Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : Plymouth

All sex offender files currently in our database from Indiana and located in the city/town of Plymouth are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Richard James Velasco (M: 43) Devere L Abair (M: 47) Adrian Nmn Adorno (M: 31)
Duwayne Allen Amor (M: 48) Richard Thomas Beebe (M: 65) Kenneth Ray Bennett (M: 60)
Kenneth Bennett (M: 60) Richard Allen Bonnell (M: 36) Ray W Branton (M: 41)
Lorenzo Brockington (M: 40) Dewey Lee Camp (M: 36) Scott Alan Colburn (M: 32)
Daniel Lee Crosby (M: 44) George Leon Dickson (M: 35) Joshua Brett Dunn (M: 31)
Jonathan Wayne Eanes (M: 24) Kevin Eugene Fox (M: 42) Benjamin L Fugate (M: 29)
Fred Nicolas Gonzalez (M: 36) Mark L. Griffin (M: 50) Craig R Hager (M: 42)
Todd Anthony Hix (M: 46) Robert Lee Hoover (M: 27) Ingwald Willis Johnson (M: 67)
Jimmy Dean Jones (M: 29) Brian Lee Kersey (M: 45) Kenric Adam Kring (M: 29)
Kenric Adam Kring (M: 27) Christopher L Langley (M: 31) Brian Keith Lehiy (M: 46)
Darwin Michael Linderman (M: 52) Bruce A Mayhew (M: 43) Mark Allen Mccormick (M: 52)
Matthew Michael Miley (M: 28) John A Milliser (M: 57) Carlos Luis Moreno (M: 30)
Benjamin Nmi Oviedo (M: 34) Eugene Louis Povlock (M: 60) Jonathon W Price (M: 30)
Jonathon Wayne Price (M: 33) Ronald Roger Renz (M: 72) Michelle Nicole Robinson (F: 31)
William Rodriguez (M: 44) William Nmi Rodriguez (M: 44) Jeffery Edwin Samuels (M: 36)
Jacob Andrew Shadrix (M: 24) Jason C Spivey (M: 33) Jackie L Stoner (M: 44)
Chad Eric Stout (M: 28) Timothy Alan Stutzman (M: 49) Robert M Sumpter (M: 24)
Dusty Lee John Swank (M: 27) David Michael Sydenstricker (M: 40) Richard James Velasco (M: 43)
Ambrose Troy Wagers (M: 43) Terry Lee Walesiewicz (M: 39) Billy Ray Wallace (M: 54)
William Dale Wallace (M: 27) William Dale Wallace (M: 27) Carlos Luis Moreno (M: 24)
Henry C Murray (M: 41) Lloyd Welcome Fish (M: 41) Chad E Masterson (M: 41)
Lionel J Gonzalez (M: 27)