Sex Offender Profile Directory : Alabama : Ozark

All sex offender files currently in our database from Alabama and located in the city/town of Ozark are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Alabama sex offender information.

Howatt John Albert (M: 69) Everett Bass (M: 86) Kelvin Dean Beasley (M: 51)
Robert Earl Beavers (M: 42) Robert Burbank (M: 50) Robert Burbank (M: 50)
Darnell Lavar Cobb (M: 32) Larry Jerome Cook (M: 73) Kenneth Andrew Crenshaw (M: 55)
Andre Liametri Crittenden (M: 34) Andre Liametri Crittendon (M: 34) Anthony Charles Davis (M: 44)
Jeffery Sanchez Dawkins (M: 34) Susan Dianne Disbrow (F: 46) Susan Disbrow (F: 46)
Phillips Boyd Douglas (M: 35) Christian Noel Doyle (M: 33) Michael Steven Etheridge (M: 49)
David M Gardner (M: 32) Carl Dewitt Gassett (M: 72) Johnny Ray German (M: 51)
Ronnie Gissendanner (M: 39) Timothy Green (M: 50) Timothy Michael Green (M: 50)
Dendrick Ray Harris (M: 30) Randy Ray Hines (M: 40) Sammy Hobdy (M: 44)
Kendrick Rashaan Hudspeth (M: 31) James Pierre Johnson (M: 34) Joseph Lee Johnson (M: 45)
David Berry Joiner (M: 46) Donnie Ray Jones (M: 50) Brown Joseph (M: 65)
Billy Allen Kline (M: 60) Jason Adams Lawson (M: 34) Davis Allen Lyle (M: 80)
Michael Patrick Magrath (M: 69) Jerry Leroy Martin (M: 56) Adrian Cornelius Mcclendon (M: 30)
Scott Anthony Mccord (M: 42) Wendall Garrett Mcgriff (M: 40) Edward Scott Mcleod (M: 32)
Edward Scott Mcleod (M: 32) Angel Roman Nieves (M: 44) Sanders Roger Ozene (M: 33)
Jared Lamar Peters (M: 33) Walter Lidon Phillips (M: 30) Dewain Pouncey (M: 52)
Howard Reese (M: 48) Maurice Chevell Reese (M: 44) Anthony Ruiz (M: 61)
Reggie Sanders (M: 49) Rex Sanders (M: 49) Roger O Sanders (M: 33)
George Eugene Scott (M: 44) William Eurial Sheffield (M: 44) Horatio Timothy Shipman (M: 49)
Floyd Vinson Stewart (M: 47) Floyd Vinson Stewart (M: 47) Richard Maurice Taylor (M: 43)
Terrell Tellis (M: 38) Jerry Leshawn Thomas (M: 34) Norman James Thomas (M: 48)
Joshua Levar Tiller (M: 30) Julian Glenn Tomlin (M: 60) Earl Maxfield Van Noy (M: 48)
Robert Whatley (M: 53) Robert Edward Whatley (M: 53) Timothy David Whitehead (M: 26)
Perez Williams (M: 36) Stephen Derek Williams (M: 41) Joseph Leon Galloway (M: 68)
Jeffery Todd Roseboro (M: 46) Horace Eugene Greene (M: 76) Nathaniel Tyrone Mcada (M: 29)
Martin Anthony Gunter (M: 50) Glennie Parrie Mercer (M: 58) Grover Keith Hagler (M: 53)
Hilliard Hawkins (M: 49)



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