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The advanced search page allows you to get much more specific as to the offenders that you're looking for. As with the basic search, you must specify either a state or a ZIP code; all other fields are optional. Remember, different states provide different information about the offenders under their jurisdiction. This means that it is possible to over-specify your search and get zero results because you're searching on a parameter which is not supplied by the state you're searching in. For example, not every state provides a 'risk level' assessment; if the state you're searching in does not, but you've asked to see all high-risk offenders, your search will return no results.

Important Note: If you choose to view your search results in image gallery or map view, offenders that do not have a photo available or a definitive street address will not be included in your results. In some cases this can drastically reduce your search results, so feel free to experiment.

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March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH