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All sex offender listings currently in our database from Vermont whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Vermont sex offender data.

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Reid Lee Babcock (M: 42) Reid Babcock (M: 42) Reid Lee Babcock (M: 49)
David Morse Babson (M: 69) Alan A Bachand (M: 52) Alan A Bachand (M: 52)
Kirtlen Douglas Bacon (M: 49) Kirtlen D. Bacon (M: 49) Peter Alexander Badgewick (M: 71)
Charles Edward Bagley (M: 40) Bruce William Bailey (M: 46) Charles W Bailey (M: 33)
Charles William Bailey (M: 33) Richard William Bailey (M: 66) Robert Bailey (M: 70)
Robert Clayton Bailey (M: 70) Sean Joseph Bailey (M: 26) Michael John Baillargeon (M: 62)
Joseph John Baiungo (M: 35) Charles Loren Baker (M: 40) Charles Christopher Baker (M: 29)
Gerald Clyde Baker (M: 33) Jeramey Michael Baker (M: 33) Jeramey Baker (M: 33)
Richard William Baldwin (M: 73) Kristopher Michael Balentine (M: 34) Michael Anderson Balentine (M: 29)
Jason Christopher Ball (M: 38) Mark A Banning (M: 43) Shayne David Barbeau (M: 40)
Amanda Barber (F: 32) Amanda May Barber (F: 32) Richard Elwyn Barber (M: 36)
Kevin Barcomb (M: 36) Richard W Barker (M: 66) Richard Walter Barker (M: 66)
Brian Francis Barkyoumb (M: 39) Brian F Barkyoumb (M: 39) Bernard Roland Barnes (M: 66)
David Eldridge Barnes (M: 70) Francis Harly Barnes (M: 68) Francis Harly Barnes (M: 68)
David Allen Barratt (M: 58) Matthew B Barratt (M: 33) Delbert George Barrett (M: 79)
Randy L Barrett (M: 52) Wayne Loren Barrett (M: 46) Michael D Barrieau (M: 55)
Michael P Barrieau (M: 55) David Wayne Barron (M: 41) Frank Barrows (M: 39)
Kyle Gene Barrows (M: 24) Richard Byron Barrows (M: 76) Richard Barrows (M: 76)
Richard B. Barrows (M: 76) Robert Barrows (M: 49) Robert Anthony Barrows (M: 49)
Raymond Richard Bartels (M: 53) Raymond Bartels (M: 53) Keith Wendell Barter (M: 55)
James F. Bartlett (M: 43) John Daniel Bartlett (M: 49) Nicholaus Ezra Bartlett (M: 33)
David Bartlinski (M: 44) Bradley Barup (M: 27) Bradley James Barup (M: 27)
Matthew Carlton Bashaw (M: 32) Kevin J Bassett (M: 64) Kevin Willett Bassett (M: 64)
Richard Merrill Batchelder (M: 58) Frank J Batease (M: 60) Frank Joseph Batease (M: 60)
Shane Edward Bates (M: 38) Shane E Bates (M: 38) Thomas Bathrick (M: 35)
Thomas Foster Bathrick (M: 35) James Ronald Bean (M: 39) Chris Randall Bean (M: 52)
Jacob Beattie (M: 26) Jacob Kevin Beattie (M: 26) Daniel Ryan Beaupre (M: 32)
Richard Beayon (M: 47) Jason Becker (M: 32) Jason Allen Becker (M: 32)
Duane James Bedell (M: 47) Joseph P Beh (M: 42) Mitchell Keith Beland (M: 53)
David Allen Bell (M: 48) David W Bell (M: 57) Michael Steven Bell (M: 35)
John P Benjamin (M: 56) Kirk Allan Benjamin (M: 50) Pascal Benjamin (M: 35)
Alan Edward Benoit (M: 33) Grant George Bentley (M: 32) Andre Joseph Bergeron (M: 43)
Barry Joseph Bergeron (M: 71) Thomas Scott Bergeron (M: 50) Paul T Bernardoni (M: 53)
Justin Matthew Berry (M: 27) Justin Berry (M: 27) Ryan David Berte (M: 23)
Kyle Berthiaume (M: 23) Kyle Joseph Berthiaume (M: 23) Todd Lee Bertrand (M: 33)
Jason Eric Bessette (M: 36) Lyle Bessette (M: 32) Lyle Jessejames Bessette (M: 32)
Donald Leslie Bevins (M: 75) James Lawrence Bevins (M: 63) Ronald Leslie Bevins (M: 40)
Timothy Scott Billings (M: 50) Robert Thomas Bishop (M: 67) Stephen Robert Bishop (M: 53)
Stephen R Bishop (M: 53) Natasha L Bishop (F: 32) Stephen Lane Black Wolf (M: 56)
Kenneth James Blackbird (M: 47) Charles Allen Blackmer (M: 59) Lorne R Blair (M: 28)
Robert Dale Blair (M: 45) Lawrence Edward Blaisdell (M: 61) Lawrence Blaisdell (M: 61)
Raymond Marshall Blanchard (M: 68) David Leslie Blodgett (M: 64) Donald Earl Blodgett (M: 40)
Steven Blodgett (M: 49) Steven Howard Blodgett (M: 49) Steven Howard Blodgett (M: 43)
Todd Jeffry Blodgett (M: 33) Lance C Blondin (M: 34) Lance Charles Blondin (M: 34)
Christopher J Blondin (M: 40) Daniel Walter Blow (M: 30) Darren Michael Boardman (M: 46)
Lonnie Roy Boardman (M: 53) Michael Bobar (M: 25) Anthony Lee Bocash (M: 33)
Diane Bodette (F: 62) Diane Marie Bodette (F: 62) Kevin Wade Bodette (M: 41)
Thomas Bogert (M: 39) Joseph Boisselle (M: 24) Donald Ray Boles (M: 55)
Brandon Arthur Bolton (M: 21) Earl William Bombard (M: 44) Patrick John Bombard (M: 41)
Chapin Bond (M: 26) Chapin T Bond (M: 26) Walter Frederick Bonneau (M: 55)
Todd Michael Booker (M: 49) Todd Booker (M: 49) Trudy Booker (F: 49)
Jevon Belafonte Bostic (M: 27) Sidney Boswell (M: 30) Lionel Edward Bouchard (M: 66)
Robert Donald Boudreau (M: 57) Paul Bougher (M: 63) Paul Leonard Bougher (M: 63)
Roy H Bourn (M: 69) Blaine Bouvier (M: 30) Blaine Douglas Bouvier (M: 30)
John Michael Bouvier (M: 31) David Carwin Bowers (M: 47) David Bowers (M: 47)
David Carwin Bowers (M: 47) Russell John Bowers (M: 50) Christina Francis Boyce-Cole (F: 35)
Leonard Leno Boyd (M: 33) Tony L Brace (M: 32) George R Bradford (M: 33)
Keith A Bradley (M: 39) Keith Arnold Bradley (M: 39) Francis James Bragdon (M: 77)
Bernard Rudolph Braley (M: 60) Bernard R Braley (M: 60) Matthew Anthony Branch (M: 29)
Sean P Branche (M: 30) Raynel Earl Breault (M: 34) Daniel James Brennan (M: 57)
Daniel J Brennan (M: 57) Richard L Brigham (M: 43) Michael Brillon (M: 49)
Michael Brillon (M: 49) Michael J Brillon (M: 49) James Lee Bristol (M: 40)
Kevin Michael Broadie (M: 43) Jeffrey Maurice Broadwell (M: 48) Mark Frederick Broer (M: 53)
Eric Spencer Brooks (M: 44) Eric S Brooks (M: 56) Travis William Brousseau (M: 43)
Bernard Duane Brown (M: 33) Bernard D Brown (M: 33) Carl Erton Brown (M: 66)
John Louis Brown (M: 25) Joseph Victor Brown (M: 30) Joseph Victor Brown (M: 30)
Kenneth Henry Brown (M: 50) Kenneth Brown (M: 40) Kenneth Michael Brown (M: 40)
Sebastian Eugene Brown (M: 33) Sebastian E Brown (M: 33) Stephen Ellsworth Brown (M: 50)
Shane M Brownell (M: 27) Shane Brownell (M: 27) Shane Michael Brownell (M: 27)
Christopher D Brumett (M: 35) Dale Edward Buchanan (M: 53) John David Buchman (M: 66)
John Buckman (M: 66) John David Buckman (M: 66) Michael Kim Budd (M: 56)
Jeffrey David Buehner (M: 72) Richard P Bugbee (M: 39) Richard Paul Bugbee (M: 39)
Joseph Dean Buick (M: 39) Steven A Bujnevicie (M: 62) Steven A. Bujnevicie (M: 62)
Steven Bujnevicie (M: 62) Harold Tage Buker (M: 46) Anthony Dean Bullis (M: 38)
Leon Carter Bundy (M: 49) Leon Bundy (M: 49) Ernest Bunker (M: 43)
Sheldon Bunnell (M: 32) Kenneth David Burbo (M: 44) Michael Neal Burbo (M: 21)
Michael Norman Burbo (M: 34) Michael N Burbo (M: 59) Tylor Glen Burbo (M: 22)
Neil J Burd (M: 42) Timothy Burgess (M: 43) Timothy Raymond Burgess (M: 43)
James Lawrence Burke (M: 65) James Burke (M: 65) Bradley J Burkland (M: 26)
Rodney J Burnham (M: 66) Rodney James Burnham (M: 66) Rodney J. Burnham (M: 66)
David Alvin Burnor (M: 49) David Burnor (M: 49) Ernest C Bushey (M: 54)
Ernest Clement Bushey (M: 54) Michael Allen Bushey (M: 39) Michael Bushey (M: 39)
Rodney Theodore Bushey (M: 68) Steven Bushey (M: 41) Steven Paul Bushey (M: 41)
Walter Carter Bushey (M: 67) Walter Bushey (M: 67) Rickey Bushman (M: 50)
Rickey Bushman (M: 50) Rickey Thomas Bushman (M: 50) James D Bushway (M: 67)
Todd Allen Bussiere (M: 45) Carl Edward Butterfield (M: 42) Steve Butterworth (M: 58)
George Timothy Buttles (M: 52) Daniel Edmond Button (M: 33) Larry Vincent Button (M: 38)
Larry Button (M: 38) Steven Andrew Butts (M: 53) John Velmo Buttura (M: 58)
Jhi J Buxton (M: 29) Jhi Buxton (M: 29) Justin Byrne (M: 27)
Justin Lee Byrne (M: 27)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH