Sex Offender Profile Directory : Arkansas : Hot Springs

All sex offender files currently in our database from Arkansas and located in the city/town of Hot Springs are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Arkansas sex offender information.

Patrick Nelson Abbott (M: 33) Andrew Aikens (M: 47) Eugene Norman Allen (M: 83)
Cameron Drew Arnold (M: 26) Johnny Dale Bailey (M: 49) Corey Desha Bellamy (M: 37)
Phillip Randall Berlin (M: 55) Daniel Ray Breshears (M: 45) Ronnie David Briggs (M: 61)
Eric Douglas Brown (M: 30) Nathaniel Brown (M: 59) Jonathan Lee Byers (M: 32)
Toby Carter (M: 46) Alex Genard Cole (M: 31) Travis Lee Cook (M: 25)
Larry Denmon Crites (M: 49) Gary Francis Day (M: 27) Russell Kent Dickinson (M: 49)
Philip Willard Dixon (M: 44) Chester Douglas (M: 80) Dennis Michaels Dwyer (M: 58)
Hubert Aaron Evans (M: 30) Venson Maurice Ferguson (M: 41) Venson Maurice Ferguson (M: 41)
Lonzo Elbert Ford (M: 44) Ronnie William Gillmore (M: 59) Kevin Lee Gordon (M: 56)
Timothy Wayne Graves (M: 42) Timothy Wayne Graves (M: 42) Christopher Lee Griffin (M: 33)
Kenneth George Hamilton (M: 45) Troy Lee Hampton (M: 59) Aaron Matthew Haralson (M: 23)
Justin Wade Harp (M: 33) James John Hert (M: 45) James John Hert (M: 45)
Russell Alton Hoffman (M: 40) Russell Alton Hoffman (M: 40) Joseph Lynn Holt (M: 29)
Michael Wayne Honey (M: 46) Robert John Houk (M: 39) Donald Wayne Huffman (M: 57)
Clyde Oneal Hughes (M: 58) Cornelius Iliescu (M: 35) Ray Anthony Johnson (M: 34)
Michael Dean Jones (M: 61) Randall Don Jones (M: 32) Alfonso Keith (M: 59)
Chandler A Kirby (M: 41) August Glenn Kreiner (M: 47) Quincy Dewayne Loudermill (M: 44)
Billy Don Love (M: 48) Billy Don Love (M: 48) Earnest Lee Madison (M: 42)
Chester Douglas Manning (M: 29) Roger Clayton Martin (M: 55) Charles Dean Mcguire (M: 51)
Randall Wain Meddley (M: 55) Robert Francis Meyer (M: 51) Terry Brian Mowrey (M: 48)
Reginald Muldrew (M: 64) Rebecca Kathleen Neubauer (F: 41) Daniel Houston Overholser (M: 43)
Billy B Overturf (M: 76) Robert Bradley Pilcher (M: 35) Anthony Ratcliff (M: 32)
David Robertson (M: 52) Trenton Rumsey (M: 43) Jerry Clayton Rynders (M: 53)
Terrence Dewayne Scott (M: 34) David Len Shockey (M: 50) Christopher Kevin Sims (M: 59)
Lee Andrew Sims (M: 39) William Gregory Smith (M: 52) Darrell Lynn Songer (M: 54)
Bobby Ray Spradlin (M: 68) Jacob L Spradlin (M: 31) Arnold Phillip Teague (M: 72)
Arnold Phillip Teague (M: 72) Eric Dewayne Tedford (M: 37) Glenn Scott Thompson (M: 49)
Glenn Scott Thompson (M: 49) Nathan Dee Tilley (M: 32) Reynard Red Tomahawk (M: 36)
Charles Leroy Utt (M: 41) Donald Jay Vancamp (M: 53) Donald Jay Vancamp (M: 53)
Shannon Leon Wallace (M: 32) Stephen Gene White (M: 46) Douglas Wayne Wright (M: 63)
Kemuel Howard Yarbrough (M: 74) Gary Wayne Bragg (M: 41) Stephen Robert Schultes (M: 57)
Justin R Liley (M: 22) James L Reynolds (M: 65) Larry Dwayne Hulsey (M: 38)
Clyde S Greene (M: 50) August Glenn Kreiner (M: 47) Kevin Eugene Swearingen (M: 56)
Jonathan Lee Byers (M: 32) Philip Willard Dixon (M: 44) Ricky Edward Goodwin (M: 48)
Clark Anthony Gray (M: 42) Duane Jackson (M: 52) Kurtiss L Kuhn (M: 32)
Earnest Lee Madison (M: 42) Daniel Houston Overholser (M: 43) Anthony Daryl Ratcliff (M: 32)
Richard R Rojas (M: 45) Gary Ray Stuart (M: 41) Daniel Boone Taylor (M: 45)
Nathan Dee Tilley (M: 32) Reynard Red Tomahawk (M: 36) Andrew Aikens (M: 47)
Brian Duane Lhotka (M: 47) Ray Anthony Johnson (M: 34) David Gordon Zumwalt (M: 55)
Toby Carter (M: 46) Timothy Wayne Graves (M: 42) James John Hert (M: 45)
William J Johnson (M: 49) Mark Lester Mountcastle (M: 51) Reginald Muldrew (M: 64)
Leslie Baxter Roach (M: 44) David Len Shockey (M: 50) Daniel Boone Taylor (M: 45)
Arnold Phillip Teague (M: 72) Reynard Red Tomahawk (M: 36) Stephen Gene White (M: 46)
Kemuel Howard Yarbrough (M: 74) Stephen Gene White (M: 46) David Len Shockey (M: 50)
Stacy Junior Lawson (M: 68) Leslie Baxter Roach (M: 44) Jeremie Earl Williamson (M: 36)
Arnold Dewayne Allen (M: 47) Randall Scott Bailey (M: 47) Jimmie Dale Boyles (M: 40)
Rocky Lynn Campbell (M: 51) Toby Carter (M: 46) Russell Kent Dickinson (M: 49)
Venson Maurice Ferguson (M: 41) Kevin Lee Gordon (M: 56) Christopher Lee Griffin (M: 33)
Christopher Anthony Henry (M: 44) Jessie Lee Holly (M: 58) Roger Clayton Martin (M: 55)
Anthony Ratcliff (M: 32) Craig Trent Steward (M: 56) Stephen Gene White (M: 46)
Jeremie Earl Williamson (M: 36) Jeffrey Todd Gnau (M: 48) Darren Michael Scott (M: 31)
John Matthew Wagner (M: 26) Daryn Leigh Cole (M: 47) John Layton Lantz Jr (M: 37)
Eric Dwayne Tedford (M: 37) Jim Kerry Nixon Sr (M: 52) Chad Clark Kennedy (M: 28)
Terry Brian Mowrey (M: 48) Clyde Ernest Wallace (M: 53) James Grayson Jones (M: 66)
Stephen Robert Schultes (M: 57) Anthony Ratcliff (M: 32) David Lee Felty (M: 42)
Clyde Scott Greene (M: 50) David Wesley Strange (M: 42) James Leo Reynolds (M: 65)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH