Sex Offender Profile Directory : Michigan : Royal Oak

All sex offender files currently in our database from Michigan and located in the city/town of Royal Oak are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Michigan sex offender information.

Brian Ray Allen (M: 52) Steven Lewis Brown (M: 61) Alvaro Garcia Bobadilla (M: 54)
Marni Nasia Adler-Rogers (F: 38) Mark Gayle Baur (M: 32) John Robert Ballantyne (M: 63)
Kenneth David Christine (M: 61) Kenneth Christine (M: 61) John Frederick Church (M: 52)
William Charles Collins (M: 52) Joseph T Cook (M: 21) Robert Gerald Crowton (M: 52)
James Andrew Cumbo (M: 45) Daniel K Davis (M: 45) Robert Edward Dean (M: 81)
Lawrence Scott Dennis (M: 50) Matthew Daniel Dinatale (M: 33) Alvin Dorrough (M: 45)
Michael Jack Erlich (M: 55) James William Fahrenkrug (M: 73) Chester James Ford (M: 74)
Daniel Scott Fullmer (M: 42) Adam Micheal Gibson (M: 22) Elwood Louis Gneckow (M: 50)
Johnn Alden Guiliano (M: 45) David Wade Hayden (M: 27) Patrick Richard Hingst (M: 30)
Alan Dale Hodge (M: 61) Norman George Hoenighausen (M: 62) Drake Huotari (M: 50)
Norman Mikel Kovalchick (M: 39) Jerry Terrance Light (M: 32) Edward John Lingenfelter (M: 53)
William Stephen Marx (M: 33) Jeffrey Darrin Mcardle (M: 44) George Thomas Mcfaul (M: 63)
Donald Allen Miller (M: 53) Nakema Charles-Spencer Minnich (M: 35) Dean Edward Moore (M: 51)
Brian Wallace Morency (M: 47) Billy David Mosko (M: 75) Charles Theodore Nierman (M: 46)
Christopher Andrew Nierman (M: 32) Randall Keeling Parish (M: 36) Clinton Mead Parker (M: 55)
Owen Adelbert Perkins (M: 81) Brandon Nicholas Przepiorka (M: 29) Thomas Patrick Rohr (M: 54)
Christopher John Sacco (M: 35) Roy Albert Saintarbor (M: 81) Joshua J Shiller (M: 35)
James Craig Shook (M: 57) Gerald Clarence Sima (M: 74) Damon Antonio Singleton (M: 40)
David Ray Smith (M: 63) Douglas A Spratke (M: 51) Scott Tynan Stclair (M: 35)
Ronald Steven Sumner (M: 56) Gary Dennis Swindall (M: 25) Trevor T Thomas (M: 66)
Thomas Edmund Tucker (M: 66) George Anthony Upshaw (M: 59) Doug Brian Wall (M: 30)
Mark Anthony Wells (M: 31) Jonathan Jay Wheeler (M: 62) Richard Williams (M: 60)
Robert Alan Young (M: 42) Mitchell Gary Keeton (M: 55) Charles Boggs (M: 97)
Timothy Scott Covington (M: 34) Thomas Leonard Springer (M: 62) Douglas Kirk Stranahan (M: 34)
Trevor T Thomas (M: 66) Vat Dedgjonaj (M: 61) Elwood Louis Gneckow (M: 50)
Norman George Hoenighausen (M: 62) Jeffrey Michael Ienna (M: 32) Charles Theodore Nierman (M: 46)
Joseph Lloyd Perkins (M: 36) Clinton Mead Parker (M: 55) Sherman D Mobley (M: 51)
Johnathan Belvin Taylor (M: 41) Dominic Wayne Cofell (M: 47) Richard Henry Joy (M: 79)
Chester James Ford (M: 74) Gregory Scott Vajda (M: 47) Daniel Paul Alef (M: 52)
Thomas Walter Campion Jr (M: 64) Lloyd Jayson Charles (M: 42) John H Curtiss Iii (M: 52)
Jesse Eldon Trunoske (M: 36) Lloyd James Austin (M: 53) Robert Lynn Mendez Jr (M: 30)
Mark Anthony Wells (M: 31)



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