Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : Bloomington

All sex offender files currently in our database from Indiana and located in the city/town of Bloomington are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Thomas Scott Reynolds (M: 54) Richard Gregory Stephenson (M: 36) Jason Ray Williams (M: 36)
Michael Eugene Abell (M: 48) David Allen Abney (M: 32) David Allen Abney (M: 33)
Jeremiah Jacob Adams (M: 29) Charles William Albertson (M: 25) Tracy Lynn Arthur (F: 43)
John David Asp (M: 61) Brian Keith Axsom (F: 48) George Eric Barsic (M: 41)
Pamela Bean (F: 47) Pamela Renee Bean (F: 44) Robert Earl Bean (M: 59)
Matthew Wayne Bledsoe (M: 50) Francis Eugene Boggs (M: 39) Gerald Michael Bonds (M: 47)
Lionel Dale Bradley (M: 54) Sean M Branigin (M: 28) Jeril Vontae Breaziel (M: 43)
Larry Orval Brim (M: 53) Charles E Brimberry (M: 37) Charles E Brimberry (M: 37)
Damon Westley Brown (M: 31) William Dondray Brown (M: 40) David Allen Buka (M: 52)
Shane Brett Burleigh (M: 35) Joshua James Butcher (M: 29) Andrew W Carie (M: 40)
Douglas Degracia Castro (M: 37) Benjamin Elliott Caswell (M: 31) Stephen C Chambers (M: 54)
Michael Scott Childs (M: 25) John Floyd Chitwood (M: 49) William R Conn (M: 44)
Tamera L Corrales (F: 41) Chris Owen Crecelius (M: 51) Craig Austin Criswell (M: 37)
Harold Anthony Davis (M: 50) David Allen Deckard (M: 22) Michael Dale Deckard (M: 46)
Michael Dale Deckard (M: 44) Steven Nmn Dickinson (M: 46) Bradley W Dixon (M: 44)
Murl L Dobson (M: 67) Harold Anthony Domangue (M: 50) Kenneth H Dorr (M: 35)
Kenneth H Dorr (M: 33) Charles W Drake (M: 70) Dane Anthony Dvorak (M: 34)
James Allen Eads (M: 54) Charles Randolph Elkins (M: 47) Phillip Ray Eller (M: 48)
Brett Andrew Enochs (M: 31) Brett Andrew Enochs (M: 29) William Gordon Fields (M: 55)
Mickel Scott Fiscus (M: 44) Michael E. Fleener (M: 25) Keith James Flynn (M: 55)
Anthony Lyle Freeman (M: 59) Richard Eugene Fry (M: 29) Charles E Fulford (M: 38)
Oliver G Garcia (M: 33) Carl Allen Gentry (M: 54) Matthew Warren Gerholdt (M: 31)
Edwin Alexander Giron (M: 29) Edwin A Giron (M: 31) Edwin Giron (M: 31)
Travis Dean Goad (M: 36) James A Goins (M: 48) Robert Eugene Goodman (M: 34)
Ronald Louis Goodmon (M: 58) Brandon Shane Grant (M: 29) Patrick Henry Gray (M: 65)
Robert B Gregg (M: 36) Stephen Douglas Grimsley (M: 37) Daniel Louis Grubbs (M: 28)
Dale Ray Hall (M: 27) James L Hanson (M: 37) Thomas Glenn Harp (M: 33)
Coty Scott Harris (M: 34) Daniel Ray Harris (M: 57) Thomas Aaron Hatcher (M: 32)
Daniel A. Hawkins (M: 46) Roosevelt Fontez Hawthorne (M: 40) Travis L Henry (M: 38)
Robert Dewayne Hicks (M: 38) Randy Joseph Higgins (M: 44) Randy Higgins (M: 45)
Tomi Darlene Hignite (F: 34) Charles Ray Hodge (M: 43) Michael R Hodges (M: 43)
Michael Dewayne Hoene (M: 32) Richard David Hough (M: 58) Harold Raymond Howard (M: 65)
Gordon Thomas Huckaby (M: 27) Mark Allen Isgrigg (M: 43) Russell Lowell Jacobs (M: 43)
Carl Joseph James (M: 61) Lowell Charles Johnson (M: 34) Michael Nathan Johnson (M: 34)
