Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : Shelbyville

All sex offender files currently in our database from Indiana and located in the city/town of Shelbyville are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Shawn Smith (M: 28) Jimmie Lee Mccathern (M: 46) Ronny Edward Ailes (M: 48)
Eugene E Allgood (M: 42) Duane Kendall Armstrong (M: 52) Michael Allen Badgley (M: 28)
Scott Timothy Baker (M: 41) Kim Ray Banker (M: 49) Christopher Anthony Barnes (M: 30)
Christopher Anthony Barnes (M: 33) Robert Scott Barootjian (M: 46) Mark A Beasley (M: 50)
Kyle A Bowers (M: 25) Amber Lorraine Bradley (F: 34) Aaron Lee Branson (M: 29)
Michael Ray Brown (M: 60) Terry David Carew (M: 62) Jeremy Michael Coffey (M: 38)
David W Collins (M: 44) Mark Allen Coomer (M: 51) Dale Thomas Covington (M: 43)
Ronald Eugene Diamond (M: 41) Christopher Howard Diener (M: 42) David Arthur Elliott (M: 65)
David A. Elliott (M: 63) Joseph Anthony Firsich (M: 43) Elisha Renee Flannery (F: 26)
Timothy Allen Gaskins (M: 31) Randy Franklin Gibbs (M: 51) Kevin Dale Gilles (M: 38)
Michael D Greer (M: 43) Shawn Patrick Gregory (M: 30) Shawn P Gregory (M: 30)
Stephen Wade Hall (M: 29) Simon (None) Hernandez (M: 29) Brian Edward Highley (M: 43)
Billy J. Hill (M: 26) John Paul Holton (M: 33) Michael Anthony Horsley (M: 50)
Michael T Hubbard (M: 45) James William Huesman (M: 55) Roger D Hutcherson (M: 54)
Garry Richard Jeffries (M: 48) Mark Alan Jeffries (M: 44) Corey Lee Johnson (M: 43)
William A Johnson (M: 31) Paul Bryan Kendall (M: 41) Jerry Lee Leffler (M: 50)
Tracy Lee Lightner (M: 43) Timothy Allen Lovitt (M: 43) Rodney D Lozier (M: 45)
Don Albert Martin (M: 49) Gerald Lee Mcclain (M: 48) Richard J Mcvey (M: 34)
Mark Allen Miller (M: 48) Thomas Wadsorth Moore (M: 46) Thomas Wadsworth Moore (M: 49)
Carl Victor Muncy (M: 47) Robert L Murrell (M: 70) James M Neace (M: 32)
Jimmie Maurice Owens (M: 34) Earnest Lovell Palmer (M: 33) James Richard Pogue (M: 28)
Terry Dwain Redd (M: 55) Dennis Roland Reed (M: 63) James Henry Reeve (M: 38)
Robert Allen Richey (M: 49) Jerry Wayne Robinson (M: 45) John Luke Rode (M: 32)
Jack Randy Scroghins (M: 33) Joshua Owen Settles (M: 28) Anthony Mark Sewell (M: 33)
Robert Merle Sneed (M: 48) Gerald Dewaine Spillman (M: 70) Curt Thomas Spurling (M: 38)
Charlie Stith (M: 58) Jennifer Leigh Stull (F: 26) Ronnie Douglas Vaughn (M: 57)
Bud C Wells (M: 28) Richard Dale Wilkinson (M: 55) Daniel Edward Willis (M: 31)
Timothy Allen Willis (M: 48) Ronald Lee Woodall (M: 60) Stephen Earl Wright (M: 58)
Douglas Alan Merrill (M: 36) Bret Alan Hamner (M: 39) Stephen Earl Wright (M: 55)
James Anthony Gearhart (M: 57) Curtiss Joe Heagy (M: 27) Randall Lee Weingarth (M: 60)
Steven Scott Land (M: 26) Ryan Lee Pettit (M: 26) Kevin Lynn Mckenzie (M: 48)
Charlie R Stith (M: 57) James Robert Hellums Jr (M: 41) William Scott Taylor (M: 41)
Mickey Wayne Rady (M: 53) John C Wheeler (M: 49)



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