Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : Terre Haute

All sex offender files currently in our database from Indiana and located in the city/town of Terre Haute are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Sherman Gayle Pike (M: 48) Jackie Wayne Stone (M: 39) Samuel Ulyesses Haley (M: 49)
Kyle Ray Amsden (M: 42) Courtney Ann Utterback ` (F: 23) David Wayne Akers (M: 43)
Max Lee Allsup (M: 28) Max Lee Allsup (M: 25) Matthew Jacob Aplin (M: 33)
James R Ash (M: 37) Edward D Beard (M: 50) Daniel Scott Benton (M: 31)
Derrick L Blakely (M: 20) Derrick L Blakely (M: 22) Frankie Nobe Bosquez (M: 41)
Richard L Boswell (M: 55) Richard L Boswell (M: 52) Brian Boyd (M: 46)
Brian S Boyd (M: 46) Gerald Earl Boyer (M: 34) Zachary Allen Bridges (M: 23)
Jeffrey Adam Brier (M: 21) David John Brotchner (M: 32) Bobbie C Brown (M: 56)
Nathan A Buchanan (M: 36) Nathan Allen Buchanan (M: 36) Vernon R Buchanan (M: 36)
Vernon R Buchanan (M: 34) Paul W Buck (M: 66) Jeremy D Burkett (M: 39)
Dennis Robert Burns (M: 56) Michael R Burns (M: 51) Timothy Ray Carney (M: 39)
Casey O Carrigan (M: 25) James R. Church (M: 51) Jay Richard Church (M: 32)
Rickey Eugene Church (M: 30) Jerry Wayne Cliver (M: 57) Benjamin J Clouse (M: 32)
William Norman Collester (M: 62) Steven M Cook (M: 35) Steven M Cook (M: 35)
Joshua S Coombes (M: 21) James E Cooper (M: 38) James Eugene Cooper (M: 35)
James Eugene Cooper (M: 38) Michael M Cooper (M: 39) Ramant T Cooper (M: 40)
Robert L Crockett (M: 42) Lance Earl Crossley (M: 39) James Donald Crowley (M: 73)
Clarence R Crowther (M: 48) Robert C Crume (M: 60) James Perry Cummins (M: 74)
Cleve L Daugherty (M: 46) Terry L Decker (M: 47) James Everett Doggett (M: 61)
Gregory Alan Domke (M: 57) Cenielinan Eugene Dozier (M: 30) Richard W Elkins (M: 58)
Norman Dewayne Ellinger (M: 71) James R Evans (M: 52) Kathie Maria Evans (F: 50)
Phillip Andrew Evans (M: 34) Josh Scott Evard (M: 33) Joshua Scott Evard (M: 34)
Thomas Joseph Eversole (M: 44) Thomas Joseph Eversole (M: 47) Nicholas A Fagg (M: 27)
Randall E Fagg (M: 49) Randall Fagg (M: 49) Jared Reeves Farmer (M: 33)
April Kaitlin Finch (F: 26) Wilbur G Fisher (M: 84) Billy E Forsyth (M: 74)
Glenn A Gettinger (M: 60) James David Gilbert (M: 35) Harry L Gordon (M: 39)
Reggie Allen Gosnell (M: 31) Carl Graham (M: 50) Michael Paul Greene (M: 26)
Laszerick T Griffin (M: 27) Todd F Hadammek (M: 41) Todd Francis Hadammek (M: 41)
David E Hagan (M: 47) Clyde William Haire (M: 57) Charles E Haisley (M: 75)
Cedrick C Hall (M: 36) Charles Benjamin Hancock (M: 38) John W Harden (M: 25)
James Anthony Harris (M: 25) William R Harvey (M: 34) Jerry Lee Haskett (M: 72)
William E Heard (M: 43) Steven H Hejari (M: 30) Jeremy L Henry (M: 21)
Andrew Christopher Hicks (M: 25) Chauncey Vernon William Hicks (M: 62) Tracey Regan Higginbotham (M: 47)
Franklin Lee Higgins (M: 41) Terry Richard Higgins (M: 45) Terry Higgins (M: 45)
Samuel Jarvarn Hill (M: 60) Rodney Allen Hood (M: 43) Paul E Hoopingarner (M: 48)
Paul E Hoopingarner (M: 50) Antonio M Housley (M: 33) Jack Douglas Hutchinson (M: 47)
Donald Wayne Hyde (M: 55) Bobbie Levon Jackson (M: 47) James Ray Jenkins (M: 37)
James Douglas Jezowski (M: 62) Anthony Lee Johnson (M: 43) Donald Len Johnson (M: 49)
Paul Raymond Johnson (M: 59) Roy W. Johnson (M: 65) Lewis Judkins (M: 32)
Charles M Kelley (M: 59) Derek W Kelly (M: 23) Scott A Kelsheimer (M: 42)
Mattie Lee King (M: 38) Mattie L King (M: 38) Mark Alan Malachi Kloc (M: 23)
Shawn Robert Krantz (M: 37) Darren Gregory Landrus (M: 43) Shawn Richard Lane (M: 33)
Larry J Laymon (M: 71) Larry J Laymon (M: 71) Thomas E Leslie (M: 58)
Charles Elbert Letner (M: 73) Kenneth Earl Lewis (M: 47) Thomas F Light (M: 38)
Linda Rose Lisby (F: 39) Alexander P Long (M: 28) Lorenzo Nevin Long (M: 33)
Robert D Lyon (M: 51) Donald Eugene Majors (M: 58) Raymond Earl Marbley (M: 53)
Richard Aaron Marshall (M: 29) Billy Ray Martin (M: 72) Martin Allen Maynard (M: 39)
John Joseph Mccalister (M: 62) Damon John Miller (M: 35) Nathan M Mobley (M: 51)
Lonnie M Moody (M: 60) Jeffrey Scott Morris (M: 45) Leroy Patrick Mulnix (M: 50)
Eugene Joseph Murawski (M: 32) Frank Leroy Murr (M: 39) Larry Eugene Myers (M: 63)
Robert S Nally (M: 46) James E Nartker (M: 56) Russell Lee Neice (M: 50)
Christopher Wayne Nelson (M: 29) William James Nikolich (M: 41) Shane Thomas Noel (M: 27)
Troy Michael Odell (M: 33) Roger Dean Oilar (M: 57) Tina Jalisa Renae Orman (F: 32)
James Howard Ovivion (M: 56) Raymond D. Padgett (M: 43) Kenneth D Paul (M: 74)
Paul F Pearce (M: 37) Richard F Pegg (M: 54) Bryan Thomas Pezan (M: 34)
Charles Wayne Phillips (M: 47) Charles Wayne Phillips (M: 46) Edwin Brent Phillips (M: 56)
Edwin Brent Phillips (M: 56) Deward Eugene Philpott (M: 43) Trey Michael Pitts (M: 27)
Gregory L Pope (M: 61) Toney Porter (M: 39) Tony Porter (M: 39)
Oda Wayne Potee (M: 51) Paul J Prouse (M: 54) Tracy Dean Pruitt (M: 47)
Brian Douglas Rayburn (M: 30) Michael Frank Reed (M: 60) Michial Clifford Riecks (M: 33)
Michial C Riecks (M: 34) Curtis L Roberts (M: 48) James Frederick Robertson (M: 32)
Arron Raymond Rodriguez (M: 26) Arron Robert Raymond Rodriguez (M: 25) Charles Harrison Roman (M: 58)
Charles H Roman (M: 58) Antonio F Romero (M: 36) William J. Rothar (M: 71)
Herschel Kenneth Rowe (M: 34) David C Rynne (M: 63) Bryan Keith Sanders (M: 50)
Jeffrey D. Schnarr (M: 47) Oran L Schroer (M: 67) Richard L Sharp (M: 48)
Anthony Wayne Shaw (M: 33) Mark Allen Sheese (M: 50) Richard D Shepard (M: 50)
James Elmont Simms (M: 38) Robert Donavan Sinclair (M: 30) Michael Dale Smith (M: 36)
William W Smith (M: 28) James L Southwood (M: 52) Matthew Thomas Stevens (M: 39)
Thomas Franklin Stevens (M: 67) Ed Lewis Stewart (M: 44) David A Stinson (M: 57)
Jack H Stout (M: 69) Paul Henry Strathmann (M: 26) Paul E Tackett (M: 29)
Paul E Tackett (M: 31) Michael Arthur Talley (M: 29) Christopher Robert Tarrh (M: 23)
Charles Nathaniel Taylor (M: 53) Clarence Lee Thomas (M: 50) Joshua Scott Thomas (M: 26)
Nina Treash (F: 31) Courtney Ann Utterback (F: 23) Phillip James Vanderventer (M: 25)
Phillip J Vandeventer (M: 25) Joseph Tony Vearo (M: 39) Jon Howard Vehmeier (M: 50)
Walter Franklin Vowell (M: 47) Marlin P Webb (M: 45) Ruth Ann Welty (F: 29)
William Carl Welty (M: 30) Patrick Kevin Wheat (M: 39) Michael W Whittaker (M: 52)
Steven Mace Willan (M: 28) Charles Allen Williams (M: 35) Charles Allen Williams (M: 37)
Michael A Williams (M: 51) Abigayle Lynn Wills (F: 28) Michael L Wilson (M: 53)
Frederick Joseph Winston (M: 60) Gregory Eugene Wood (M: 42) Tammy Lynn Wood (F: 33)
Larry L Woodland (M: 60) Mark Allen Woodward (M: 49) Howard E Woodworth (M: 58)
William D Wyatt (M: 23) Tyrone O Young (M: 41) Troy Heckler (M: 46)
Cecil D Martin (M: 51) Reuben Nathaniel Wright (M: 29) Ruben Wright (M: 29)
Glenn A Gettinger (M: 60) Renaldo Rodriguez (M: 54) Joseph E Duncan (M: 49)
Sandra J Wilson (F: 54) John L Meredith (M: 61) Edwin Eldie-Dare Parker (M: 31)
Daniel Tyrone Mcneil (M: 42) Bradley Carl Allen (M: 35) Danny Lee Livingston / Linge (M: 34)
Richard J Gonser (M: 36) Warren E Large (M: 62) Shawn Loftson (M: 40)
Dominique Lowe (M: 26) Dana Maffioli (M: 43) Christopher Ryan Price (M: 28)
Troy Heckler (M: 46) David Isaac Keith (M: 33) Antonio Francisco Romero (M: 35)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH