Sex Offender Profile Directory : Tennessee : Rogersville

All sex offender files currently in our database from Tennessee and located in the city/town of Rogersville are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Tennessee sex offender information.

Jeffery Lynn Boatman (M: 31) Darrell Glenn Buttry (M: 59) Karen Lynn Carr (F: 54)
Michael Jay Childers (M: 56) John Nicklas Cieplowski (M: 47) David Allan Clark (M: 44)
Jimmy Dewayne Daniels (M: 40) Glenn Edward Epps (M: 61) James Fee (M: 54)
Joey Lynn Gilliam (M: 33) Eugene Goins (M: 69) Ervin Lee Haager (M: 62)
David Randall Hall (M: 45) Michael Anthony Hampton (M: 52) Christian D Heck (M: 37)
Donald Lee Henderson (M: 67) Kevin Lee Hughes (M: 35) Carlos Michael Johnson (M: 54)
Steve L Johnson (M: 50) James Ericshaundale Jones (M: 39) Larry Kenneth Keith (M: 34)
Donnie Joe Kinsler (M: 45) Billy Gene Lawson (M: 75) Christopher Scott Lawson (M: 34)
Eugene Lovell (M: 66) Brian Lynn Manis (M: 28) Roy Fred Manis (M: 44)
Bascom Allen Mayes (M: 46) Kyle Mcclellan (M: 61) Raymond J Miracle (M: 30)
Alfred N Moore (M: 43) Jerry Wayne Mowell (M: 49) Cecil Burns Mullins (M: 35)
Jerry Shane Mullins (M: 37) Lester Eugene Phillips (M: 75) Norris Franklin Price (M: 79)
Jeffery Allen Ramsey (M: 39) William Vincent Reed (M: 34) Ricki Leroy Richmond (M: 34)
Roscoe Robinson (M: 30) Christopher Damion Roder (M: 35) Johnny Kay Seals (M: 42)
Travis Dale Sizemore (M: 34) Rodney Shawn Ward (M: 36) Chris Werner (M: 42)
Kenneth Dale White (M: 50) James Wilkins (M: 34) James Wilkins (M: 34)
Steve Ala Williams (M: 50) Corbet Vernon Shortridge (M: 37) Jonathan Gilliam (M: 29)
Christopher Lawson (M: 38) William Tassell (M: 64) Ricardo G Mendoza (M: 21)
Christopher Brent Greene (M: 43) Sherri Leigh Hall (F: 39) Corbet Vernon Shortridge (M: 37)