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All sex offender data currently in our database from Massachusetts whose last name begins with the letter L are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Massachusetts sex offender information.

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Richard R Lablue (M: 42) Richard Labonte Jr (M: 63) Leo L Labrake (M: 65)
Marcel W Labrie (M: 45) Steven Labrie (M: 52) William Labrie (M: 56)
Daniel Chatham Labumbard (M: 42) Joseph A Lacaprucia (M: 64) Jeremy Franklin Lacey (M: 33)
Jeremy Franklin Lacey (M: 33) Howard C Lacey (M: 31) James Ernest Lachapelle (M: 57)
Mark L Lacivita (M: 56) Stephen F Lacombe (M: 52) Donald P. Lacourse (M: 45)
David W Lacouture (M: 50) Mark K Lacross (M: 54) Mark K Lacross (M: 54)
Gary Joseph Ladue (M: 55) William S Lafauci (M: 57) Christopher Albert Laflamme (M: 45)
Patrick Michael Laflamme (M: 38) Robert Ernest Laflamme (M: 47) Gerald M Lafleur (M: 52)
Raymond F Lafleur (M: 59) Ronald Lafleur (M: 44) Carl Lawrence Laflin (M: 40)
Nicholas Adam Laflin (M: 27) Francisco Lafontaine (M: 47) Paul A Laforte (M: 49)
Gerard Joseph Lafortune (M: 52) John Lafrance (M: 66) Louis J Lafrance (M: 73)
Mark Raymond Lafrance (M: 48) Brian Edward Lafrennie (M: 25) Mark A Lafrennie (M: 54)
Robert Leo Lagasse (M: 42) Vincent Kin Lai (M: 40) Daniel M Lak (M: 58)
Christopher J Lake (M: 35) William J Laliberte (M: 47) Gerard Lalonde (M: 58)
Cory R Lambert (M: 36) Kevin R Lambert (M: 46) Joseph Lambright (M: 41)
Peter Paul Lamonda (M: 55) Robert J Lamontagne (M: 53) William R Lamontagne (M: 46)
Richard J Lamothe (M: 42) Robert James Lamothe (M: 45) Andre Robert Lamoureux (M: 37)
Richard C Lampron (M: 39) Karle Merton Lamson (M: 64) James F Land (M: 29)
John C Landolfi (M: 52) John Wayne Landry (M: 50) Ralph J Landry (M: 54)
David Gregory Lane (M: 36) Zachary L Lane (M: 54) John Timothy Lane (M: 43)
Michael J Lane (M: 41) Nathan Lang (M: 63) James E Langille (M: 56)
Paul R Langlois (M: 49) Mark A Langmead (M: 46) Eddie L Lanham (M: 39)
Thomas J Lanigan (M: 58) John J Lanning (M: 61) Erick S Lans (M: 44)
Floyd Daniel Lantron (M: 53) Henry A Lapan (M: 51) Mark James Laperle (M: 47)
Joseph Laplante (M: 44) Robert E Laplante (M: 54) Henry J Laplante (M: 48)
John J Lapointe (M: 54) Mark M Lareau (M: 52) James Larimore (M: 58)
Michael Lynn Larkin (M: 55) William C Larkin (M: 67) Roderic D Larocque (M: 71)
Christopher Michael Larson (M: 37) Derek C Larson (M: 42) Jody Guy Lasalle (M: 42)
Alan Lash (M: 48) Harold Latour (M: 43) James Lattimore Jr (M: 69)
Steve Laurent (M: 39) Peter Joseph Laurent (M: 53) St Peter Joseph Laurent (M: 53)
Paul W Lavalle (M: 47) Anthony Thomas Lavely (M: 68) Richard Roger Lavigne (M: 71)
Donald Lavoie (M: 70) Paul L Lavoie (M: 66) Randolph M Lavoie (M: 65)
Roger David Lavoie (M: 69) Chad David Lawler (M: 34) Edward J Lawn (M: 66)
Charles E Lawrence (M: 47) Roger W Laws (M: 56) Willie E Lawson (M: 52)
Danny Lee Lawson (M: 55) Jose M Lazu (M: 43) David E Leach (M: 48)
Patrick A Leary (M: 59) Charles Francis Leason (M: 28) Armand Leblanc (M: 65)
Glenn James Leblanc (M: 46) Gregory A Leblanc (M: 57) Michael P Leblanc (M: 54)
Robert L Leblanc (M: 44) James Allen Leblanc (M: 56) Donald C Leboeuf (M: 69)
Scott B Leboeuf (M: 50) Jason Alan Lebreton (M: 32) Jason A Lebreton (M: 32)
Mark S Lebron (M: 37) Rodney Lechert (M: 66) Anthony Arthur Leclair (M: 60)
Robert W Lecuyer (M: 72) Harold R Leduc (M: 59) Donald R Leduc (M: 39)
Henry Lee (M: 55) Jesse Richard Lee (M: 45) Michael Lee (M: 34)
Charles Lee (M: 57) Arnold E Van Leer (M: 34) Eric Scott Lefavour (M: 29)
Gordon Warren Lefavour (M: 69) Edward Lefebvre (M: 81) Roland E Lefebvre (M: 73)
