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All sex offender data currently in our database from New Mexico whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search New Mexico sex offender information.

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Alfred Babb (M: 45) Dale John Babin (M: 48) Anthony Leroy Baca (M: 49)
Benjamin Alex Baca (M: 44) Celestino Horton Baca (M: 69) Dennis Richard Baca (M: 43)
Donava Baca (M: 39) Eligio Bonefacio Baca (M: 66) Gabriel Ernest Baca (M: 27)
John K Baca (M: 79) Magdaleno David Baca (M: 38) Magdaleno D Baca (M: 38)
Marco James Baca (M: 30) Margarito Frank Baca (M: 27) Phillip Herman Baca (M: 49)
Steve Baca (M: 42) Victor Esquivel Baca (M: 35) Nathaniel Ruben Baca (M: 39)
David Leon Bacoccini (M: 51) Eddie Bahe (M: 53) Otis Jesse Bailey (M: 69)
Gary Ray Bailey (M: 58) Michael Lamar Bailey (M: 33) Vincent Bailon (M: 40)
William Howard Baker (M: 61) Larry Larry Baldanado (M: 56) Ernie Leroy Baldonado (M: 54)
Julian Roger Baldonado (M: 60) Junior Baldwin (M: 57) Raymond Baldwin (M: 52)
Joe Nathan Ball (M: 45) Joseph Ballantyne (M: 52) Fredrick Melvin Ballard (M: 54)
Patricia Ann Ballard (F: 53) Richard Joseph Balluff (M: 75) Jeremy Gerard Banks (M: 37)
Patrick Baptiste (M: 52) Roy C Barajas (M: 64) Patrick Dennis Barber (M: 39)
Arthur Eugene Bard (M: 76) Jean Paul A Barela (M: 39) Jesus Barela (M: 56)
Joe David Barela (M: 61) Louie Abelino Barela (M: 30) Lupe Serna Barela (M: 69)
Lupe Xavier Barela (M: 47) Manuel Barela (M: 26) Rene Anthony Barela (M: 41)
Rene A Barela (M: 41) Frank Charles Barendse (M: 61) David Leroy Barker (M: 70)
Jonathon David Barncastle (M: 25) Russell Scott Barnes (M: 41) Jimmy Carroll Barnett (M: 78)
William J Barnett (M: 65) Wilson Barney (M: 83) Glen Harold Barnhart (M: 37)
Santiago Baros (M: 40) David Kevin Barr (M: 48) Robert Nick Barra (M: 55)
Mauricio Barragan (M: 60) Alan Barraza (M: 29) Theodore Roosevelt Barrett (M: 36)
Theodore Roosevelt Barrett (M: 36) Delbert Joseph Barrett (M: 44) Juan Barron-Valles (M: 50)
Dino R Barros (M: 43) Jerry Barnell Barton (M: 59) Loo Barton (M: 42)
John Albert Bassett (M: 38) David K Bates (M: 27) David Karr Bates (M: 28)
Michael Wayne Bates (M: 43) Kerry Duanne Bates (M: 49) Steven Manuel Bath (M: 47)
David Allen Battenberg (M: 47) Troy Douglas Bauer (M: 45) Darrell Glenn Baxter (M: 61)
Billy Jack Baxter (M: 59) Jeremy Matthew Baxter (M: 24) Kevin Lynn Beach (M: 33)
Lester John Beal (M: 46) Thomas Wilfred Bean (M: 67) Shane Larue Beard (M: 52)
Raymond Guy Beasley (M: 66) Kyle David Becenti (M: 35) Fransico Javier Becerra (M: 61)
Lewis Emtero Becerra (M: 56) Clayton Beck (M: 56) Charles Lowell Beddoe (M: 61)
John Francis Beecher (M: 66) Richard A Beer (M: 40) Alex Begay (M: 54)
Anthony George Begay (M: 28) Brian Dean Begay (M: 43) David Thomas Begay (M: 55)
Earl Fabian Begay (M: 47) Jo Jo Begay (M: 38) Kirk Keith Begay (M: 24)
Ryan Lance Begay (M: 23) Toby Michael Begay (M: 55) Jasper Begay (M: 41)
Darrell Dean Begay (M: 39) Albert James Begay (M: 79) Dennis Harrison Begay (M: 69)
Paul Etcitty Begay (M: 63) Ambrose Eaglefeather Begaye (M: 30) Brian Tyson Begaye (M: 33)
Steven Donald Begaye (M: 42) Cimarron Beletso (M: 37) Nathaniel Beletso (M: 27)
Richard Lee Belk (M: 46) George Russell Bell (M: 65) Ryan James Bell (M: 37)
Lawrence Bell (M: 46) Gregory Gene Bellas (M: 51) James Belone (M: 57)
Donald Belt (M: 40) John Larry Bemus (M: 62) Allister Christopher Benally (M: 30)
Chavez D Benally (M: 60) Delbert Danny Benally (M: 51) Glen Willie Benally (M: 58)
Kirk Benally (M: 40) Tyrone Benally (M: 38) Valentino Benavides (M: 38)
Daniel Benavidez (M: 63) Joseph Arthur Benavidez (M: 44) Joseph Paul Benavidez (M: 29)
Patrick Joel Benavidez (M: 33) Ruben Leonard Benavidez (M: 46) Joe Campos Benavidez (M: 54)
Vincent Keith Benavidez (M: 38) Kenneth Benes (M: 65) Daniel Lister Benge (M: 55)
Marcos Felipe Benites (M: 34) John Norman Bennett (M: 72) Marty D Bennett (M: 30)
Marty Dean Bennett (M: 30) Jesse James Benson (M: 34) David George Bentley (M: 41)
John Benyi (M: 63) John Joseph Benyi (M: 62) Jose Luis Bermudez (M: 59)
Raymond Michael Bernal (M: 56) Robert Joseph Bernal (M: 73) Raul Amancio Bernal (M: 37)
Daniel Max Berry (M: 48) Kevin Wayne Bertrand (M: 36) Geary L Bethke (M: 59)
Pratt Lee Betonie (M: 52) John David Betts (M: 29) Bruce Dennison Beyal (M: 74)
Donald D Beystrum (M: 79) Troy Wayne Bible (M: 50) Jeffery D Biddle (M: 31)
Mark Andrew Bidwell (M: 32) Presley Kevin Biggers (M: 52) Daniel Lewis Bigleggins (M: 41)
Raymond Thomas Bigman (M: 44) Mitchell Paul Bilke (M: 62) Ethan Curt Billie (M: 29)
Blossom Rosanna Billie (F: 35) Aaron Eugene Bills (M: 28) Micheal Harris Billy (M: 33)
Richard Archie Billy (M: 50) Rufus Billy (M: 42) Wilson Billy (M: 56)
Paul John Binfield (M: 35) Richard Bruce Birchell (M: 51) Steven Eric Bishop (M: 44)
Michael Dewayne Bisted (M: 55) Robert Dale Bitner (M: 45) Jonathan Irvin Bitsilly (M: 50)
Kenneth Bitsilly (M: 44) Robert Milton Bitsui (M: 55) Dennis Lee Black (M: 62)
Kelly Wayne Black (M: 42) Richard James Black (M: 59) Elmer Peter Blackcloud (M: 59)
Kevin Blackgoat (M: 35) Peter Hosteen Blackhorse (M: 46) Adam Frank Blackman (M: 47)
Larry Dewayne Blackwell (M: 55) Jeffery Scott Blaisure (M: 49) Lee Edward Blanco (M: 55)
Ambrose Robert Blea (M: 39) Billy Blea (M: 58) Shannon Cal Blood (M: 27)
Randolph Stephen Bloom (M: 61) James Edward Bloomfield (M: 49) Benjamin Paul Bobe (M: 57)
Derek Scott Boberg (M: 24) John Michael Bodenheimer (M: 50) Troy Boettger (M: 46)
Lonnie Neal Boggs (M: 62) Harry Wayne Boggus (M: 68) Clayton Edward Bolton (M: 41)
Clayton Edward Bolton (M: 41) Todd Allen Bone (M: 45) Dwight Allen Bonnell (M: 51)
Earle Marion Boone (M: 49) Sylvester Delbert Boone (M: 43) Alan Ernest Borchert (M: 77)
Gary Lee Borja (M: 24) Joseph Fay Borman (M: 37) William Borne (M: 48)
Wilfred Kenneth Borrego (M: 50) Albert Chavez Borunda (M: 62) Richard Joseph Bosler (M: 49)
Daniel Leonard Boston (M: 52) Gabriel Botello (M: 48) Daniel Victor Boucher (M: 32)
Donald Alan Boulden (M: 55) Bernard Donald Boward (M: 69) Phillip Kendall Bowen (M: 75)
Phillip Bowen (M: 75) Lloyd Wayne Box (M: 49) Jason Allen Boy (M: 27)
Johnny Marshall Boyce (M: 48) Danny Lee Boyd (M: 64) Jamie Alan Boyd (M: 34)
Bobby John Boyd (M: 44) Bryon Bradford Boyd (M: 39) Andre Maurice Boyer (M: 40)
Charles Michael Bracken (M: 54) Donald Allen Bradford (M: 57) Stephen Edward Bradford (M: 52)
Wayne Herbert Bradford (M: 70) Crel W. Bradley (M: 64) Danny Ray Bradley (M: 37)
Eric Deshaun Branch (M: 37) Kent Louis Branch (M: 42) Isaac Eugene Branch (M: 42)
Michael Lonnie Bratcher (M: 51) Johnny Ray Brazeal (M: 29) Paul Lynn Braziel (M: 50)
Charles Randolph Breckon (M: 72) Thomas Gregory Bremer (M: 43) Michael Stanley Breneiser (M: 72)
Brandon Dale Brenizer (M: 36) Charlie Will Brewer (M: 64) Charles Will Brewer (M: 64)
James Lee Brewer (M: 32) Jack Arthur Bricker (M: 82) John Wayne Bride (M: 37)
John Bridle (M: 41) James Toby O Brien (M: 33) Jack E Briggs (M: 51)
Casey Arnold Brim (M: 46) David Roland Briones (M: 60) Aundra K Britt (M: 55)
David Anthony Brock (M: 56) Arthur Robert Brokop (M: 32) Clifton Wayne Brooker (M: 47)
Brandon Jammar Brooks (M: 21) Gerald Brooks (M: 44) Robert Charles Broome (M: 52)
Charles Zane Brothers (M: 43) Kit Charles Brouse (M: 59) Benjamin John Brown (M: 70)
Billy Darnell Brown (M: 57) Dale Lamar Brown (M: 50) Edward Chubby Brown (M: 33)
Eugene R Brown (M: 67) Hubert Lee Brown (M: 52) Keith Raymond Brown (M: 44)
Lester Mack Brown (M: 53) Mark Douglas Brown (M: 47) Michael Israel Brown (M: 37)
Travis Kyle Brown (M: 25) Jimmy Larry Brown (M: 46) Martin Warren Brown (M: 61)
Jefferey Shaun Brown (M: 28) Tyrone Bruce (M: 35) Christopher Dean Brumett (M: 35)
Christopher Dean Brumett (M: 35) Roger Alan Brunelle (M: 61) Peter Walter Bruns (M: 53)
David Wayne Bruton (M: 47) Robert Allen Buckner (M: 61) Kenneth Leon Bullard (M: 55)
Loren Burch (M: 39) Steven Nathan Burch (M: 39) Steven Nathan Burch (M: 39)
James Lynn Burgess (M: 59) Jonathan Clark Burk (M: 45) Elmer Ray Burke (M: 61)
Henderson Earl Burke (M: 43) Gary A Burks (M: 46) Joshua Nathan Burnett (M: 46)
Brandon Glenn Burns (M: 39) Dennis Wayne Burns (M: 59) John Michael Burrell (M: 45)
John Henry Burson (M: 79) Darryl Dean Burt (M: 49) Raymond Edwin Burton (M: 56)
Kelvin Dewayne Bushwig (M: 39) Christian Uilesses Bustillos (M: 23) Joseph Lino Bustos (M: 44)
Brandon Eugene Butcher (M: 31) Douglas Wayne Butler (M: 58) Thomas Alan Butler (M: 49)
Edward Nolan Butler (M: 53) Ralph Peter Buttner (M: 46) Jay Wayne Byler (M: 27)
Gerald Donald Lynn Byrd (M: 38) Richard Lee Byrd (M: 51) Lawrence Byrd (M: 63)



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