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All sex offender data currently in our database from Georgia whose last name begins with the letter I are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Georgia sex offender information.

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Thomas Jay Iams (M: 60) Gerardo Ibanez (M: 29) Jonthan Elliott Icard (M: 29)
David Lance Iglinsky (M: 34) Thomas Eugene Iler (M: 29) Ali Raza Ilyas (M: 34)
Enrique David Infante (M: 37) Ernest Lee Ingle (M: 60) Ernest Lee Ingle (M: 61)
Jimmy W Ingle (M: 61) William Chester Ingle (M: 59) Bruce Allison Inglett (M: 47)
Richard Dean Inglett (M: 43) Ronald Wayne Inglett (M: 65) Ronald Wayne Inglett (M: 64)
Charles Durwood Ingram (M: 53) Donald Ingram (M: 46) Gregory Allen Ingram (M: 62)
Gregory A Ingram (M: 61) Jeffery Allen Ingram (M: 31) Jerry Sewell Ingram (M: 47)
Jerry Sewell Ingram (M: 48) Jyreon Everette Ingram (M: 29) Michael Dewayne Ingram (M: 36)
Robert Lee Ingram (M: 38) Robert Dee Ingram (M: 33) Steven Wayne Ingram (M: 57)
Tommy Harold Ingram (M: 64) Tracy Ingram (M: 49) Tyrice Denard Ingram (M: 26)
William Ingram (M: 64) Mark Anthony Ingram (M: 43) Douglas Lamar Ingram (M: 57)
Dustin Grady Ingram (M: 28) Kenneth Dewayne Inman (M: 39) Robert Inman (M: 63)
Charles Thomas Inscho (M: 41) Charlie Thomas Inscho (M: 41) Richard David Inza (M: 27)
James Paul Iodice (M: 21) Robert Francis Iona (M: 41) Christopher Robert Ipock (M: 34)
Bernard Seth Irby (M: 55) James Tony Irby (M: 39) Elwood Ireland (M: 31)
Michael Allen Irick (M: 52) John Daryl Irwin (M: 70) William Paul Irwin (M: 52)
Kevin Gene Isaacs (M: 32) Edmundo Isas (M: 54) Terry Ishmael (M: 58)
Gerald Ishman (M: 31) Badar Ul Islam (M: 57) Pete Isley (M: 33)
Jeremiah Gregory Israel (M: 20) Alfred B Issaac (M: 43) Leroy Issac (M: 30)
Jose Mendoza Iturbide (M: 33) Billy Don Ivester (M: 54) Stephen Ivester (M: 46)
Aaron Ivey (M: 41) Arlin Ray Ivey (M: 58) Arlin Ray Ivey (M: 59)
Blaine Jacob Ivey (M: 22) Bobby Ivey (M: 58) Bobby Ivey (M: 58)
Frankie Ivey (M: 47) Leroy Thomas Ivey (M: 32) Lester Dale Ivey (M: 45)
Oscar Ivey (M: 39) Oscar Marion Ivey (M: 39) Randal Juan Ivey (M: 43)
Willie Ivey (M: 54) Rochelle Ivey (M: 37) Dennis Lee Ivey (M: 31)
Frankie Ivey (M: 48) Thomas James Ivie (M: 33) Milton Cortez Ivy-Oliver (M: 41)
Francisco Gabriel Izquierdo (M: 56) Angelino Izzo (F: 35)



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Arizona Judge Katherine Cooper presided over a high profile case directly related to this website. Judge Katherine Coopers boyfriend Michael Kent Krause was listed on this very website during the entire case. Multiple judicial complaints and motions filed to remove Judge Katherine Cooper without success. Soon after this story aired Judge Katherine Cooper then disqualified herself from the case. Motions are now pending in superior court to unwind Judge Katherine Coopers mess, Judge Cooper denies that she knew her live in boyfriend was a felon, fugitive and a registered sex offender.  More details soon..