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All sex offender data currently in our database from Connecticut whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Connecticut sex offender information.

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Tarick J Ealy (M: 35) Joshua P Eannarino (M: 34) George Eason (M: 41)
James F Eason (M: 41) Juan M Eason (M: 48) Rex A Eason (M: 51)
James Frederick Eason (M: 41) Reginald Easter (M: 31) John T Eastman (M: 44)
Christopher S. Easton (M: 30) Elmer T Easton (M: 40) Frank Eastwood (M: 69)
Dennis B Eaton (M: 59) Burton R Ebersole (M: 41) Christopher G Eble (M: 37)
Curtiss R Ebron (M: 57) Carlos Echevarria (M: 29) Eli Echevarria (M: 53)
Jose A Echevarria (M: 36) Julian Echevarria (M: 47) Ricardo Echevarria (M: 48)
Ricardo Echevarria (M: 48) Samuel Echevarria (M: 40) Randal S Edenshaw (M: 31)
Harold L Edgerton (M: 60) Timothy Allen Edgett (M: 45) Timothy Edmonds (M: 33)
Ange Edward (M: 46) Ricardo Ernesto Edward (M: 26) Aaron Edwards (M: 45)
Barry Lynn Edwards (M: 53) Daniel William Edwards (M: 42) Daniel E Edwards (M: 45)
James Edwards (M: 44) Jeffrey Edwards (M: 49) Joseph Edwards (M: 45)
Joseph Michael Edwards (M: 57) Joseph C Edwards (M: 57) Lester Edwards (M: 41)
Michael Laron Edwards (M: 35) Neil J Edwards (M: 53) Odell Edwards (M: 35)
Paul N Edwards (M: 41) Robert Edwards (M: 32) Benjamin D Edwards (M: 29)
Harry Efstathiades (M: 53) Harry Efstathiades (M: 53) James Egan (M: 58)
Jason Vincent Egbert (M: 33) Christopher Jason Elam (M: 31) Nadia Sofia Elhaddad (F: 24)
Alfred R Elia (M: 67) Theodore Elkins (M: 65) Aaron J Ellerbe (M: 40)
Lawrence Elzy Elliott (M: 49) Gerald Elliott (M: 43) Fitz Stephen Ellis (M: 57)
Michael A Ellis (M: 39) Sean M Ellis (M: 34) William Ellis (M: 46)
Rhonda L Ellis (F: 38) Randy Scott Elwell (M: 50) Samuel E Ely (M: 40)
Luke Elyosius (M: 32) Walid Mohamad Elzoul (M: 29) Harold R Emery (M: 41)
Walter H Emmons (M: 53) Walter Harry Emmons (M: 53) Steven Encarnacion (M: 31)
Christopher Engle (M: 32) Robert J Engle (M: 73) William M Epps (M: 45)
Robert D. Erb (M: 68) Bruce Erdos (M: 54) Michael Erskine (M: 54)
Jesus Villa Ervin (M: 55) Angel David Escobales (M: 43) Robert Anthony Escobar (M: 46)
Ezequiel Escobosa (M: 27) Wallon Esperence (M: 39) Miguel Espino (M: 37)
Miguel Espino (M: 37) Andrew L Esposito (M: 66) Anthony Esposito (M: 42)
Arthur Esposito (M: 45) Jennifer Lynn Esposito (F: 45) Brian P Essency (M: 36)
Alan Lee Estey (M: 43) Erick Estrada (M: 48) Jose Estrada (M: 35)
Jose A Estrella (M: 32) Angel Estremera (M: 48) David R Etris (M: 62)
Anthony J. Ettison (M: 43) Neil T Eubank (M: 31) Neil Twohig Eubank (M: 31)
Barry A Evans (M: 49) Eldridge Willis Evans (M: 47) Jeffery Eugene Evans (M: 43)
Kenneth M Evans (M: 28) Michael J Evans (M: 47) Noel Thomas Evans (M: 38)
Randall E Evans (M: 49) Xavier Ikaika Evans (M: 26) Elias Everett (M: 79)
Jessie T Everett (M: 48) Jimmy Ray Everheart (M: 28) Jimmy Everheart (M: 28)



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Arizona Judge Katherine Cooper presided over a high profile case directly related to this website. Judge Katherine Coopers boyfriend Michael Kent Krause was listed on this very website during the entire case. Multiple judicial complaints and motions filed to remove Judge Katherine Cooper without success. Soon after this story aired Judge Katherine Cooper then disqualified herself from the case. Motions are now pending in superior court to unwind Judge Katherine Coopers mess, Judge Cooper denies that she knew her live in boyfriend was a felon, fugitive and a registered sex offender.  More details soon..