Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : Shelbyville

All sex offender files currently in our database from Indiana and located in the city/town of Shelbyville are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Shawn Smith (M: 28) Jimmie Lee Mccathern (M: 46) Ronny Edward Ailes (M: 48)
Eugene E Allgood (M: 42) Duane Kendall Armstrong (M: 52) Michael Allen Badgley (M: 28)
Scott Timothy Baker (M: 41) Kim Ray Banker (M: 49) Christopher Anthony Barnes (M: 30)
Christopher Anthony Barnes (M: 33) Robert Scott Barootjian (M: 46) Mark A Beasley (M: 50)
Kyle A Bowers (M: 25) Amber Lorraine Bradley (F: 34) Aaron Lee Branson (M: 29)
Michael Ray Brown (M: 60) Terry David Carew (M: 62) Jeremy Michael Coffey (M: 38)
David W Collins (M: 44) Mark Allen Coomer (M: 51) Dale Thomas Covington (M: 43)
Ronald Eugene Diamond (M: 41) Christopher Howard Diener (M: 42) David Arthur Elliott (M: 65)
David A. Elliott (M: 63) Joseph Anthony Firsich (M: 43) Elisha Renee Flannery (F: 26)
Timothy Allen Gaskins (M: 31) Randy Franklin Gibbs (M: 51) Kevin Dale Gilles (M: 38)
Michael D Greer (M: 43) Shawn Patrick Gregory (M: 30) Shawn P Gregory (M: 30)
Stephen Wade Hall (M: 29) Simon (None) Hernandez (M: 29) Brian Edward Highley (M: 43)
Billy J. Hill (M: 26) John Paul Holton (M: 33) Michael Anthony Horsley (M: 50)
Michael T Hubbard (M: 45) James William Huesman (M: 55) Roger D Hutcherson (M: 54)
Garry Richard Jeffries (M: 48) Mark Alan Jeffries (M: 44) Corey Lee Johnson (M: 43)
William A Johnson (M: 31) Paul Bryan Kendall (M: 41) Jerry Lee Leffler (M: 50)
Tracy Lee Lightner (M: 43) Timothy Allen Lovitt (M: 43) Rodney D Lozier (M: 45)
Don Albert Martin (M: 49) Gerald Lee Mcclain (M: 48) Richard J Mcvey (M: 34)
Mark Allen Miller (M: 48) Thomas Wadsorth Moore (M: 46) Thomas Wadsworth Moore (M: 49)
Carl Victor Muncy (M: 47) Robert L Murrell (M: 70) James M Neace (M: 32)
Jimmie Maurice Owens (M: 34) Earnest Lovell Palmer (M: 33) James Richard Pogue (M: 28)
Terry Dwain Redd (M: 55) Dennis Roland Reed (M: 63) James Henry Reeve (M: 38)
Robert Allen Richey (M: 49) Jerry Wayne Robinson (M: 45) John Luke Rode (M: 32)
Jack Randy Scroghins (M: 33) Joshua Owen Settles (M: 28) Anthony Mark Sewell (M: 33)
Robert Merle Sneed (M: 48) Gerald Dewaine Spillman (M: 70) Curt Thomas Spurling (M: 38)
Charlie Stith (M: 58) Jennifer Leigh Stull (F: 26) Ronnie Douglas Vaughn (M: 57)
Bud C Wells (M: 28) Richard Dale Wilkinson (M: 55) Daniel Edward Willis (M: 31)
Timothy Allen Willis (M: 48) Ronald Lee Woodall (M: 60) Stephen Earl Wright (M: 58)
Douglas Alan Merrill (M: 36) Bret Alan Hamner (M: 39) Stephen Earl Wright (M: 55)
James Anthony Gearhart (M: 57) Curtiss Joe Heagy (M: 27) Randall Lee Weingarth (M: 60)
Steven Scott Land (M: 26) Ryan Lee Pettit (M: 26) Kevin Lynn Mckenzie (M: 48)
Charlie R Stith (M: 57) James Robert Hellums Jr (M: 41) William Scott Taylor (M: 41)
Mickey Wayne Rady (M: 53) John C Wheeler (M: 49)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH