Sex Offender Profile Directory : Michigan : 48420

All sex offender records currently in our database from Michigan located in ZIP code 48420 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Michigan sex offender information.

Darren Michael Amey (M: 48) Kurt Thomas Allis (M: 50) David Nathaniel Benton (M: 51)
Jackie Carlson Adkins (M: 32) Ronald Lee Auxier (M: 40) Kristopher Michael Atwell (M: 28)
Timothy Robert Cook (M: 53) Stacey Ann Dahn (F: 42) Michael Scott December (M: 55)
Timothy Allen Keith Demarco (M: 24) Brion Ralph Ellis (M: 56) Glenn Francis Foldie (M: 68)
Robert James Frishcosy (M: 27) Martin Garza (M: 66) Charles Fredrich Gilles (M: 49)
John William Gilliam (M: 40) Robert Allen Greene (M: 31) David Bruce Hawley (M: 61)
Mark Andrew Hawley (M: 43) Lloyd Lee Hetherington (M: 64) Edward Thomas Hilgris (M: 31)
Donald Paul Johnson (M: 71) Karen Ann Keaton (F: 58) George Allen Keeler (M: 63)
Robert James Kenworthy (M: 53) Roderick Kurt Klatt (M: 48) Robbie Allen Lash (M: 41)
Richard Lewis Mayville (M: 43) Rob Jay Mcgough (M: 36) Joseph Paul Mihalic (M: 47)
Ryan Daniel Moore (M: 21) Andrew Jackson Myers (M: 26) Jason Michael Myers (M: 38)
Arron Scott Neeley (M: 33) David Allen Nellis (M: 32) Melvin John Oliver (M: 63)
Robert James Oliver (M: 52) Mark Brian Qualls (M: 40) Matthew Scott Rentschler (M: 54)
Tommy Joe Roberts (M: 48) Stacey Ann Rooney (F: 42) Mark Anthony Rouse (M: 35)
Robert Leslie Shier (M: 35) Ryan Macshane Sloan (M: 34) Joshua Randall Taylor (M: 35)
Kelly Gene Thomas (M: 27) Patrick Michael Thomas (M: 54) Theodore Leo Tolson (M: 43)
Anthony John Ullery (M: 40) Daniel Gene Verkennes (M: 37) Jerad Al Williams (M: 38)
Kristopher Daniel Witt (M: 34) Kurt Thomas Allis (M: 50) Brion Ralph Ellis (M: 56)
Sandra Faye Freeman (F: 49) Troy Anthony Gooch (M: 38) Thomas Hatt (M: 28)
Russell John Hebert (M: 67) Donald Ray Huffman (M: 35) George Allen Keeler (M: 63)
Marvin Walter Malow (M: 72) Brian Brady Robertson (M: 53) Mark Anthony Rouse (M: 35)
Billie Lee Simmons (M: 59) Eddie Lee Skellett (M: 53) Patrick Michael Thomas (M: 54)
Alhajj M Salaam (M: 68) Thomas Ray Humphrey (M: 33) Kirk Reynold Fitchett (M: 44)
Lewis Leslie Greene (M: 60) Donald Thomas Meyer (M: 33) John Deleo Custer (M: 43)
Voll Phillip Hughes (M: 74) Tony Lee Noyce (M: 42) Michael George Richter (M: 46)
Kenneth Wayne Edwards (M: 24)



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