Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : Barstow

All sex offender files currently in our database from California and located in the city/town of Barstow are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search California sex offender information.

Michael Robert Lay (M: 53) Shawn Scott Smith (M: 32) Jeffrey Ray Baca (M: 35)
Herbert Laton Bailey (M: 37) Zena Marie Bailey (F: 51) Rudy Tino Benavidez (M: 35)
Kevin R Berry (M: 49) John Jose Borja (M: 49) Michael Eric Bryant (M: 38)
Daniel Joseph Burgett (M: 46) Kirby Campbell (M: 40) Christopher Allen Dowdle (M: 51)
Michael Franco (M: 55) Donald Wayne Cunningham (M: 44) Melin Jefferson Dixon (M: 62)
Richard Mark Davis (M: 63) Kevin Dwayne Cheek (M: 48) Napolian Randall Castillo (M: 52)
David Anthony Cordova (M: 56) David William Retzlaff (M: 50) Shannon Patterson (M: 32)
Benton Ray Blankenship (M: 72) Aaron Dean Page (M: 44) Eugene R Bird (M: 71)
Eugene Roy Bird (M: 71) Harold Lee Muse (M: 47) Charles Leonard Bennette (M: 69)
Andrew Mikeil Mendoza (M: 35) Lindsay John Max (M: 51) Russell Norman Paul (M: 66)
James Duane Marsh (M: 48) Paul Lewis Morehouse (M: 59) Charles Thomas Moran (M: 54)
Timothy Gonzalez Leal (M: 33) Joey Dale Langbecker (M: 39) Frederick Kateena (M: 36)
Michael Lee Mccoy (M: 57) Maurice Jones (M: 35) Joel Gutierrez Ibarra (M: 48)
Glenn Michael Lyon (M: 66) Pete Lalo Lozano (M: 56) Kevin Leroy Hightower (M: 47)
Adrion Lanier Liles (M: 71) Bruce Lawrence Baker (M: 61) Michael Robert Lay (M: 53)
Kathleen Ann Baca (F: 57) Jose Remedios Ayala (M: 54) Pablo Miguel Gutierrez (M: 44)
Richard Gurule (M: 47) Edgar Gomez (M: 42) Jerry Dane Herrera (M: 59)
Xavier Eduardo Garibay (M: 32) Melvin Washington Gardner (M: 47) Larry Edward Gray (M: 60)
John Brooks Graham (M: 69) David Arthur Guhin (M: 60) Donald Jasper Florez (M: 46)
Richard James Gabaldon (M: 48) Shun Deron Rogers (M: 45) Jesus Garnica Rojas (M: 45)
Brian Henry Rourke (M: 48) Kelly A Repp (M: 59) Ivan Gilbert Saiz (M: 51)
Roserdo Lawrence Saiz (M: 48) Joe Sanchez (M: 43) Chester Roma (M: 63)
Arthur Louis Romero (M: 61) Melvin Romero (M: 58) George Saavedra (M: 60)
Sean Christian Sloan (M: 45) Dion Ryan Smith (M: 32) Homero Talamantez (M: 44)
Marshall Allan Temple (M: 73) John Lynn Tirey (M: 50) Reynaldo R Davila (M: 80)
Lawrence Dyea (M: 73) Brian Keith Upperman (M: 54) Patrick Abel Vallejos (M: 44)
Clarence Vargas (M: 70) Raymond Lobato (M: 81) Ulbado Lopez (M: 75)
Jose Armelindo Madero (M: 79) Pedro Velasquez (M: 46) David Pedro Villanueva (M: 50)
Carl James Werning (M: 75) Carl Dale Woods (M: 53) James Booker Wheeler (M: 50)
Michael Dean White (M: 52) Lionel Wycoff (M: 55) Eddie Williams (M: 50)
Ronald Dwayne Deal (M: 24) Jerry Kris Lopez (M: 30) Michael Moles (M: 25)
Corey William Shier (M: 25) Ted Adams (M: 60) Everett Alexander (M: 43)
Richard Donald Chambers (M: 85) Robt Lynn Dunn (M: 78) Eugene Alan Johnson (M: 40)
Danny Wayne Leachman (M: 48) Clarence Londo (M: 45) Randolph Allen Moon (M: 66)
Sabino Murrillo Robles (M: 75) David Herbert Seay (M: 68) Keith Ellis Slater (M: 69)
John Butler Butler (M: 51) Glen Allison Graybill (M: 67) Reuben Martin Contreras (M: 38)
Ian Neal Frank (M: 35) Miguel Gramajo Hernandez (M: 23) James Matthew Young (M: 49)
Joshua James Menzie (M: 26) Charles Benny Krueger (M: 31)



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