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All sex offender listings currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender data.

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Leon Anthony Dabrowski (U: N/A) Kevin Renardo Dailey (M: N/A) Luis C Dalbadie (U: N/A)
Randall Harry Dalesandro (M: 50) Gevorg M Dallakian (M: 54) Michael M Dalleluche (M: 52)
Robert A Dallenbach (M: 57) David Lee Dallo (M: 53) David Royal Dalton (M: N/A)
Jack Howard Dalton (M: 74) John Dalton (M: 54) Leonell Goode Dalupan (M: 44)
Richard Michael Daly (M: 63) Bryan Patrick Daly (M: 26) Michael Dameron (M: N/A)
Carmine Damico (M: 68) Brian Eugene Dana (M: 54) Nancy Teresa Dandy (F: 46)
Damien Rayvone Daniel (M: 29) Dwight Clyde Daniels (M: 67) George E Daniels (M: 38)
Lathan Terrance Daniels (M: N/A) Damien Rayvonne Daniels (U: N/A) Lathan Terrence Daniels (U: N/A)
Jimmy Van Daniels (M: N/A) Karen Jean Danner (F: 34) Rodney L Darneille (U: N/A)
Bobbie Nelson Darnell (U: N/A) Phillip R Daughtery (M: N/A) Artez Davane (M: 34)
Eugene Dave (M: 67) Sanjiv Daveshwar (M: 45) Jeffery Scott Davidson (M: 49)
Richard Lynn Davidson (M: N/A) Lawrence Davila (U: N/A) Otto Davila-Telon (M: 48)
Joseph Frank Davis (M: 38) Allen R Davis (M: 51) Charles Anthony Davis (M: 45)
Danny Davis (M: 55) David Craig Davis (M: 51) Don Davis (M: 33)
Eric Dawan Davis (M: 35) Harold William Davis (M: 53) Jeffrey Davis (M: 50)
Larry Gene Davis (M: 45) Richard Wayne Davis (M: 59) Steven Ray Davis (M: 48)
Terrell Corenlius Davis (M: 34) William W Davis (M: 72) Loren James Davis (M: 32)
Jimmy L Davis (M: N/A) Burnell Davis (U: N/A) Johnnie Lee Davis (U: N/A)
Clifton Dwayne Dawson (M: N/A) Clifton Dwayne Dawson (U: N/A) Shannon Gerrod Dawson (U: N/A)
Doby Dawson (U: N/A) Barney Howard Day (M: 47) Robert Ray Day (M: 50)
Robert R Deal (M: 56) Daniel Ray Dean (M: N/A) Gregory Donald Deangelis (M: 46)
Kerry Dearmore (M: 49) Jorge Garclano Debien (M: 92) Roy Richard Debray (U: N/A)
Kenneth Gorden Decker (M: 48) Norman Edward Decker (M: 48) Scott Lee Decker (M: 27)
Steven Robert Decker (M: 57) Kenneth Gordon Decker (M: N/A) Steven Earl Dedmon (M: N/A)
Mario Degadillo (M: 26) George Joseph Degallo (M: 61) James George Degennaro (M: 61)
Branden J Degler (M: 23) Frank John Degrasse (U: N/A) Harold Nelson Dehner (M: 62)
Jose Isaac Delahoz (M: 48) Chadwick Wayne Delancy (M: 35) David John Delaney (M: 49)
Armando Delarosa (M: 43) Ladd Charles Delcollo (M: 55) Frank Deleon (M: N/A)
John Deleon (M: 35) Francisco Ramirez Delgado (M: N/A) Carey Randal Delicate (M: 59)
Matthew Robert Delisle (M: 30) Joseph Gregory Delorge (M: N/A) Jerry Steven Delorme (U: N/A)
Elden Frank Delp (M: 39) Dante P Delvecchio (U: N/A) Maynard John Demarce (M: N/A)
Maynard John Demarce (U: N/A) Michael Steven Demeere (M: 28) Michael Steven Demeere (M: 28)
Timothy Mark Dement (M: 46) Kenneth Eugene Dempsey (M: N/A) Thomas Stephen Denisco (M: 45)
Will Nathan Denney (M: 39) Alfred Stanley Dennie (M: 46) Dwain Shawn Dennie (M: 50)
Patrick Phillip Denning (M: 50) Wilford John Denning (U: N/A) Wilford John Denning (U: N/A)
Juballa Dennis (M: N/A) Jubulla Lamar Dennis (M: N/A) Timothy Julius Dennis (M: N/A)
Michael James Denny (M: 30) Michael James Denny (M: N/A) David Denton (M: 52)
David Sean Denton (M: N/A) Michael Jon Depaepe (M: 51) Phillip John Depaoli (M: 38)
Roy T Derock (M: 65) Jesus Raphael Desantiago (M: 66) Sean Joseph Desmond (M: 53)
Sean Joseph Desmond (M: 52) Zendell Despenza (U: N/A) Ronald Barry Deussen (M: 66)
Lawrence C Deutsch (M: 49) Solomon Devall (M: 46) Raymond Eugene Devilbiss (M: 65)
Elliott Dew (M: 57) Steven Robert Dewaide (M: N/A) Jonathan Randall Dewey (M: 38)
Charles Henry Dexter (M: N/A) Kalman Dezeley (M: 43) James H Dial (M: N/A)
Jose Diaz (M: 77) Matthew Lee Diaz (M: 29) Rueben Diaz (M: 31)
Tyrone Diaz (M: 34) Tyrone David Diaz (U: N/A) Joseph Edward Dibble (M: 67)
Walter Leroy Dickens (M: 44) Robert P Dickenson (M: 52) Jermaine Demel Dickerson (M: 31)
Robert Andrew Dickerson (M: 24) Robert M Dickson (M: N/A) Timothy Diclaro (M: 39)
John Jay Dietrich (M: N/A) James S Diggs (M: N/A) Donald Gene Dillard (M: 49)
Rosario Dimaggie (M: 50) Leilani Mariano Dimisillo (U: N/A) Donald Distasio (M: 50)
Denise Shelie Ditmer (F: 46) James David Divine (M: 67) Frank Dix (M: N/A)
Jason Adam Dixon (M: 32) John Lee Dixon (M: 44) Ronald Dixon (M: 29)
Wade Eric Dixon (M: 31) Willard James Dixson (M: 78) Michael Marshall Doakes (M: N/A)
Gerald A Dobbs (M: N/A) Harvey Doctors (M: 60) Nathaniel Dodge (M: N/A)
Larry Alan Dodson (M: N/A) John Doe (M: N/A) Kelly L Dolfin (U: N/A)
Stanley Monroe Dombroski (U: N/A) Rone Daniel Domiaguez (M: 47) Eugene A Domingo (U: N/A)
Morris Paul Dominguez (U: N/A) Michael Lee Donahue (M: 42) Anthony Donnell (M: 33)
Daniel Paul Donnelly (M: 72) Ryan Ryan Donnelly (M: N/A) Terry Lynn Donnelly (M: 61)
Edwin Maurice Dorsey (U: N/A) Richard Dortch (M: 68) Rodney Laron Dotson (U: N/A)
Ronald William Dougherty (M: N/A) John Anderson Douglas (M: 45) Delbert Roy Douglas (M: 44)
Eric Todd Douglas (M: 44) James Wellington Douglas (M: 48) Kory Maurice Douglas (M: N/A)
Lavance Warren Douglas (M: N/A) Thomas M Douglas (M: N/A) Eric Todd Douglas (U: N/A)
Delbert Roy Douglas (U: N/A) Jack Travis Dove (M: 80) Arthur Allen Dove (U: N/A)
Darren Keith Dowdell (M: 49) Edward N Dowland (M: 36) Edward Nathan Dowland (M: 36)
Johnny Dowling (M: N/A) David Russell Doyle (M: 34) Dontae L Drake (M: 37)
Jim Edgar Drake (M: 50) Brady James Drayton (M: 27) Jeff E Dresser (M: 46)
Red Driskill (M: 50) Thomas Drumm (M: 63) Philip James Duarte (M: 52)
Jonathan Edward Dubois (M: 32) Jonathan E Dubois (M: 33) Jerry Lee Duck (M: 57)
Loren Allan Dudley (M: 25) Ronald E Dudley (M: N/A) Daniel Jason Duffus (M: 37)
Arnold Dufoe (U: N/A) Robert C Dugan (M: N/A) Charles Christopher Dugger (M: 33)
Edmond Lucien Duhaime (M: 98) Edmund L Duhaime (U: N/A) James Alvin Duke (M: 55)
Bruce William Duke (U: N/A) George Allen Dungee (M: 56) Richard Alan Dunham (M: 60)
Michael Dunlap (M: 44) Jonathan John Dunlop (U: N/A) Donald Joseph Dunn (M: 86)
Ronald Joe Dunn (M: 60) Ronnie Joe Dunn (M: 61) Theron Dallas Dunn (M: 62)
William Lavoyd Dunn (M: N/A) Michael Scott Dunn (M: N/A) Eric Russell Dupont (M: 41)
Etienne L Dupre (M: 42) Carlos Frank Duran (M: 39) Christopher D Duran (M: 33)
Mario Duran (M: 45) Christopher M Duran (M: N/A) Garrett William Duran (U: N/A)
Garrett William Duran (U: N/A) Nicholas Robert Duran (U: N/A) Gary Robert Durkovitz (M: 59)
Douglas Michael Dusheck (M: 44) Christopher Earl Dustrude (M: 25) Richard Willard Dvorak (M: 53)
Richard W Dvorak (M: N/A) David Arthur Dye (M: N/A) Gregory Curtis Dyer (M: 44)
Samuel Francis Dyer (M: 45) John Henry Dykman (M: 78) Timmy James Dziubak (M: 44)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH