Sex Offender Profile Directory : New York : 10458

All sex offender records currently in our database from New York located in ZIP code 10458 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search New York sex offender information.

Hector Arroyo (M: 64) Timothy Berrios (M: 30) Hector Burgos (M: 71)
Hector M Burgos (M: 71) Damien Burrell (M: 30) Jose Cajigas (M: 45)
Ernesto Carmona (M: 31) Raymond G Colon (M: 40) Blanca Coreas (F: 51)
Marcus Davis (M: 40) James Dickerson (M: 28) Carlos G Fuentes (M: 61)
Gregory Fuller (M: 50) Leonard J Gould (M: 60) Jose Guasp (M: 47)
Michael Henry (M: 38) Alexander Irizarry (M: 45) Andre Jackson (M: 40)
Troy Jackson (M: 41) Edward Jones (M: 47) Markowitz Jones (M: 48)
Leon M Kelly (M: 44) Kevin King (M: 48) Carlos Leon (M: 42)
Prek Leshaj (M: 55) Donald Mallory (M: 41) Jose Martinez (M: 56)
William Rodriguez (M: 38) Leon Minaya (M: 72) Edwin Molina (M: 36)
Paul R Montanez (M: 53) Anthony Mota (M: 53) Juan Negron (M: 50)
Wayne Nelson (M: 57) Edwin Ortiz (M: 44) Renee Patnett (M: 45)
Agustin Perez (M: 41) Luis Ramos (M: 65) James Riley (M: 33)
Angel Rivera (M: 52) Jon-Paul Rivera (M: 28) Juan Rivera (M: 42)
Jarrette Roberts (M: 30) Jose Roman (M: 58) Cesar Rosado (M: 41)
Saul Santiago (M: 51) Rene Sharp (M: 50) Rama Sillie (M: 49)
Jack Singleton (M: 33) Mark Smith (M: 33) Marisol Soto (F: 43)
Victor Suarez (M: 42) Jamal Thurmond (M: 33) Enrique Torres (M: 37)
Rafael Torres (M: 58) Arthur Treistman (M: 54) Anthony Tuccillo (M: 66)
Allan Vanderveer (M: 56) Lamarr Vega (M: 33) Louis Serrano (M: 72)
Eusebio Taylor (M: 37) Joseph Tirado (M: 45) William Ashley Pickett (M: N/A)



March 04 2016 : Studies confirm not only the statistical likelihood of rearrest for  similar crimes but findings that offenders had significantly more victims than were reported or known to law enforcement. H.R. Rep. 109-218(I) at 29. Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. 

Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.

Source: Frivolous Lawsuit Filed By Janice Bellucci Against The Untied States Government Case No. 4:16-CV-654-PJH