Sex Offender Profile Directory : Virginia : 23224

All sex offender records currently in our database from Virginia located in ZIP code 23224 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Virginia sex offender information.

William W Adkins (M: 63) Jerald Leonardo Albert (M: 51) Abdullah Shakur Ali (M: 49)
Weldon Lee Allen (M: 61) Daniel Lee Archer (M: 37) Rayford Wesley Atkinson (M: 52)
Michael Anthony Bagley (M: 42) Christopher Albert Battle (M: 39) Thomas Dale Bennett (M: 27)
James Edward Bennifield (M: 28) Tyrone Lawrence Bolden (M: 46) Caesar Edward Booker (M: 70)
Shawn Antoine Bridy (M: 32) Jonathan Matthew Brooks (M: 33) James Martin Brown (M: 47)
Phillip Michael Brown (M: 56) Thomas Andrew Brown (M: 22) Walter Charles Brown (M: 56)
Grayling Ammile Brown-El (M: 60) Trayvon Antwon Butler (M: 25) Jermaine Damont Carson (M: 34)
Dexter A Claiborne (M: 43) Gregory Lewis Coghill (M: 58) Davonn Jordan Coleman (M: 24)
John Henry Cook (M: 48) Jerry Dennis Cosby (M: 57) Shawn Patrick Cramer (M: 28)
Samuel Nathan Crowe (M: 43) Curtis B Crump (M: 44) Curtis Clint Custalow (M: 41)
George Wesley Davidson (M: 36) Kevin Luther Davis (M: 48) Terrence Janssen Davis (M: 44)
Troy Decarlos Davis (M: 45) Anthony Wayne Delozier (M: 38) Vance Clifford Dickerson (M: 49)
Terry Duran Dixon (M: 49) Thomas Jason Dudley (M: 26) James A Duffy (M: 39)
Dwayne Delainie Duncan (M: 47) Sidi Ould El-Hanfeni (M: 41) James Andrew Elder (M: 40)
Roushun Donnell Eley (M: 36) Ervin Figueroa (M: 30) Sean Connery Fleming (M: 45)
Peter Jon Fortenberry (M: 42) Glyn Royshard Frink (M: 40) Alfonso Gamble (M: 41)
Tony Orlando Garcia (M: 25) Lincoln Andrew Garris (M: 61) Sean Elliott Gibson (M: 40)
John Lee Gilchrist (M: 47) Stafford Alfonso Gilead (M: 49) Billy George Goodson (M: 67)
Walter Henry Griffin (M: 60) Kermit Alphonsa Harris (M: 57) Raymond Thomas Harris (M: 48)
Cory Alonzo Harvey (M: 42) Glenn James Hasberry (M: 45) Craig Lydell Hicks (M: 47)
Charlie Edward Higgs (M: 51) Brett Ranson Hill (M: 39) Kenneth Ray Hill (M: 45)
Corde J Hodges (M: 26) James Holliday (M: 61) Lorenzo Jefferson (M: 54)
Curtis Jenkins (M: 54) Dion Leonardo Johnson (M: 42) Eric Randel Johnson (M: 40)
Johnny Johnson (M: 51) Keith D Jones (M: 48) Donald Lamont Kelly (M: 42)
Anthony King (M: 51) Anthony Donell King (M: 51) Ronald Sherwood Lahmon (M: 48)
Daran Montrelle Leeper (M: 31) David Leon Lyles (M: 63) Michael Wayne Mason (M: 53)
Timothy Mark Jr Mcmanama (M: 38) Felipe V Miller (M: 37) George Leroy Minnicks (M: 50)
Herman Lee Moody (M: 46) Thomas Christopher Porter (M: 34) Douglas Lynn Powell (M: 55)
Keith M Rollings (M: 43) Albert Junior Smith (M: 47) Leslie Ray Smoot (M: 44)
Benjamin Staley (M: 46) Garnett Leroy Thayer (M: 53) Darrick Jerome Tyler (M: 37)
Charles Thomas Waddy (M: 64) William Lonnie Walker (M: 40) Casey E.S. Williams (M: 33)
Allen Ricardo Terry (M: 30) Jonathan Lewis Terry (M: 29) Alfred Lee Washington (M: 65)
Gene Harold Wright (M: 41) Johnnie Herbert Maynard (M: 53) William Blain Sutphin (M: 46)
Kendell R Ashlock (M: 30) Deon A Bowens (M: 26) Albino C Gonzalez (M: 32)
Leander Lee Martin (M: 32) Robert R Myers (M: 39) John Gladston Pinkard (M: 57)
Keith L Russell (M: 49) Charles C Sadler (M: 81) Karim A Shabazz (M: 27)
Tod Keverine Smith (M: 34) Vidal Morris Smith (M: 39) William Dwight Spruill (M: 47)
Bernard Thorne (M: 31) Van Lee Woodroffe (M: 31) Clarence W Bonner (M: 61)
Michael Brian Mcfadden (M: 48) Ray Atkins Self (M: 44) Thomas Lee Kerney (M: 57)
Erik Damone Lancaster (M: 44) Edward Earl Mundy (M: 43) Robert Carl Satterfield (M: 54)
Joseph Bradley Sisson (M: 24) Jermaine Lee White (M: 39) Robert Jerome Bennett (M: 40)
Keith Martin Rollings (M: 42) Justin W Bennett (M: 26) Lowell D Buckner (M: 82)
George Glass (M: 54) Ronnie Ronny Leake (M: 40) Remeco Rondell Mangum (M: 33)
Glenn Ronald Frank (M: 34) Clinton E Kelly (M: 46) Nathaniel Cornell Gibbon (M: 22)
Matthew Drew Hess (M: 27)



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