Sex Offender Profile Directory : Texas : Carrollton

All sex offender files currently in our database from Texas and located in the city/town of Carrollton are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Texas sex offender information.

Troy David Bagdasarian (M: 35) David Castillo (M: 37) Mark Li Duvall (M: 35)
Fredrick Terrell Fletcher (M: 36) Mark Lynn Ballew (M: 42) John Darrell Bondurant (M: 42)
Christopher Jones (M: 28) Sayed Khan (M: 32) Gregory Patrick Budde (M: 46)
Gregory Patrick Budde (M: 46) Aaron Allen Lerma (M: 33) Shkellqim Lusha (M: 32)
David Jonathan Clenny (M: 43) Donald Wayne Congdon (M: 48) Troy Lynn Corn (M: 40)
Nathan Ross Crumpton (M: 41) Wesley R Montgomery (M: 34) Mark Troy Forbes (M: 41)
Brandon James Perry (M: 29) Charles Anthony Hampton (M: 47) Matthew Lee Sacra (M: 29)
James Wilbur Higginbotham (M: 46) Clyde Jenkins (M: 44) Clyde Jenkins (M: 44)
Brandon Joseph Steed (M: 28) Stephen Dale Kaiser (M: 41) Christopher Stewart Larson (M: 48)
Ernest Gene Lovato (M: 40) Kevin Walker (M: 33) Pavez Ansari (M: 50)
Luis Manuel Arzola (M: 49) Rickey Charles Burman (M: 51) Frank Samuel Carter (M: 54)
Bailey Chen (M: 57) James Terrance Crisp (M: 56) Russell Steven Dam (M: 49)
Bobby Dale Fife (M: 53) Dennis Eugene Garner (M: 50) Jeffery Robert Griffin (M: 49)
Brian Thomas Hill (M: 56) Robert Joseph Huling (M: 51) Huan Dinh Le (M: 52)
Todd Channing Mathis (M: 47) Robert Neil Mc-Cormick (M: 59) John Michael Mc-Kibben (M: 56)
Randy Nguyen (M: 48) Carlos Mondragon (M: 56) Ismael Vargas Morales (M: 48)
Earnest Pruitt (M: 39) Christoher Rainbolt (M: 38) Christopher Pryor Rainbolt (M: 38)
Farook Shamshudin Raghani (M: 52) Sedric Lamar Ridley (M: 47) Lupe Jose Rodriquez (M: 52)
Jeffrey Steven Sanders (M: 42) Trevin Shane Seaberry (M: 38) Danny Sanchez (M: 54)
Elias Sanchez (M: 51) Roberto Sanchez (M: 50) John Henry Sebesta (M: 48)
Carlos Haki Smith (M: 39) John Clyde Sharp (M: 55) Juan Enrique Solis (M: 42)
Gary Steven Snoddy (M: 59) Steven Russell Snyder (M: 56) Jerry Dwayne Spikes (M: 56)
Grant Frank Trevithick (M: 52) Floyd J Turney (M: 53) Darren Lindell West (M: 39)
Randy Whisenhunt (M: 56) Bruce White (M: 58) Vernon Claude Abadie (M: 54)
Bidjan Balalaee (M: 68) Robert Lee Bass (M: 61) Monte Raphrel Farrand (M: 61)
Timothy Joseph Herrel (M: 65) George Leroy Hook (M: 67) Eugene Peter Kellogg (M: 64)
Francis Carmen Marino (M: 68) Robert Joseph Marx (M: 67) James Weldon Mitchell (M: 59)
Norman A Morrison (M: 62) Robert Williams Nesbit (M: 60) Pete Ortiz (M: 67)
Howard William Pickrel (M: 69) Thomas Alvin Wisdom (M: 70) Joe Hugh Ledbetter (M: 73)
Petronilo Sosa (M: 73) Alfonso Trevino Gracia (M: 78) Roger Henry Preble (M: 81)
Ryan Earl Durham (M: 21) Kenneth Lee Wilkinson (M: 82) Kenneth Alex Mills (M: 23)
Jason Paul Zeno (M: 33) Jerry Wayne Sumrall (M: 65) James Maulton Sanders (M: 59)
Burnis Brent Sanner (M: 56) Keith Steven Choitz (M: 52) John Luverne Stark (M: 83)
Dustin L Cornell (M: 26) James Earl Orr (M: 61) Gilbert Samir Latif (M: 32)
Hamme Reza Moghaddasnia (M: 32)



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