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All sex offender data currently in our database from Oklahoma whose last name begins with the letter O are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Oklahoma sex offender information.

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Kenneth Duane Oages (M: 50) Kennth Duane Oages (M: N/A) Thomas Eugene Oakes (M: 40)
William J Oakes (M: 30) William James Oakes (M: 30) Denman Edward Oakes (M: 64)
Thomas E Oakes (M: 40) Michael Lee Oaks (M: 65) James Allen Oberry (M: 52)
Joseph Andrew Obrochta (M: 65) Dion Jason Ochoa (M: 42) Eduardo Ochoa (M: 46)
Jesus Alberto Ochoa (M: 29) Jeffery Bryan Ochoa (M: 39) David Patrick Oconnors (M: 45)
Hillard Odd (M: 47) Melvin Lee Oden (M: 49) Donald George Oden (M: 48)
Doyl C Odom (M: 63) Steven Gray Oechsner (M: 58) Paul Everett Ofarrell (M: 36)
Dennis Allen Ogan (M: 66) Dallas Paul Oglesby (M: 70) Loren G Ogletree (M: 64)
Sandie Ohagan (F: 36) John Leslie Okerson (M: 46) Danny Ross Okert (M: 31)
Danny Ross Okert (M: 31) Danny Ross Okert (M: 30) Fausto Palis Olayres (M: 40)
Earchel L Oldham (M: 53) Paul Holmes Oleary (M: 49) Billy Ray Olenick (M: 33)
Manuel Olguin (M: 38) James W. Oliphant (M: 68) Walter Dale Oliphant (M: 19)
Carlos R Oliva-Serrano (M: 49) Ardell Sue Olivarez (F: 22) James Lee Oliver (M: 46)
Kameron Desol Oliver (M: 28) Karen Rose Oliver (F: 38) Michael Lee Oliver (M: 55)
Michael Lee Oliver (M: 55) Patrick A Oliver (M: 27) Julian Oliver (M: 68)
James Edward Olson (M: 47) Thomas J Oneal (M: 50) Augustus Trouble Oneal (M: 61)
Donald Jay Oneal (M: 56) Rodney Trois Ootton (M: 45) Rodney Trois Ootton (M: 45)
Andrew Michael Orange (M: 30) Dennis Harvey Orcutt (M: 64) Randy Stuart Orgill (M: 35)
Brock Allen Orman (M: 51) Richard William Ormsby (M: 32) Jesus Valenzuela Orosco (M: 86)
Sean Gregory Orourke (M: 41) Sean Gregory Orourke (M: 41) Kenneth David Orozco (M: 36)
Kenneth David Orozco (M: 37) Gary Don Orr (M: 58) Joe Bill Orr (M: 32)
Michael Joseph Orr (M: 36) Michael Joseph Orr (M: 31) Joe Bill Orr (M: 33)
Kenneth Preston Orsburn (M: 52) Jerry Wayne Orsland (M: 36) Cary Allen Ortberg (M: 42)
Murphy D Ortega (M: 45) Fidencio Ortega (M: N/A) Lawrence J Ortega (M: 44)
Michael Thomas Orth (M: 36) John S Ortiz (M: 53) Jose O Ortiz (M: 51)
Michael Angel Ortiz (M: 30) Pete M. Ortiz (M: 40) Jose Rosario Ortiz (M: 44)
Jon Robert Osborn (M: 41) Samuel A. Osborn (M: 42) Daniel Andrew Osborne (M: 45)
Mark David Osborne (M: 52) Richard Leroy Osborne (M: 35) Travis Gene Osborne (M: 41)
Shauntae Nichole Osborne-Franklin (F: 32) Dennis Wade Osburn (M: 47) Keith Allen Osburn (M: 39)
William Thomas Osburn (M: 54) Richard Dempsey Osburn (M: 31) Salinas-Ramirez Oscar (M: 21)
Jason Wade Oss (M: 33) Peter Warren Osterholz (M: 62) Peter Warren Osterholz (M: 62)
Sammy Lynn Osterloh (M: 32) James Ostrander (M: 48) James Patrick Ostrander (M: 48)
Louis Carl Ostrander (M: 76) Earl Dean Ostrander (M: 37) Ronald David Ostrowski (M: 30)
Charles Otoole (M: 58) Henry David Ott (M: 71) Stephen Lynn Ott (M: 62)
Forrest Loran Outcalt (M: 22) Brandon Gregory Outlaw (M: 39) Crystal Dawn Outlaw (F: 31)
Chad M Ovitt (M: 37) Eric Vincent Owen (M: 41) Harold Anderson Owen (M: 50)
Melvin Leon Owen (M: 68) Robert Delano Owen (M: 39) Brandon Patrick Owens (M: 27)
Curtis O Owens (M: 61) Dallas Coy Owens (M: 55) Danny Joe Owens (M: 47)
David Lawrence Owens (M: 45) Jamie Leigh Owens (F: 21) Jason Patrick Owens (M: 43)
Johnny Glen Owens (M: 56) Justin Lee Owens (M: 30) Kenneth Wayne Owens (M: 45)
Troy Allen Owens (M: 36) Keith Owens (M: 37) Norman Carl Owens (M: 66)
Robert Dean Owens Jr (M: 53) Joel Serinus Oyebi (M: 44)



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