Sex Offender Profile Directory : South Dakota : 57103

All sex offender records currently in our database from South Dakota located in ZIP code 57103 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search South Dakota sex offender information.

Robert Lee Allen (M: 54) Thomas Edwin Allerdings (M: 26) Darin Sean Anderson (M: 36)
Todd Eldon Antonen (M: 52) Erik Skyy Arellano (M: 22) Raynard Elliott Badmoccasin (M: 42)
Nathan Bart Bak (M: 33) Anthony James Baker (M: 22) Lawrence Edward Barnes (M: 57)
Jacob Theodore Bodewitz (M: 86) Bobby D Bonwell (M: 33) Kenny Lee Brewer (M: 31)
Bart Glen Briley (M: 50) Byron Wesley Brown (M: 65) Richard Algon Buechler (M: 62)
Allen R Buller (M: 61) Allen Ray Buller (M: 61) Heng Bun (M: 59)
Augustus Mcdonald Camp (M: 26) John Klaus Camp (M: 53) Douglas Earl Carlin (M: 51)
Jason Carrick (M: 42) Richard Enriquez Charles (M: 60) Jason Allen Claymore (M: 35)
Paul Eugene Cleveland (M: 81) Ivor Dean Comer (M: 50) Clint Lawrence Cottonwood (M: 52)
Gregory Leon Crantz (M: 51) Bruce William Crawford (M: 22) Justin Cy Daddow (M: 36)
Leland W Darring (M: 48) Minh Van Dinh (M: 41) Rodney Keith Doscher (M: 51)
Jerry Norman Drake (M: 73) Dale Duane Dubry (M: 42) David Edward Erickson (M: 64)
Terry Merle Erickson (M: 64) Kyle Allen Felecia (M: 29) Michael John Fitzpatrick (M: 66)
Joseph Carl Fletcher (M: 60) Jose Antonio Garcia (M: 43) Robert Gaye (M: 36)
Christopher Eugene Gilbert (M: 27) Tyrell Shaynne Goodwill (M: 32) James Renato Grogan (M: 36)
Ronald Wayne Hall (M: 69) Ronald Leon Hansen (M: 77) Terry Lee Hartsook (M: 52)
David Allen Herman (M: 50) Varden Lee Hopkins (M: 23) Richard Alfred Horn (M: 72)
Rodney Lee Javers (M: 62) Leroy Dean Johnson (M: 66) Lowell James Johnson (M: 69)
Gary Lynn Keller (M: 45) Delenor Kelley (M: 51) Jeffrey Allen Ketterling (M: 50)
Christopher Thomas Kirscht (M: 30) Jody Jay Krueger (M: 41) Floyd Alvin Larsen (M: 63)
Dean Roy Larson (M: 46) Brian Ray Lee (M: 47) Brian Ray Lee (M: 47)
Scott Eugene Lee (M: 50) Gregory Joseph Leimbach (M: 53) Gary Charles Littlehoop (M: 44)
Joyner John Littleowl (M: 66) William Joseph Loring (M: 47) Richard Nobel Lunderman (M: 55)
Todd Warren Madsen (M: 52) Rick Wayne Marone (M: 52) Robert Lewis Maxwell (M: 76)
Terrill John Mcginley (M: 52) Leroy George Mckinney (M: 77) Carl James Mcpipe (M: 55)
Jeffrey Ray Melow (M: 54) Donald John Mickelson (M: 62) John Joseph Mlejnek (M: 31)
Larry Gene Mohr (M: 49) Phillip Montgomery (M: 38) Timothy Scott Morris (M: 36)
Craig Allen Moss (M: 57) David Wayne Moyer (M: 50) David Dewayne Norris (M: 45)
Joseph Earl Olson (M: 29) David Michael Overweg (M: 23) Kyle John Palmer (M: 22)
Hom Pama (M: 49) Arnold Eugene Parker (M: 44) Louis Thomas Perkins (M: 48)
Mark Henry Peters (M: 56) Robert Neal Peterson (M: 61) Gerald Leland Pyles (M: 75)
Loren Allen Raaen (M: 49) Ronald Rall (M: 50) William Charles Randolph (M: 56)
David Allen Reinwald (M: 51) Richard Roy Rhoades (M: 64) Douglas Matthew Roberts (M: 57)
William Jay Rock (M: 53) Daniel Anthony Ross (M: 48) Scott Allen Rubin (M: 47)
Gary Dean Rush (M: 60) Steven Sanchez (M: 54) Brian Lee Schaecher (M: 34)
Curtis Schnelback (M: 52) Matthew Thomas Sherron (M: 26) Kenneth D Stark (M: 62)
Richard Archie Starnes (M: 63) Chester Vincent Steele (M: 38) Carl John Stevens (M: 52)
Joseph Steven Thunderhawk (M: 55) Ricky Dean Tietz (M: 54) Michael Anthony Volk (M: 40)
Melvin James Welch (M: 50) Bud Haley Williams (M: 53) Keith David Wilson (M: 40)
John Allen Wolf (M: 40) William Willard Wright (M: 52) Anthony Wayne Zephier (M: 57)
Peter Joseph Clemans (M: 40) Daryl Wilbur Monroe (M: 51) Robert Eugene Allen (M: 62)
Justin Sy Daddow (M: 36) James Donald Bees (M: 58) William Craig Bluedog (M: 32)
Richard Dukes (M: 46) Richard Eugene Graves (M: 56) David Allen Herman (M: 50)
Richard Lee Hillyer (M: 41) Randall Lynn Jacobson (M: 57) Philip Alan Johnson (M: 52)
Anthony Paul Koenigsfeld (M: 39) Aubrey Lawrence Owen (M: 51) Kyle Robert Pulfrey (M: 44)
Calvin Earle Sprik (M: 57) Todd Allen Cameron (M: 49) Christopher Todd Walters (M: 36)
Drew Howard Desmet (M: 45) Cody James Huber (M: 25) Michael Eugene White (M: 42)
Adam Coy Richardson (M: 22) Kyle Curtis Johnson (M: 27) Pascal John Quarrella (M: 20)
Jose Alfredo Saldanarico (M: 21) Dylan Robert Mickelson (M: 20) Clayton Darrell Jacobson (M: 31)
Steven Michael Sansoucie (M: 27) Steven Michael Joseph Koval (M: 32) Antoine Leclair (M: 31)



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