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All sex offender data currently in our database from Connecticut whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Connecticut sex offender information.

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Tarick J Ealy (M: 35) Joshua P Eannarino (M: 34) George Eason (M: 41)
James F Eason (M: 41) Juan M Eason (M: 48) Rex A Eason (M: 51)
James Frederick Eason (M: 41) Reginald Easter (M: 31) John T Eastman (M: 44)
Christopher S. Easton (M: 30) Elmer T Easton (M: 40) Frank Eastwood (M: 69)
Dennis B Eaton (M: 59) Burton R Ebersole (M: 41) Christopher G Eble (M: 37)
Curtiss R Ebron (M: 57) Carlos Echevarria (M: 29) Eli Echevarria (M: 53)
Jose A Echevarria (M: 36) Julian Echevarria (M: 47) Ricardo Echevarria (M: 48)
Ricardo Echevarria (M: 48) Samuel Echevarria (M: 40) Randal S Edenshaw (M: 31)
Harold L Edgerton (M: 60) Timothy Allen Edgett (M: 45) Timothy Edmonds (M: 33)
Ange Edward (M: 46) Ricardo Ernesto Edward (M: 26) Aaron Edwards (M: 45)
Barry Lynn Edwards (M: 53) Daniel William Edwards (M: 42) Daniel E Edwards (M: 45)
James Edwards (M: 44) Jeffrey Edwards (M: 49) Joseph Edwards (M: 45)
Joseph Michael Edwards (M: 57) Joseph C Edwards (M: 57) Lester Edwards (M: 41)
Michael Laron Edwards (M: 35) Neil J Edwards (M: 53) Odell Edwards (M: 35)
Paul N Edwards (M: 41) Robert Edwards (M: 32) Benjamin D Edwards (M: 29)
Harry Efstathiades (M: 53) Harry Efstathiades (M: 53) James Egan (M: 58)
Jason Vincent Egbert (M: 33) Christopher Jason Elam (M: 31) Nadia Sofia Elhaddad (F: 24)
Alfred R Elia (M: 67) Theodore Elkins (M: 65) Aaron J Ellerbe (M: 40)
Lawrence Elzy Elliott (M: 49) Gerald Elliott (M: 43) Fitz Stephen Ellis (M: 57)
Michael A Ellis (M: 39) Sean M Ellis (M: 34) William Ellis (M: 46)
Rhonda L Ellis (F: 38) Randy Scott Elwell (M: 50) Samuel E Ely (M: 40)
Luke Elyosius (M: 32) Walid Mohamad Elzoul (M: 29) Harold R Emery (M: 41)
Walter H Emmons (M: 53) Walter Harry Emmons (M: 53) Steven Encarnacion (M: 31)
Christopher Engle (M: 32) Robert J Engle (M: 73) William M Epps (M: 45)
Robert D. Erb (M: 68) Bruce Erdos (M: 54) Michael Erskine (M: 54)
Jesus Villa Ervin (M: 55) Angel David Escobales (M: 43) Robert Anthony Escobar (M: 46)
Ezequiel Escobosa (M: 27) Wallon Esperence (M: 39) Miguel Espino (M: 37)
Miguel Espino (M: 37) Andrew L Esposito (M: 66) Anthony Esposito (M: 42)
Arthur Esposito (M: 45) Jennifer Lynn Esposito (F: 45) Brian P Essency (M: 36)
Alan Lee Estey (M: 43) Erick Estrada (M: 48) Jose Estrada (M: 35)
Jose A Estrella (M: 32) Angel Estremera (M: 48) David R Etris (M: 62)
Anthony J. Ettison (M: 43) Neil T Eubank (M: 31) Neil Twohig Eubank (M: 31)
Barry A Evans (M: 49) Eldridge Willis Evans (M: 47) Jeffery Eugene Evans (M: 43)
Kenneth M Evans (M: 28) Michael J Evans (M: 47) Noel Thomas Evans (M: 38)
Randall E Evans (M: 49) Xavier Ikaika Evans (M: 26) Elias Everett (M: 79)
Jessie T Everett (M: 48) Jimmy Ray Everheart (M: 28) Jimmy Everheart (M: 28)



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