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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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James E Kaegin (M: 40) Ronald Gene Kaiser (M: 54) Ronald G Kaiser (M: 54)
Steven Wayne Kaiser (M: 21) Steven Kamara (M: 28) Mark Edward Kanaske (M: 50)
Darrell Wayne Kanatzer (M: 41) Darrell W Kanatzer (M: 41) Justin Carl Kangas (M: 26)
Justin Carl Kangas (M: 26) Justin C Kangas (M: 26) Jason Lee Kanode (M: 37)
Danny Wayne Karr (M: 51) Benjamin Jacob Kasle (M: 24) William Boyd Kast (M: 48)
Gerald A Katz (M: 73) William Gerald Kaufman (M: 65) Cory Thomas Kavanaugh (M: 43)
Cory T Kavanaugh (M: 43) Victor Vincent Kavelish (M: 33) Michael Avery Kay (M: 58)
Michael Scott Kazmierski (M: 46) Michael Anthony Kean (M: 50) Regina Ann Kean (F: 44)
Regina A Kean (F: 44) David Brent Keathley (M: 42) David B Keathley (M: 42)
David Keck (M: 51) David Michael Keck (M: 51) William M Keefer (M: 58)
Danny Ray Keen (M: 57) Jody Keen (M: 52) Jody Keen (M: 52)
Michael Dean Keen (M: 59) Michael Dean Keen (M: 58) Michael D Keen (M: 58)
Jody Keen (M: 52) Danny R Keen (M: 57) Charles Bradley Keene (M: 39)
Charles B Keene (M: 39) Ralph Keene (M: 65) Jerry A Keene (M: 45)
Jerry Anthony Keene (M: 45) Jeff L Keeney (M: 46) Michael C Keeney (M: 56)
Jeff Lynn Keeney (M: 46) Michael Curtis Keeney (M: 56) Raymond Eugene Keeton (M: 44)
Roscoe James Keeton (M: 72) Floyd Keister (M: 54) Floyd E Keister (M: 54)
Kevin William Keith (M: 29) Otis Ray Keith (M: 77) Ricky Keith (M: 44)
Ricky D Keith (M: 44) Kevin W Keith (M: 29) Ricky D Keith (M: 44)
Chester Shannon Kelley (M: 40) Christopher Kevin Kelley (M: 53) Christopher Kevin Kelley (M: 53)
Travis Lee Kelley (M: 38) Wilson Eugene Kelley (M: 72) Vollie C Kelley (M: 75)
Chester S Kelley (M: 40) Vollie Calvin Kelley (M: 75) Kevin W Kelley (M: 29)
Matthew Vincent Kelley (M: 41) Brian Anthony Kelly (M: 36) Brian Anthony Kelly (M: 36)
Charles Browning Kelly (M: 33) Christopher Kevin Kelly (M: 52) Jeremiah James Kelly (M: 35)
Nicholas Paul Kelly (M: 32) Roger Dale Kelly (M: 57) Brian A Kelly (M: 36)
Charles B Kelly (M: 33) Mark C Kelly (M: 38) Roger D Kelly (M: 57)
Mark Christopher Alias Kelly (M: 38) Jay B Kelsey (M: 44) Jay Broderick Kelsey (M: 44)
William Randall Keltner (M: 38) William Randall Keltner (M: 38) Rudolph Michael Keltz (M: 60)
Therman (Nmn) Kemp (M: 56) Therman Kemp (M: 56) John Bradford Kemper (M: 48)
James Robert Kemplin (M: 26) James E Kempton (M: 57) James Earl Alias Kempton (M: 57)
Christopher D Kendall (M: 39) Corbitt Kendall (M: 80) Corbitt Kendall (M: 80)
Christopher Darrell Kendall (M: 39) Bobby Lee Kendrick (M: 28) Christopher Paul Kennedy (M: 39)
