Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : Paso Robles

All sex offender files currently in our database from California and located in the city/town of Paso Robles are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search California sex offender information.

John Harry Berry (M: 49) James Flynn Adams (M: 53) Daniel Franklin Apple (M: 68)
Bobby Esparza (M: 38) Joseph Ernest George (M: 65) Matthew David Ellis (M: 34)
Thomas Paul Garges (M: 57) Steven Wayne Dyck (M: 50) Thomas Jefferson Davis (M: 57)
Richard Cortez (M: 54) Timothy Lee Conibear (M: 63) Paul Jason Robertson (M: 39)
Christopher Charles Rickard (M: 40) Rachelle Lee Pelino (F: 33) Keven Scott Paine (M: 40)
Randall Edward Best (M: 58) Amy Lea Middleton (F: 40) Darin Kirk Mcmaster (M: 48)
Francis Gene Nettleton (M: 70) William Barton (M: 66) William Clarence Barton (M: 66)
Willie Robert Moore (M: 60) Wayne Churchill Labins (M: 46) David Brian Meler (M: 54)
Joseph L Mcneal (M: 59) Paul Leon Mcmillen (M: 62) Terry Neil Maughmer (M: 68)
Jeanne Lee Marsh (F: 68) Anthony Bruce Hopson (M: 39) Arthur James Macarthur (M: 32)
Salvador Lopez (M: 40) Wayne Arden Leach (M: 72) Brian Keith Henderson (M: 47)
Robert William Kinkaid (M: 59) Ray Curtis Keohen (M: 64) Herman L Jobinger (M: 65)
Harvey Richard Huber (M: 72) Johnny L Howell (M: 58) Donald Ray Holloway (M: 61)
Carl Reed Goff (M: 41) James Ray Heathco (M: 63) Donald Sidney Gould (M: 63)
Joe Lee Radcliff (M: 68) Modesto Rios (M: 69) Anthony Richard Didonna (M: 78)
Richard Joseph Valles (M: 52) Calvin Martin (M: 84) Arthur Eugene Morales (M: 79)
Robert Evans Walker (M: 59) Ernest Carlton Wallravin (M: 58) Ambrose Christopher Wesley (M: 56)
Glen Michael Westfall (M: 53) Douglas Adams Yost (M: 53) Fernando Tamez Zuniga (M: 59)
Gregory Scott Wilson (M: 51) Corbett Lee Wulfing (M: 42) Jacob James Newsome (M: 31)
Cora Marie Solorio (F: 30) Donald Royall Sorenson (M: 59) Richard Birl Brown (M: 67)
James Dalton Halsell (M: 58) Wayne Ronal Huckins (M: 86) Ricky Ramirez Perez (M: 53)
Gilbert Sanmiguel (M: 41) Matthew Ray Mathewson (M: 46) Michael Allen Stone (M: 64)
Michael James Clark (M: 67) Mark Joseph Blanchard (M: 48) Jonathan Robert Mcmanus (M: 24)
Linda Nancy Reyes (F: 45)



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