior Neely (M: 44)
Ryan Alex Neely (M: 27) Clyde N Neely (M: 45) Edward A Negron (M: 36)
Shawn H Neidlinger (M: 33) Brandon Earl Nelson (M: 37) Brian Scott Nelson (M: 40)
David Wayne Nelson (M: 41) Dennis Nelson (M: 54) Fritz Nelson (M: 43)
Gary D Nelson (M: 50) Harry Joseph Nelson (M: 45) James W Nelson (M: 57)
Keith Richard Nelson (M: 44) Keith R Nelson (M: 44) Loyd E Nelson (M: 42)
Mitchell Demetrius Nelson (M: 40) Randell Wayne Nelson (M: 58) Robert Joseph Nelson (M: 48)
Robert Warren Nelson (M: 28) Rodney Lane Nelson (M: 47) Rodney L Nelson (M: 47)
Samuel Junior Nelson (M: 48) Timothy Ray Nelson (M: 40) Alfred Dedrick Nelson (M: 54)
Ronald Lynn Nelson (M: 45) David Nelson-Vandette (M: 48) David Nelson-Vandette (M: 48)
Timothy Ravon Nelums (M: 43) Michael Thomas Nerad (M: 34) Marcus E Nero (M: 30)
Harold Leon Nesbitt (M: 65) James Scott Nesbitt (M: 44) Lawrence Darryl Nesmith (M: 47)
James M Nesmith (M: 51) Jeffrey William Netherton (M: 33) Joe Wesley Nettles (M: 51)
Mcdouglas Nettles (M: 33) Mark C Netzel (M: 44) William Nicholas Neuman (M: 40)
Plummer E Neville (M: 38) Tyrone E Neville (M: 60) Jeffrey Scott New (M: 48)
Leain New (M: 81) Andrew W Newcomb (M: 40) Harvey B Newcomb (M: 51)
Kenneth Michael Newcomb (M: 24) Tony Ray Newcomb (M: 51) Adam Newcomer (M: 20)
Larry M Newcomer (M: 67) Justin D Newgent (M: 26) Tommy Lee Newkirk (M: 51)
Toni Lyn Newlin (F: 35) Christopher Bruce Newman (M: 28) Donald Lee Newman (M: 69)
Kevin James Newman (M: 38) Paul David Newman (M: 45) Timothy H Newman (M: 38)
James Earl Newman (M: 54) Michael Troy Newnam (M: 50) Billy Ray Newsome (M: 34)
James W Newsome (M: 30) Jimmy Dale Newsome (M: 64) Rickey Newsome (M: 45)
Ricky J Newsome (M: 51) Robert Earl Newsome (M: 47) Raymond Lamar Newsome (M: 78)
Robert Earl Newt Iii (M: 21) Christopher Lee Newton (M: 33) Howard Adolph Newton (M: 82)
Howard A Newton (M: 81) James Franklin Newton (M: 69) Robert Angel Newton (M: 48)
Rosemarie Potter Newton (F: 56) Dwayne Audrey Newton (M: 43) Duc Quoc Nguyen (M: 36)
Hoai Phunog Ton Nguyen (M: 38) Hoang Nguyen (M: 45) Thuan Van Nguyen (M: 35)
Tuan Huu Nguyen (M: 42) Chinedu David Ngwu (M: 27) Joseph Nice (M: 59)
Joseph Nice (M: 60) James L Nicholas (M: 48) Andrew Gray Nichols (M: 27)
James David Nichols (M: 34) Robert Anthony Nichols (M: 42) Ronald G Nichols (M: 43)
William Thomas Nichols (M: 55) Gary Dean Nichols (M: 30) Harris Roy Nichols (M: 61)
Wendell Edward Nichols (M: 82) Antonio Nicholson (M: 31) Berkley J Nicholson (M: 37)
Danny M Nicholson (M: 41) Grant Stephen Nicholson (M: 26) Hubert Wayne Nicholson (M: 40)
James Nicholson (M: 46) Kenneth Dewey Nicholson (M: 58) James Willie Nick (M: 29)
Steven Christopher Nickels (M: 41) Rose Royce Nickens (M: 58) John Frederic Nicoll (M: 30)
Patricio Nieto-Flores (M: 31) Carlos Alberto Nieves (M: 55) Amory S Nightengale (M: 38)
Ryan L Niles (M: 48) Sampson William Nimmo (M: 28) Brian Lee Nipper (M: 31)
Brian L Nipper (M: 31) Ricky Lee Nivens (M: 54) Carl Edward Nixon (M: 71)
Cornelius E Nixon (M: 37) Dwayne Antonio Nixon (M: 37) Eugene A Nixon (M: 46)
Herbert Lee Nixon (M: 29) Iven Thomas Nixon (M: 46) Wendell Morgan Nixon (M: 48)
Lendell Nixon (M: 41) Samuel Lee Noah (M: 85) Melvin Eugene Noble (M: 60)
Charles E Nobles (M: 32) Clifton Devon Nobles (M: 49) Donovan D Nobles (M: 25)
James Arthur Nobles (M: 61) Omakus L Nobles (M: 30) Terry Elisher Nobles (M: 48)
Tony Lee Nobles (M: 43) Jedediah Benjamin Noe (M: 36) Barry L Noel (M: 41)
Nora Kathryn Nolen (F: 56) Marc Edward Nordfors (M: 39) Brenda Lee Nordt (F: 49)
Matthew Eric Norem (M: 46) Ashley C Norfleet (M: 48) Mickey Norfleet (M: 42)
Thomas Quinton Norfleet (M: 46) Chris Andrew Norman (M: 36) Christopher Foy Norman (M: 54)
George Norman (M: 57) Marquetta S Norman (F: 24) Randy Keith Norman (M: 35)
William Joseph Norman (M: 50) Orrick Vondale Norman (M: 35) William Gerald Norman (M: 52)
Christopher L Norris (M: 29) Darrell Wood Norris (M: 33) Frank James Norris (M: 48)
Jeffrey Curval Norris (M: 32) Jonathan A Norris (M: 32) Robert L Norris (M: 30)
J Stevan North (M: 52) Velton Patterson Northern (M: 49) Darrel Lee Northrup (M: 28)
Christopher R Norton (M: 45) Doyle Jan Norton (M: 55) James Earl Norton (M: 44)
Spencer Brent Norton (M: 31) Robert Dillard Norton (M: 74) Doyle Jan Norton (M: 55)
Christopher John Norwood (M: 48) Roger Wendell Norwood (M: 25) Lucas Shawn Nuchols (M: 25)
David Eric Nuchurch (M: 39) Clint Eric Nuckles (M: 44) James Lee Nuckols (M: 57)
Ron O Numbers (M: 30) Martin Engardo Nunez (M: 47) Pedro Nicolas Nunez (M: 27)
Jeffrey Alan Nunn (M: 39) Robert A Nunn (M: 43) Ronnie Anthony Nunn (M: 46)
Johnny Bryant Nunnery (M: 72) Michael Dane Nyberg (M: 33) David L Nye (M: 44)
John Ray Nye (M: 37) John Darin Nygaard (M: 51)



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