Sex Offender Profile Directory : Michigan : Lake Orion

All sex offender files currently in our database from Michigan and located in the city/town of Lake Orion are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Michigan sex offender information.

Jeffrey Alan Chambers (M: 50) Michael Joseph Brownell (M: 32) Colin Matthew Boyle (M: 26)
Stephen Raymond Bowman (M: 56) Christopher Frank Bohlman (M: 41) Robert Michael Avendt (M: 50)
Myles Thomas Aston (M: 32) Lawrence Frank Cobb (M: 50) Garret Gerard Dobek (M: 41)
Jason Alan Edwards (M: 34) Stephen Emerson Elliott (M: 53) Roy Leonardo Gerard (M: 22)
Michael Dwayne Gregory (M: 30) Ramona Joyce Harper (F: 51) David Wayne Kline (M: 41)
Alexander Owen Mack (M: 28) Keith Allen Mansfield (M: 51) Matthew David Mccoy (M: 42)
James William Mcmahon (M: 30) Robert Gurden Miller (M: 56) Rene Jose Morales (M: 38)
Theadorous Sheldon Palmer (M: 59) Linda Lou Peters (F: 58) Jayson Andrew Preston (M: 39)
Jayson Andrew Preston (M: 39) Frankie Ray Riddle (M: 38) Geary Charles Riley (M: 27)
Matthew Brian Rupert (M: 45) Christopher Charles Sattler (M: 39) Craig Arthur Schiller (M: 34)
Randal Willis Schuck (M: 66) Daniel Lee Stringer (M: 31) James Allen Trumble (M: 34)
Leonard Roy Zeigler (M: 31) Theadorus Sheldon Palmer (M: 59) Brian Joseph Barker (M: 42)
Guy Thomas Delpier (M: 46) Wayne Duane Jenkins (M: 30) Joseph Paul Kline (M: 50)
James William Mcmahon (M: 30) Patrick Anthony Milano (M: 50) Ibrahim D Mushaweh (M: 35)
Gregory Scott Stratton (M: 62) Joseph Leo Thomas (M: 63) Joey Dean Vanmeter (M: 57)
Daniel Kevin Corneail (M: 52) Adam Donovan Reis (M: 28) Bryan James Moll (M: 46)
Brandon Joseph Figurski (M: 23) Arthur Flores (M: 57) Victor Leroy Hood (M: 78)
Richard Earl Leach (M: 42) Ryan Simmons Miller (M: 30) Roger Dale Reed Jr (M: 37)
Joshua Earl Ring (M: 30) Donald Joseph Stewart Ii (M: 34) John David Wright (M: 48)
Garry Bruce Reynolds Sr (M: 68)



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Arizona Judge Katherine Cooper presided over a high profile case directly related to this website. Judge Katherine Coopers boyfriend Michael Kent Krause was listed on this very website during the entire case. Multiple judicial complaints and motions filed to remove Judge Katherine Cooper without success. Soon after this story aired Judge Katherine Cooper then disqualified herself from the case. Motions are now pending in superior court to unwind Judge Katherine Coopers mess, Judge Cooper denies that she knew her live in boyfriend was a felon, fugitive and a registered sex offender.  More details soon..