William Lee Johnson (M: 52) Donald E Jones (M: 41) Noel D Justice (M: 62)
John D Kendall (M: 63) Clifford Ernest Kent (M: 21) Dallas C. King (M: 30)
Jonathan Roland Kratzner (M: 30) Mark Lay (M: 47) Jeremy Patrick Macy (M: 38)
Enrique C. Mafnas (M: 34) Wilfred Lawrence Marquez (M: 51) Jon E Martin (M: 52)
Robert A Martin (M: 64) Michael Matheus (M: 50) David Lee Mays (M: 50)
David Mays (M: 50) John Marshall Mcguigan (M: 62) Emmanuel D Mcnair (M: 32)
Dwayne A Mead (M: 46) Charles Robert Michael (M: 57) Roger Allen Mills (M: 42)
Benjamin Ephraim Mitchell (M: 30) David Thomas Moore (M: 32) Mikel A Morris (M: 38)
Carl Neal (M: 56) Jason Ray North (M: 34) Buford Obrien (M: 79)
Kyle Wayne Oliver (M: 25) Antowyne William Osborne (M: 29) Clyde Allen Patterson (M: 64)
Jack R Pedro (M: 69) Terrence Andre Perrine (M: 48) James Michael Phelan (M: 44)
James E. Pitts (M: 43) Kevin Ray Plummer (M: 44) Charles William Poole (M: 68)
William Potter (M: 35) Winston Marshall Price (M: 31) Jason S Prince (M: 31)
James D Purtlebaugh (M: 42) Russell Eugene Ramey (M: 66) Thomas Edward Ramon (M: 29)
Rickie L Rarey (M: 49) Christopher Redding (M: 23) Robert Fredrick Resneck (M: 54)
Robert Resneck (M: 56) Thomas Scott Reynolds (M: 54) Shane Christopher Riddle (M: 42)
Donald E Robinson (M: 54) Mark Anthony Robinson (M: 45) David E Runyon (M: 48)
David Dallas Salmon (M: 63) Brandon Earl Saunders (M: 31) Mark Andrew Sego (M: 50)
Michael Gene Sims (M: 43) Richard Adrian Sira (M: 44) Gerald Alan Sloan (M: 61)
Richard Kevin Sluss (M: 47) James W Smith (M: 28) Robert Lee Smith (M: 39)
Christopher Paul Sowers (M: 31) James Edward Sparks (M: 55) James Franklin Stalcup (M: 64)
Earl William Starks (M: 59) Richard Greg Stephenson (M: 35) Brian D Stiles (M: 47)
Todd A Sturgis (M: 41) Jackie Ray Sutton (M: 69) Brent Lloyd Swango (M: 51)
Aaron Dee Swank (M: 38) Jerry Merle Sylvester (M: 60) Willie Benjamin Taylor (M: 45)
Frank Elmo Todd (M: 58) Terry Trammell (M: 54) Terry Lee Trisler (M: 46)
James Trotter (M: 38) Mark Alan Upchurch (M: 54) Richard Lee Wade (M: 41)
James Duane Washburn (M: 27) Dale A Wells (M: 54) James Robert White (M: 49)
James Donald Williams (M: 27) James Donald Williams (M: 24) Martin Scott Williams (M: 53)
Matthew Paul Williams (M: 33) Tyler Alan Wisley (M: 27) Joshua Aaron Witt (M: 37)
Colin Lynn Wolf (M: 55) Archie Blaine Woods (M: 55) Craig L Worrell (M: 64)
Steven Ray Young (M: 32) Jeremiah Jason Zalesky (M: 30) Cortland Dale Geiger (M: 25)
Susan Darlene Liston (F: 55) Terry Lee Trammell (M: 49) Lester Odell Turpin (M: 62)
Jeremy Jason Gray (M: 27) Pirie Scott Cleveland (M: 72) Daniel L Wampler (M: 52)
Harold Mccoy (M: 67) Martin S Williams (M: 53) Thomas Reynolds (M: 54)
David Guy Arthur (M: 30) Jeff Eugene Howell (M: 54) James L Smoot (M: 32)
Lonnie Hartfield (M: 65) Raymond Hernandez (M: 45) Rebecca Lee Lawson (F: 36)
Joshua James Mckenzie (M: 20) Timothy Lee Sylvester (M: 41) Donald L Hall Sr (M: 81)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH