Sex Offender Profile Directory : Georgia : 30040

All sex offender records currently in our database from Georgia located in ZIP code 30040 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Georgia sex offender information.

Paul Annison (M: 53) John Olan Ayers (M: 40) Charles Howard Bentley (M: 73)
Charles Howard Bentley (M: 73) Brian Edward Billingsley (M: 45) Rickyjr Brewer (M: 52)
Blair Allen Bullock (M: 51) Robert Lawrence Calcaterra (M: 46) Robert Lawrence Calcaterra (M: 45)
Roger Gene Callahan (M: 41) Sean Donald Cottrell (M: 20) Jeffery Alan Custer (M: 31)
Wayne Delee (M: 37) Matthew Difiore (M: 30) Charles Lynn Dodd (M: 52)
David Scott Eubanks (M: 41) Joseph David Everett (M: 60) Chris Foster (M: 40)
Philip Germinario (M: 86) Osman Alexander Gomez (M: 31) Brandon Lamar Hardeman (M: 27)
David Bryant Hawkins (M: 49) Jerry Ray Kinman (M: 54) Dwayne King Lawson (M: 48)
Christopher Lamar Lewis (M: 29) Michael Lott (M: 42) Timothy Chad Mauldin (M: 42)
John Lason Moore (M: 42) Edward Nater (M: 50) Nathan S Oates (M: 39)
Jason Cary Ofallon (M: 42) David Eugene Poss (M: 49) William Edward Pruitt (M: 68)
James Kevin Rawlins (M: 44) Dennis Scarboro (M: 43) Alfus H Seymour (M: 85)
Mark B Wakeford (M: 55) Steven Elliott Watson (M: 25) Miriam Louise Wells (F: 27)
James Edward Barton (M: 89) James Allen Colwell (M: 72) Nelson Willard Garner (M: 60)
Ricky Neil Pruitt (M: 56) Christopher Wayne Moss (M: 49) Christopher David Hipsley (M: 30)
Wynn Dietrich (M: 51) Wiley Benson Hammons (M: 49) Nickey Hoyt Lance (M: 55)
Randy Allen Mellema (M: 39) James Adrian Griffin (M: 43) Valentin Riveros (M: 33)
Adam Bryce Reed (M: 24) Ryan Joseph Schrilla (M: 26) Clyde Wayman Sanders Jr (M: 42)



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Arizona Judge Katherine Cooper presided over a high profile case directly related to this website. Judge Katherine Coopers boyfriend Michael Kent Krause was listed on this very website during the entire case. Multiple judicial complaints and motions filed to remove Judge Katherine Cooper without success. Soon after this story aired Judge Katherine Cooper then disqualified herself from the case. Motions are now pending in superior court to unwind Judge Katherine Coopers mess, Judge Cooper denies that she knew her live in boyfriend was a felon, fugitive and a registered sex offender.  More details soon..