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All sex offender data currently in our database from North Dakota whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search North Dakota sex offender information.

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Andre Bailey (M: 45) Randy Joe Baker (M: 36) David Bryon Baker (M: 54)
Robert Baldwin (M: 53) Frank Acevedo Banda (M: 61) David Raymond Barrera (M: 53)
Larry Eugene Bartok (M: 46) Marcus Trevor Bartole (M: 26) Jeffrey Scott Bateman (M: 36)
Albert Edward Bath (M: 44) Patrick James Baugh (M: 58) Jerry Lee Bay (M: 63)
Eldon Wayne Bayless (M: 51) Robert James Beauchamp (M: 57) Richard Clifton Beaumont (M: 34)
Brian Lance Beeler (M: 45) Maurice James Belgarde (M: 65) Marvin Bell (M: 62)
Marvin Bell (M: 60) Matthew J Bell (M: 36) Kyle Kenneth Bell (M: 44)
Pete Mendoza Benavidez (M: 58) Pete Mendoza Benavidez (M: 58) Jesse Martin Bendickson (M: 29)
James Carnelius Benimon (M: 31) James Cornelous Benimon (M: 31) Scott Allen Bergseth (M: 34)
Dustin Miles Besler (M: 30) Clay Beston (M: 30) Scott Lloyd Bethke (M: 41)
Gordon Jay Bishop (M: 33) Roy Lee Bishop (M: 42) James Arne Bjarko (M: 81)
Robert Gordon Bjornstad (M: 35) Steven L Blair (M: 38) Steven Lavell Blair (M: 38)
William C Bluedog (M: 32) Herbert Dennis Blueshield (M: 76) Joshua Michael Boespflug (M: 24)
Dennis William Boles (M: 48) Jacob T Borntreger (M: 24) Chad Leon Boroff (M: 41)
Charles Kenneth Brady (M: 34) Samuel Leon Brammer (M: 31) Brian James Brandner (M: 26)
Roland Joseph Brant (M: 57) Kristopher Allen Breding (M: 26) Liberty Cash Briley (M: 36)
Clifford Hill Brooks (M: 41) Roy William Brooks (M: 46) Dante Lamon Brown (M: 34)
James Michael Brown (M: 34) Jason A Brown (M: 36) Joseph Leslie Brown (M: 60)
Roberta Lee Brown (F: 33) Billy Dean Brown (M: 34) Gale Lee Bruce (M: 57)
Nathaniel Allen Brule (M: 33) Blaine William Brunelle (M: 26) Douglas Earl Bryant (M: 59)
Shane Buck (M: 39) Shane Richard Buck (M: 39) Jason Michael Buckley (M: 26)
Bradley James Buller (M: 22) Steven Nathan Burch (M: 39) Christopher Anthony Burke (M: 45)
James Frederick Burnfield (M: 43) James F Burnfield (M: 43) Scott Alan Butsch (M: 31)
Raphael August Byzewski (M: 39) August Raphael Byzewski (M: 39)



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