Gary Lee Kennedy (M: 61) Kevin Scott Kennedy (M: 35) William Carter Kennedy (M: 60)
Kevin S Kennedy (M: 35) Gary L Kennedy (M: 61) Roberto Antonio Kennedy (M: 49)
Mark Kennedy (M: 64) Joseph A Kent (M: 22) Ricky W Kenter (M: 43)
Xavier J Kenyatta (M: 52) Xavier J Kenyatta (M: 52) Terry Lee Keown (M: 32)
Terry L Keown (M: 32) Anthony William Keown (M: 51) Darrell Wayne Kerney (M: 52)
Darrell Kerney (M: 52) Gregory L Kerns (M: 51) Gregory L Kerns (M: 51)
Tony Patrick Kersh (M: 56) Tony P Kersh (M: 56) Richard Kersting (M: 64)
James Kessinger (M: 51) Tony A Kessinger (M: 39) Tony A Alias Kessinger (M: 39)
Michael Dean Kester (M: 41) Artis Ray Ketron (M: 40) Otis Ralph Ketron (M: 57)
Otis R Ketron (M: 56) Otis R Ketron (M: 57) Demetrius Dewayne Key (M: 33)
Jay Derwin Key (M: 43) Richard A Key (M: 44) Richard Anthony Key (M: 44)
William Gordon Key (M: 63) Demetrius D Key (M: 33) Michael Allen Keys (M: 36)
Levan D Keyser (M: 34) Tarrig Khaleel (M: 43) Phanat Khampadith (M: 25)
F B Kidd (M: 69) Jerry Franklin Kidd (M: 48) Michael David Kidd (M: 44)
Jerry F Kidd (M: 48) F B Kidd (M: 69) Mark Allen Kidwell (M: 33)
Nathan Mitchell Kidwell (M: 57) Nathan M Kidwell (M: 57) Raymond Theodore Kiefer Jr (M: 64)
Christopher Albert Kifer (M: 41) James Kirsten Kight (M: 42) Jeffrey M Kilbey (M: 52)
Jeffrey M Kilbey (M: 52) Jeffrey M Kilbey (M: 52) Odell Kilburn (M: 59)
Odell Kilburn (M: 59) Darrell Lee Kilgore (M: 55) Darrell L Kilgore (M: 55)
Jason Lamont Killebrew (M: 36) Jason L Killebrew (M: 36) Trevor Allen Killey (M: 46)
Charles Field Killian (M: 52) Charles F Killian (M: 52) Jo Hyoung Kim (M: 48)
Stephen Kimberland (M: 50) Antonio Gleen Kimberlin (M: 26) Clarence Kimbrough (M: 59)
Roger Lee Kimmel (M: 39) Henry Aaron Kimmons (M: 56) Henry A Kimmons (M: 56)
William Joseph Kincade (M: 48) William J Kincade (M: 48) Gary Lynn Kincaid (M: 39)
Jerry Wayne Kincaid (M: 67) David J Kincaid (M: 38) Jerry W Kincaid (M: 67)
Gary L Kincaid (M: 39) David Joseph Kincaid (M: 38) Nicki Maurice Kincheloe (M: 57)
Nicki M Kincheloe (M: 57) Jeremy Edward Kindall (M: 23) Joseph Wayne Kinder (M: 23)
Bradley Eugene King (M: 33) Carl K King (M: 62) Chad Elliot King (M: 33)
Charles Stanton King (M: 44) Claude Burford King (M: 60) David Wayne King (M: 34)
David Wayne King (M: 34) Earl David King (M: 33) Henry Lee King (M: 72)
Jeffrey Stuart King (M: 51) John Allen King (M: 71) John William King (M: 49)
Johnny Carl King (M: 64) Jonathan Glenn King (M: 35) Marneda Gayle King (F: 50)
Maurice Dallas King (M: 60) Michael Curtis King (M: 57) Murrell Issac King (M: 55)
Norman Michael King (M: 56) Paul Harry King (M: 69) Roger King (M: 54)
Teddy Mayes King (M: 66) Wesley Dale King (M: 50) William Dean King (M: 37)
Earl D King (M: 33) Kelly R King (M: 34) Chad E King (M: 33)
Claude B King (M: 60) Paul H King (M: 69) Henry L King (M: 72)
John A King (M: 71) Roger D King (M: 54) David W King (M: 34)
Teddy M King (M: 66) Melvin J King (M: 42) Jonathan G King (M: 35)
Johnny C King (M: 64) Michael C King (M: 57) Carl K Alias King (M: 62)
Norman M King (M: 56) Jeffrey S King (M: 51) Maurice D King (M: 60)
Russell W King (M: 57) Samuel Joseph King (M: 39) Roger Stephen King (M: 26)
Samuel Kinman (M: 80) William Anthony Kinnard (M: 49) Ricky A Kinnard (M: 41)
William A Kinnard (M: 49) Phillip Michael Kinne (M: 30) Ike Kinnison (M: 46)
Dustin Ray Kinser (M: 27) Eric James Kinser (M: 27) Dustin R Kinser (M: 27)
Terry Lemont Kinslow (M: 44) Clarence Kirby (M: 52) Richard Stanley Kirby (M: 66)
Clarence Kirby (M: 52) Allen Millard Kirby (M: 33) Jonathon Antonio Kirk (M: 24)
Levon Watts Kirk (M: 36) Paul Loiwes Kirk (M: 48) Vernon Michael Kirk (M: 39)
William Wayne Kirk (M: 68) William Wayne Kirk (M: 71) Paul L Kirk (M: 48)
Jonathon A Kirk (M: 24) George Kirkman (M: 47) David Allen Kirkpatrick (M: 59)
Daniel Boyd Kiser (M: 49) Jeffery Allan Kiser (M: 27) Jeffrey A Kiser (M: 27)
Michael John Kitchen (M: 31) Roderick Alan Klampe (M: 52) Robb E Kline (M: 26)
Kenneth Eugene Knapp (M: 64) Franklin D Knecht (M: 65) Gale Dean Kniffen (M: 76)
Aaron Michael Knight (M: 30) David L Knight (M: 49) James Michael Knight (M: 60)
Patrick Thomas Knight (M: 50) Ronald Luten Knight (M: 46) David L Knight (M: 49)
Patrick T Knight (M: 50) Jason Wayne Knight (M: 31) Anthony Paul Knowland (M: 26)
Brandon Devon Knox (M: 25) Jason Eugene Knudsen (M: 37) Craig Thomas Kobylarz (M: 33)
Michael Lee Kochersperger (M: 43) Thomas Edward Koenigstein (M: 61) Robert E Kohlhoff (M: 72)
Robert Emil Kohloff (M: 72) Steven James Konscol (M: 42) Steven J Konscol (M: 42)
Larry Koralia (M: 44) Larry J Koralia (M: 44) Brian Daniel Kraemer (M: 54)
Brian D Kraemer (M: 54) Raymond Howard Kraft (M: 36) Matthew Robert Krajewski (M: 35)
Donald Leroy Kramer (M: 50) Duane Allen Kraus (M: 43) Karl Kraus (M: 57)
Karl Kraus (M: 57) Karl Kraus (M: 57) Edward E Krebs (M: 50)
Flynn R Kreienbrink-Thompson (M: 24) Michael Neal Kreke (M: 60) Raymond George Kreps (M: 46)
Rebecca Dawn Krieger-Burden (F: 35) Douglas Kroeger (M: 70) Derrick Wayne Krystynak (M: 28)
Derrick W Krystynak (M: 28) Danny S Kuhl (M: 52) Zachary Edward Kuhlman (M: 32)
Gary Marshall Kuhn (M: 63) Mark Allen Kuhn (M: 28) Mark A Kuhn (M: 28)
Matthew Allen Kuhnen (M: 29) Michael David Kuhr (M: 40) Michael D Kuhr (M: 40)
Michelle Kay Kush (F: 36) Michelle K Kush (F: 36) Jacob Kyle (M: 55)
Jacob W Kyle (M: 55) Bobby Eugene Kyles (M: 27) Bobby E Kyles (M: 27)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH