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All sex offender data currently in our database from Oregon whose last name begins with the letter A are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Oregon sex offender information.

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Steve Aaron (M: 33) Verne Robert Abbott (M: 48) Larry John Abel (M: 54)
Dwayne Edward Abraham (M: 51) Allen Dean Adams (M: 55) David Llewellyn Adams (M: 47)
Gregory Scott Adams (M: 47) Michael Earl Adams (M: 38) Richard Allen Adams (M: 62)
Rory Scott Adams (M: 45) Bryan Arthur Adams (M: 35) Kyle James Adcox (M: 42)
Jerry B Addington (M: 52) Matthew Douglas Adsit (M: 31) William Gust Agaliotis (M: 65)
Jose Manuel Aguirre (M: 45) Jerome Darrell Akles (M: 45) Dean Gordon Alby (M: 54)
Richard Leroy Aldridge (M: 47) Lance Alexander (M: 50) Lessel Allen Alexander (M: 65)
Chantreleiah Carol Alexie (F: 33) Sylvanis Earl Alford (M: 50) Bruce Earl Allen (M: 45)
James Dewayne Allen (M: 49) William John Allen (M: 69) William Lee Allen (M: 49)
Robert Eugene Allen (M: 62) George Lee Allenby (M: 72) Randall S Alloway (M: 55)
William Michael Althouse (M: 66) Lisa Ann Altizer (M: 48) Michael Cleofe Alvarado (M: 54)
Alejandro Jose Alvarez (M: 41) Lino Perez Amaya (M: 54) James Edward Ames (M: 47)
Youssef Hussein Amhaz (M: 51) James Robert Amos (M: 47) Candy Ann Anderson (F: 64)
David Bryant Anderson (M: 47) Jeffrey Wayne Anderson (M: 41) Kristopher Jordan Anderson (M: 32)
Michael Joseph Anderson (M: 66) Nathan Edward Anderson (M: 47) David Wesley Anderson (M: 53)
Quintin Jay Andrew (M: 49) Robert Lesley Andrus (M: 41) Larry Alan Angvick (M: 52)
David Lee Ansted (M: 55) Leo Frances Antognazzi (M: 46) Louis Araco (M: 83)
Patrick Arnold Armstrong (M: 44) Danny John Arnold (M: 55) James Hurley Arnold (M: 65)
Blaiden Paul Ashby (M: 57) Ricky Austill (M: N/A) Ricardo Garza Ayala (M: 62)
Robert Lawrence Ayer (M: 56) Lon Brian Ayers (M: 59) Latif Rauf Aziz (M: 41)



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