Raymond J Lefebvre (M: 45) Jimmy Ray Legate (M: 57) Jimmy Rae Legate (M: 57)
Lawrence G Leger (M: 76) Michael G Lehman (M: 56) Ronald R Lehouillier (M: 49)
Jerold L Leininger (M: 61) Charles David Lema (M: 49) John Lemar (M: 71)
Thomas C Lemay (M: 63) Bernard L Lemere (M: 73) Christopher Randy Lemonde (M: 29)
Stephen Blaine Lemons (M: 57) Stephen Blane Lemons (M: 52) Joaquin J Lemus (M: 59)
Mark Dana Lender (M: 50) Michael Leoney (M: 49) Robert E Lesage (M: 72)
Richard O Letendre (M: 39) Justin J Levasseur (M: 25) William J Levering (M: 32)
Maurice R Levesque (M: 79) Christopher Lewicki (M: 40) Bruce Lewis (M: 53)
Christopher Edward Lewis (M: 42) Douglas A Lewis (M: 45) Gerry A Lewis (M: 55)
Jason P Lewis (M: 33) John A Lewis (M: 55) Joseph Daniel Lewis (M: 36)
Mathew Lewis (M: 30) Robert Craig Lewis (M: 46) Spencer J Lewis (M: 51)
Victor Maurice Lewis (M: 54) Jason Lamar Lewis (M: 25) Israel Paul Lewis (M: 40)
Wilfredo Leyro (M: 30) Mark Allan Lheureux (M: 38) Brian Libby (M: 45)
Michael D Liberge (M: 49) Mark Robert Lichenstein (M: 52) Jack Lieber (M: 59)
Robert B Lightfoot (M: 52) Edward Brian Lignelli (M: 53) Roy Steven Limbaugh (M: 59)
Jeffrey D Lincoln (M: 34) John P Lincoln (M: 55) Damaso L Lind (M: 62)
Corey Alan Lindgren (M: 48) Gust Lindgren (M: 45) Edward Joseph Lindsay (M: 45)
Eugene Edward Lindsay (M: 65) Francis James Lindsay (M: 69) Peter Clive Line (M: 46)
John F Linnehan (M: 53) Cory Linnell (M: 33) Curtis H Linnell (M: 45)
Kevin G Linnell (M: 48) Richard Linney (M: 34) Lawrence Lipker (M: 64)
Peter Ralph Lippens (M: 68) Steven Thomas Lipscomb (M: 45) Mariano Liriano (M: 53)
Chad Raymond Lischkge (M: 41) Jeffrey William Little (M: 56) Clyde Harding Littlewood (M: 57)
Dana G Livesey (M: 64) Bruce A Lloyd (M: 36) Robert P Lloyd (M: 46)
Starr H Lloyd (M: 44) Allen Wayne Locke (M: 63) Robert Paul Locke (M: N/A)
Isaiah Lockett (M: 24) James Lendell Locklear (M: 56) James L Locklear (M: 56)
Leonard J Loftus (M: 69) Joseph Loguidice (M: 47) Raymond Loiselle (M: 80)
Joseph Lomba (M: 53) Frank Lombard (M: 65) Jason M Lombardi (M: 38)
Frederick P Lomberto (M: 29) Frederick L Longston (M: 51) John Looney (M: 51)
Igor J Lopes (M: 31) Paul Lopes (M: 37) Reinaldo Pereira Lopes (M: 51)
Igor J Lopes (M: 25) Carlos Lopez (M: 58) David Lopez (M: 51)
Eric Lopez (M: 24) Miguel A Lopez (M: 46) Moise N Lopez (M: 44)
Omar Lopez (M: 34) Pablo Lopez (M: 28) Rafael Lopez (M: 63)
Reynaldo Lopez (M: 29) Shaunte Diostado Lopez (M: 26) Andres Lopez (M: 32)
Kenny Lopez (M: 39) Edwin Lopez (M: 29) Gary Alan Lopez (M: 62)
Miguel A Lopez (M: 27) Milton William Lopez-Ortiz (M: 32) David B Lord (M: 51)
James Lord (M: 45) Lloyd H Loring (M: 72) Dennis D Losee (M: 45)
Phillip C Lotterhand (M: 29) Kevin Michael Loughman (M: 43) Lawrence Louhisdon (M: 34)
Kenneth Morris Louis (M: 42) Matthew F Louis (M: 33) Boo Boo Louis (M: 36)
Howard Gene Lounsbury (M: 51) Charles Lovejoy (M: 28) Jeffrie Holmes Lovell (M: 60)
Ryan Eric Lovell (M: 29) James Albert Lowe (M: 59) Keith Travis Lowell (M: 39)
Walter Lowell (M: 36) John Edward Loyer (M: 43) Richard Paul Lucas (M: 59)
Stephen H Lucier (M: 50) Frank H Luckiewicz (M: 56) Kevin R Ludwig (M: 44)
Ruben Lugo (M: 58) Kenyatta Lumpkin (M: 37) John Luna (M: 34)
George Roy Lund (M: 63) Joseph W Lunnin (M: 67) Albert W Lush (M: 78)
Shawn R Lussier (M: 45) Robert A Luz (M: 61) Jason M Luzitano (M: 37)
Richard J Lydon (M: 37) Charles Lyman (M: 36) James E Lyman (M: 38)
Courtney P Lynch (M: 32) John F Lynch (M: 65) Robert K Lynch (M: 55)
Jeff Lynes (M: 41) Gregory Lyon (M: 31) James P Lyons (M: 52)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH