Sex Offender Profile Directory : Vermont : G

All sex offender listings currently in our database from Vermont whose last name begins with the letter G are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Vermont sex offender data.

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Ronald Edward Gabaree (M: 36) Sean Michael Gabbeitt (M: 25) Bruce Gaboriault (M: 59)
Keith Raymond Gaboury (M: 53) Toby John Gagne (M: 40) Christopher J. Gagne (M: 42)
Christopher James Gagne (M: 42) Frank Gerald Gallipo (M: 27) Shawn Michael Gallipo (M: 29)
Darryl Maurice Galloway (M: 48) James Alan Gamble (M: 41) Brian L Gamelin (M: 56)
Howard James Gardner (M: 48) Shawn Matthew Gardner (M: 26) Philip Garland (M: 55)
Arthur R Garneau (M: 63) William J Garrett (M: 26) Theodore Garrison (M: 24)
Theodore J Garrison (M: 24) Dale Arthur Garvey (M: 65) Dominic Joseph Gatti (M: 30)
Dominic Gatti (M: 30) Charles William Gaudette (M: 48) Charles Gaudette (M: 48)
David Allen Gauthier (M: 35) David Gauthier (M: 35) Thomas Allen Gauthier (M: 24)
Deandre Gay (M: 21) Philip Stephen Gaynon (M: 60) Philip Gaynon (M: 60)
Travis L Gazaille (M: 34) Travis Luke Gazaille (M: 34) Kenneth Earl Generess (M: 36)
Peter Joseph Gerbasi (M: 46) Peter Joseph Gerbasi (M: 46) Peter Gerbasi (M: 46)
Nikolay Georgier Gergov (M: 34) Raymond Gene Germain (M: 33) David Lee German (M: 43)
Anthony M Giallella (M: 74) Joseph Giarratana (M: 45) Joseph J Giarratana (M: 45)
Stephen J Gibson (M: 48) Louis Ray Gilbeau (M: 33) Daniel A Gilbeau (M: 51)
Timothy Alban Gillilan (M: 32) Timothy A Gillilan (M: 32) Richard Gillis (M: 35)
Richard Albert Gillis (M: 35) Dusty Charles Gilman (M: 27) Dusty Gilman (M: 27)
Glen Allen Gilman (M: 29) Jared Gilman (M: 34) Jay Charles Gilman (M: 48)
Randall Allan Gilman (M: 53) Timothy John Gilman (M: 54) Timothy John Gilman (M: 45)
Timothy J Gilman (M: 54) David John Gilmore (M: 43) Frank Kenneth Gilmore (M: 56)
James Michael Gingras (M: 32) Jeffrey Brian Ginsburg (M: 47) Walter Charles Glover (M: 68)
Walter C Glover (M: 68) Keith Leon Gokey (M: 45) Robert Alfred Gokey (M: 75)
Randall Joseph Gokey (M: 51) Gordon E Gokey (M: 58) Jay C Golden (M: 62)
Robert Bruce Goldsmith (M: 56) David Larry Gomes (M: 65) Dan Edward Gonyaw (M: 31)
Randy M Gonyaw (M: 39) Randy Gonyaw (M: 39) Bobby Randall Gonzalez (M: 42)
Nathan Gonzalez (M: 31) Bobby Randall Gonzalez (M: 42) Peter Goodnow (M: 61)
Jeremy Goodridge (M: 36) Jeremy Michael Goodridge (M: 36) Joseph Goodroe (M: 61)
Joseph Michael Goodroe (M: 61) Danny Lee Goodspeed (M: 34) Edward Charles Goodspeed (M: 33)
Gary Joseph Gore (M: 45) Michael Gorman (M: 65) Gary Nelson Gorton (M: 60)
Todd Gorton (M: 42) Christopher Michael Goslant (M: 38) Jason Kim Gosselin (M: 37)
Jason Kim Gosselin (M: 37) Raymond Goudreault (M: 47) Ralph L Gould (M: 58)
Randall Ray Goulet (M: 51) Anthony S Gover (M: 28) Paul Riley Grace (M: 43)
Ryan Wynne Grace (M: 31) Todd James Graffeo (M: 36) Craig Graham (M: 50)
Charles Clifton Gramby (M: 32) Andrew Thomas Grandchamp (M: 51) Leslie Grant (M: 34)
Leslie John Grant (M: 34) Raymond Grant (M: 32) Keith Allen Grasdalen (M: 33)
Randy Stephen Gratton (M: 55) Thomas Walter Graves (M: 73) Thomas Graves (M: 73)
Brian L Gray (M: 35) Brian Leon Gray (M: 35) John Timothy Green (M: 29)
David Christian Green (M: 41) Randall Scott Green (M: 47) Mark Raymond Greenough (M: 44)
Shawn Douglas Greenwood (M: 40) John Fitzgerald Grenier (M: 46) John F Grenier (M: 46)
Robert Grenier (M: 58) Robert E Grenier (M: 58) John Alonzo Griffin (M: 33)
Ronald Lee Griffin (M: 63) Stephen Alan Griggs (M: 61) Keith David Griswold (M: 46)
Thomas Robert Griswold (M: 23) Thomas R Griswold (M: 23) Jessica Lynn Groff (F: 28)
Clifford Grogan (M: 60) David Grose (M: 49) Shawn Paul Grover (M: 46)
Joseph Gee Grover (M: 42) Kristofer Peter Grundt (M: 38) Peter Joseph Grupp (M: 30)
Michael Anthony Guetti (M: 37) Peter L Guilbault (M: 68) Damien Paul Guillemette (M: 33)
Charles Edward Guyette (M: 71) Charles Edward Guyette (M: 71)