Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : Pineville

All sex offender files currently in our database from Louisiana and located in the city/town of Pineville are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Louisiana sex offender information.

Terrence Anthony Adams (M: 34) Jerry Arvin Akers (M: 45) Willie L Allen (M: 48)
Garold T Bates (M: 53) Heath Carlton Bennett (M: 37) Stephen Wayne Blackburn (M: 34)
Shannon Paul Bordelon (M: 41) John A Borskey (M: 45) Tracy Wayne Bowie (M: 45)
Earl Stephen Brister (M: 59) Timothy George Brister (M: 33) Bennie Alan Brown (M: 70)
Gregory Keith Brown (M: 41) Sam Allen Brown (M: 60) Joey Ray Bryant (M: 26)
Darren M Campbell (M: 45) Joseph Paul Cannon (M: 43) Paul Michael Carroll (M: 52)
Heath Alexander Cazes (M: 22) Donald Bradley Chaffin (M: 29) Thomas Anthony Chestnut (M: 47)
Jeffery Allen Clark (M: 29) Gabriel Anthony Davis (M: 21) Roy Lee Dixon (M: 40)
Willie Odell Dixon (M: 64) Joseph Michael Doiron (M: 54) Ronald Terrell Dunn (M: 47)
Anton Darnell Edwards (M: 31) Clifford Dewayne Edwards (M: 30) Paul Edward Erwin (M: 65)
Michael Paul Fisher (M: 35) Jacob Dwyan Fontenot (M: 28) John David Foster (M: 22)
Jason William Roy Fowler (M: 25) Edwin Paul Frinks (M: 30) Russell Eugene Futrell (M: 41)
Jerry Wayne Gatson (M: 45) Michael Elliot Gowen (M: 46) Kevin Ray Gray (M: 50)
Troy Dedrick Guillory (M: 40) Michael Hathaway (M: 49) Robert Luke Henry (M: 34)
Ronald David Hogue (M: 65) Brandon Ryan Hoolihan (M: 31) Clyde Milton Ivy (M: 43)
Jeffery Lewis Jackson (M: 35) Andrew Lane Johnson (M: 45) David Lamar Johnson (M: 44)
Gregory Dewayne Johnson (M: 29) Jon P Joyner (M: 31) Ronald James Keen (M: 33)
Scott Aaron Lawhon (M: 21) Pellon E Lawrence (M: 85) Walter Lewis Levan (M: 27)
William Joseph Longo (M: 41) Calvin Lotts (M: 35) Matthew Dean Marcum (M: 82)
Gary Clay Mckee (M: 51) Kenneth Keith Milton (M: 45) Murrell G Monroe (M: 75)
Allen Dewayne Moore (M: 48) Paul D Moreau (M: 50) Robert Wayne Morgan (M: 58)
Steven Christopher Mullings (M: 34) Brian Keith Newcomb (M: 34) Moorette Junior Oliver (M: 28)
Talbert Frank Ortego (M: 53) Richard Brandon Padgett (M: 34) Joseph Matthew Parrie (M: 31)
Thomas Leo Perrin (M: 60) James A Pharis (M: 60) Louis Ponthieux (M: 45)
Harold Rachel (M: 48) Todd Nathen Radjenovich (M: 39) Todd Nathen Radjenovich (M: 39)
Andrew Keith Roberts (M: 33) Glenn A Romain (M: 50) Hisham Jamil Salam (M: 41)
Kerry J Sanders (M: 42) Justin Wayne Sandifer (M: 28) Jerry Sartin (M: 81)
Kevin Dewayne Sloan (M: 33) Christopher Daniel Smith (M: 43) Lisa Jane Smith (F: 42)
Brian K Taylor (M: 43) Jason T Terry (M: 30) Chad E Thomason (M: 31)
Jess Willard Tibbit (M: 67) Edwin Girod Trahan (M: 46) Donald L Trokee (M: 67)
Donald Todd Vandersypen (M: 42) Ethelius Vinson (M: 41) Albert Voorhies (M: 58)
Jon Jay Wainwright (M: 52) Leonard Warkentin (M: 30) Claude Wayne Warren (M: 64)
Kim Carl Werline (M: 54) Benjamin Caleb Wiemelt (M: 24) Dannis J Wiley (M: 44)
John Alvie Williamson (M: 38) Robert Harold Williamson (M: 39) Stacy Lee Williamson (F: 34)
Huey P Woods (M: 52) David Garland Youngblood (M: 76) Brian K Newcomb (M: N/A)
Michael E Gowen (M: N/A) Miranda C Baker (F: N/A) Elvis A Richard (M: N/A)
Willie L Allen (M: N/A) Harry L Beverly (M: N/A) Tracy W Bowie (M: N/A)
Stephan T Bragg (M: N/A) Joshua A Brossette (M: N/A) Shaun Bullard (M: N/A)
Darren M Campbell (M: N/A) Joseph P Cannon (M: N/A) Thomas A Chestnut (M: N/A)
Gary W Crooks (M: N/A) Roy L Dixon (M: N/A) Anton D Edward (M: N/A)
Clinton R Farris (M: N/A) Michael P Fisher (M: N/A) Jerry W Gatson (M: N/A)
Walter A Griffith (M: N/A) Ronald Hogue (M: N/A) Jeffery L Jackson (M: N/A)
Leo L Kirkland (M: N/A) Todd M Knick (M: N/A) Matthew D Marcum (M: N/A)
Paul D Moreau (M: N/A) Robert W Morgan (M: N/A) Mitchell Neill (M: N/A)
Moorette J Oliver (M: N/A) Talbert F Ortego (M: N/A) Thomas L Perrin (M: N/A)
Andrew K Roberts (M: N/A) Christopher T Smith (M: N/A) Lisa J Smith (F: N/A)
Donald L Trokee (M: N/A) Brandon S Voorhies (M: N/A) Jon J Wainwright (M: N/A)
Kim C Werline (M: N/A) Dannis J Wiley (M: N/A) Stacy L Williamson (F: N/A)
Brad Yonley (M: N/A) Justin W Sandifer (M: N/A) Jeffery A Clark (M: N/A)
Randall K Arnold (M: N/A) David Johnson (M: N/A) Jason W Fowler (M: N/A)
Harold B Gonzalez (M: N/A) David G Youngblood (M: N/A) Joey Bryant (M: N/A)
Garold T Bates (M: N/A) Jeffery A Clark (M: N/A) Daniel W Fairbanks (M: N/A)
Clinton R Farris (M: N/A) Jerry W Gatson (M: N/A) Michael E Gowen (M: N/A)
Lisa J Smith (F: N/A) Charles H Sergent (M: N/A) Gary C Mckee (M: N/A)
Donald Ray Bernard (M: 35) Olen Frank Burnett (M: 61) Paul Anthony George (M: 36)
Timothy G Granger (M: 45) Shawn Henry Gustafson (M: 35) Todd M Knick (M: 36)
Andrew Keith Roberts (M: 30) Lonnie Ray Smith (M: N/A) Keith Michael Swanson (M: 41)
Gregory B Torry (M: N/A) Joshua E Ward (M: 28) Johnny P Wiley (M: 41)
Kelvin Renard Williams (M: 50) Thomas Bainbridge Wilson (M: 54) Linda Catherine Lee (F: 48)
Larmarquis Devante Torrence (M: 19) Mitchell Ray Augustine Jr (M: 31) Stephan Tyler Bragg (M: 24)
Michael Paul Kavanagh (M: 20) Antwon Lakeith Ransburg (M: 31) Richard Allen Cole (M: 66)
Deboreon Quontez Martin (M: 23)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH